10 Health Benefits Of Yogurt That You Need To Read Before You Buy It!

Yogurt Land!

Grocery stores are nowadays selling yogurt and when compared to other dairy products, observations reveal that yogurt is the most popular. Cheese, sour cream are nowadays difficult to find. As the popularity of yogurt is on the rise, yogurt consumption is fast increasing, one needs to understand that there are many various health benefits of yogurt that one can gain by consuming it!

What Is Yogurt?

health benefits of yogurt

Yogurt is not a product of milk. Yogurt consumers get a dosage of protein together with several other nutrients found in dairy based products. The important elements found in yogurt based food products include potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Such food items are also rich in vitamins like vitamin B-2 and B-12.

Yogurt is synonymous with probiotics. Probiotics is a type of bacteria, present in the digestive system. These are considered good bacteria and some variants of the probiotics help to boost the immune system, helps the digestive tract to become healthy.

Probiotic based yogurt, when consumed daily for two weeks help to regulate the digestive system as suggested by reports.

Health Benefits Of Yogurt

1. May Help The Gut

health benefits of yogurt

Studies reveal that Yogurt helps to cure certain gastrointestinal problems. These include the following:

The benefits of Yogurt are thought to be due to the following:

  • Time is taken for the food to pass through the bowel
  • Increase in the body’s immune system
  • The alterations in an individual’s gut-microflora

2. Improve The Immune System

health benefits of yogurt

Probiotics help to improve the immune system. There are certain probiotic strains, which have the following benefits:

  • According to reports, probiotics help to cure inflammatory bowel disease by altering the intestinal microflora and also diminishing the immune system’s response or else the immune system can make the disease incurable.
  • Yet another study indicates that probiotics help to enhance the resistance as well as recovery from infection. Surveys and researches conclude that in elderly people the duration of illnesses was lower that took a certain probiotic, which is found in fermented milk.
  • In Yogurt, two primary probiotics are found, the lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. Both of them improved the success of drug therapy on individuals with H. pylori infections. In this context, it is pertinent to mention that H. pylori are a bacterium which causes stomach infections and infections in the upper part of small intestine. The bacterium can lead to ulcers and it can enhance the risk of developing stomach cancers.

3. Discourages Vaginal Infections

health benefits of yogurt

One of the health benefits of yogurt for females include those women with acute diabetes problems that suffer from vaginal infections. Researchers on these women reveal that consumption of frozen yogurt on a daily basis is helpful to treat vaginal infections.

Though the blood sugar control on most women is quite poor, the vaginal PH value of the group, consuming yogurt diminished from 6.0 to about 4.0. The normal PH value should be somewhere between 4.0 and 4.5. The women also reported that after consuming the frozen yogurt their vaginal infections reduced to a considerable extent. However, those who refrained from consuming active culture yogurt have PH value close to 6.0.

4. Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

health benefits of yogurt

Yogurt helps prevent Osteoporosis. It is understood that nutrition is important to prevent diseases like Osteoporosis. Yogurt contains a number of nutrients like calcium, vitamins that help to increase bone density. Thus, on of the health benefits of yogurt is increasing bone growth, prevention of Osteoporosis.

Calcium is an important constituent of bones. The presence of calcium in bones helps to enhance the bone mass in individuals of all age group. Calcium, vitamin D help in bone growth.

To prevent diseases like Osteoporosis, sufficient amounts of calcium is very essential. For individuals in the age group of 51 and 70, bones become fragile and then adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D is immensely important.

For both young and old calcium is important. The young require nutrients for bone growth. The consumption of yogurt helps in bone growth. However, for the old, the bones become fragile and therefore consuming sufficient amount of calcium helps to make the bones stronger.

5. Reduces The Risk Of High Blood Pressure

health benefits of yogurt

Researchers reveal that increased consumption of dairy products lead to high blood pressure. To reduce the risks of high blood pressure, it is important to consume food, which has low-fat content. The low-fat yogurt and other dairy products, which have low-fat content, is good for health. These products are known to lower blood pressure.

6. Keeps A Cold Away

health benefits of yogurt

For individuals who are prone to cold, consuming yogurt on a daily basis helps to keep the cold away. The healthy bacteria in yogurt help to increase the immune system so that the body can fight harmful bugs. Individuals suffering from an allergy can find relief by including yogurt in their diets and grasping all the many health benefits of yogurt.

7. Good For Your Teeth

health benefits of yogurt

Other health benefits of yogurt are that it does not have that much sugar content and hence taking yogurt do not cause cavities. Moreover, the lactic acid present in the yogurt helps to protect the gums from damage.

8. Raw Doesn’t Mean Better

health benefits of yogurt

The yogurt found in the grocery store are processed and pasteurized. Some are of the perception that raw yogurt has beneficial probiotics and for that reason, they are good for health. It is to be understood that pasteurization doesn’t kill the bacteria which has beneficial attributes. Some reports suggest that those eating raw yogurt do not have strong digestive or immune system. Sometimes, consuming raw yogurt causes a risk of food poisoning.

9. High Protein

health benefits of yogurt

Yogurt contains high protein. However, in this context, it needs to be mentioned that different brands of yogurt have different protein content.

10. Good For A Diet

health benefits of yogurt

Another benefit of yogurt is that its consumption helps to relieve hunger. The calories present in yogurt offers fullness when compared to other snacks. Thus, yogurt benefits weight loss! Yogurt is available in different forms of snacks.

  • There is a form of yogurt that is drinkable.
  • Flavored yogurts are available.

The yogurt snacks result in reduced hunger ratings and increasing fullness when compared to other snacks. Yogurt is a nutritious food item and it is a food item, which has a number of benefits. Other import health benefits of yogurt for a diet are:

What to Look For In Yogurt

health benefits of yogurt

While purchasing the item from the store, the buyer needs to look at certain things so that he or she makes the ideal purchase. Per 6 ounce of yogurt should contain calories, fat, protein, calcium, vitamins, and sugar in appropriate proportions. There are many yogurt brands that are immensely popular in the market. One needs to check these brands and check the type of ingredients in a yogurt of a particular brand prior to purchasing the item.