20 Benefits Of Banana For Hair That Your Hair Salon Won't Tell You!

Go Bananas!

We are always trying to find different ways to protect and safeguard our hair. In that process, we try out a number of products, creating a havoc in its wake. We have a solution that is rather easy and available in just a singular form – Banana for hair!

Banana is the favorite fruit of many out there. I know many people who could live on bananas. Also, they are one of the most commonly available fruits in the whole world. Now, imagine that singular solution to be lurking around in bananas? Sounds good, right? Yes, bananas are, in fact, the very solution to this problem.

Benefits of Banana For Hair

1. Relief From Heat-Damaged Hair

banana for hair
Image: Sakti Bridal

There are many individuals out there who are suffering from hair loss due to heat treatments, like straightening or blow drying. Straightening of hair requires a lot of heat and in that process, there is a high chance of hair fall. Personally, being a victim of this outrageous felony, I can assure you that a banana mask would really help restore your hair in a wonderful way.

2. Shining and Healthy Hair

banana for hair
Image: Aliya Faust

A paste made of banana, olive oil, and egg white, when applied onto your scalp and hair can give a natural and healthy shine to it. Let the paste be on for 15 minutes before washing it off.

3. Repair Dry Hair

banana for hair

It is a known fact that banana acts as a skin moisturizer, in a very similar manner, banana, can also repair dry hair and give you soft, supple hair. Mix 3 spoons of honey with a banana and apply it to wet hair. Let it stay for 15 fifteen minutes before washing it off.

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4. Hair Fall Treatment

banana for hair
Image: Centre For Skin

Hair fall is greatly affected by the usage of banana for hair. Banana is filled with keratin, and so, helps protect the hair from falling off. Apply banana paste to your scalp and let it stay for 15 minutes before washing it off.

5. Soft Hair

banana for hair 5
Image: Seventeen

A mixture of coconut milk and banana can work beauty magic to your hair when applied to your scalp. It provides you with natural, healthy soft hair which doesn’t need any external, chemical proteins to soften it. Allow the paste to sit for 15 minutes.

6. Reduction of Shrinkage

banana for hair
Image: moncoiffeurafro

The Vitamins A and B present in banana prevent your hair from shrinking. Shrinking usually happens to all hair, but most in curly hair, since the curls in the hair have a greater tendency to shrink. Therefore, use a banana mask on your hair to get rid of shrinkage.

7. Strengthens Your Hair

banana for hair
Image: What Woman Needs

Weak hair is the most major problem where hair loss is concerned. Banana works its way to the roots of your hair and strengthens them, thereby reducing the chances of hair fall.

8. Hair Straightening

banana for hair
Image: Healthy Food Elements

Yes, you read that right! Your hair can be straightened by using banana. This is the perfect solution to escaping all those harmful and chemical-filled methods.

Take 2 bananas, 2 lemons, yogurt (curd) and fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti). Mix these all together to form a fine paste (as fine as you can make it) without the addition of water. Put it on for 40 minutes before washing it off.

9. Nourishment

banana for hair
Image: 24 Hair

The proteins in banana provide your hair with the required nourishment that is necessary and more often provides the nourishment the hair has so far lacked.

10. Boosts Growth

banana for hair
Image: The Odessey Online

Just stopping hair fall doesn’t have to necessarily mean that a particular product could boost the growth of hair, but in the case of banana for hair, it also boosts the growth of hair while it simultaneously lessens hair fall.

11. Banana Peels

banana for hair
Image: Rodales Organic Life

By washing your hair with a banana peel (place banana peels in your shampoo and wash your hair with that), the hair gets all the nourishment and care it needs.

12. Vitamin B1

banana for hair
Image: Today

This is also known as Thiamine, which is the vitamin that is responsible for the proper nourishment of hair, thereby preventing it from falling and developing split ends and dry hair.

13. Vitamin B2

banana for hair
Image: Vine Vera

Also known as Riboflavin. This is associated with the supply of blood to the hair, helping the scalp to form red blood cells, whose lack could result in oily and dull hair.

14. Vitamin B3

banana for hair
Image: Popsugar

This also called as Niacin. This too helps in the circulation of the blood to the roots, where the hair grows and needs proper nourishment.

15. Vitamin B6

banana for hair
Image: Elizabeth Hayt

Also known as Pyridoxine. There is about 35% of this vitamin in banana which helps in the growth of cells and new cells which thereby ensures that the nervous system is in proper functioning, which in turn helps with the growth of hair, prevention of fall, growth of new strands in the place of fallen ones and prevention of gray hair.

16. Vitamin B9

banana for hair
Image: Hype My Hair

This is also known as Folic Acid. A deficiency in this vitamin causes loss of hair. Banana for hair provides us with this vitamin which helps prevent hair loss.

17. Vitamin B12

banana for hair
Image: The Fit Indian

This is the vitamin that is responsible for the maintenance of nerve and red blood cells which regulate the effect on hair color, loss of hair and strength of roots and prevents premature gray hair.

18. Vitamin C

banana for hair

This vitamin is high in antioxidants which protect the body from free radicals that are cell damaging. Additionally, this vitamin helps in the production of collagen which strengthens the roots of our hair.

19. Vitamin D

banana for hair
Image: IQatar

Our body constantly needs calcium to sustain itself, but a not very well known fact is that even our hair needs calcium to sustain and multiply itself by the consumption of adequate nutrients in it. A deficiency of this vitamin can cause loss of hair, dull and dry hair among others.

20. Vitamin E

banana for hair
Image: aelttk

This vitamin has the ability to help the circulation of blood in the scalp and production of antioxidants that make the tissues of the body continue to function normally; helping strengthen the hair roots, as a result preventing loss of hair.

These vitamins are available in a lot of fruits separately, but the best benefit of banana for hair is that it is all present in this one product! Why waste your time using ten different products when you can use this one product and gain all these benefits? Plus, since banana is a natural product, which can also be consumed, it makes it a healthier, more natural option. (Unless you’re allergic to Bananas)

Banana Hair Mask

banana for hair

The preparation of banana-honey mask has already been stated above in point 3, with another mask of banana-olive oil-egg mask stated in point 2. Let us now look at an easier method to make a banana hair mask.

The procedure remains the same for all, irrespective of the number of ingredients.

Take a ripe banana and mash it or grind it so that it settles into a fine paste and then apply it to your hair.

Similarly, a mask with milk and banana is also a good idea. Just add a little milk to the banana paste and mix it thoroughly before you apply it to your hair.

Also keep in mind that eating bananas can also benefit not just your hair growth but also your overall health!