10 Things To Remember When You Meet His Parents For The First Time!

Woo His Parents With Your Wardrobe

First impressions matter. Be it at interviews or dates, first impressions usually seal the deal. Now with Valentine’s Day fever gone, it is the perfect time to move your relationship to the next level. Commitment beckons. You’ve wowed him with your quirky, unique wardrobe, but the ante has been upped. By this, I mean, ‘meet his parents!’.

Worry not, ladies! Cast your ‘Meet the Fockers’ fears aside; we’ve got you covered! Sashay your way into his family and their hearts, as you fashionably show that love trumps all.

Things To Keep In Mind When You Meet His Parents

1. Preparing for D-Day

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It’s perfectly okay to feel nervous, careful preparation is key here. Speak to your boyfriend about his parents, their likes, and dislikes. Getting to know about them will make your wardrobe choices much easier. Are they casual-sporty, or do they expect elegance at every level? Are they conservative or liberal? Is the occasion formal or informal? Answering these questions will make your apparel ordeal much easier. Show his parents how cute you look together and

Are they casual-sporty, or do they expect elegance at every level? Are they conservative or liberal? Is the occasion formal or informal? Answering these questions will make your apparel ordeal much easier. Show his parents how cute you look together and

Show his parents how cute you look together and color coordinate your clothes with your man. You can even be thoughtful and score some brownie points by gifting them something nice and quaint when you meet his parents – a bottle of wine, artisan chocolate, a mantelpiece, flowers, a good book – the options are many.

2. Sundresses And Gowns

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Be it a casual brunch or a formal dinner date, gowns are always a safe bet. Remember to not wear dresses that reveal too much cleavage or thighs. Go for colors that compliment your skin tone. Warm skin-toned people look most beautiful in olive, honey, coral, and cream, while cool skin toned women shine in blue, purple, lavender and gray.

Black may be slimming, but it might not be culturally acceptable in certain occasions; be mindful of your company. Do not go for gaudy designs and prints; stay classy. Wear something that shows off your assets, but don’t overdo it.

Do not wear clothes that are too tight. Let the fabric naturally drape over your curves. Sundresses look beautiful for beach evenings and tea parties. Avoid clothes that are too short. Wear light, airy colors and breathe life into your beau’s family!

3. Skirts

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Both skinny and curvaceous women can pull off skirts beautifully, with just a little forethought. Skinny girls can opt for pencil, tube or A-line skirts that are perfectly fit. Maxi skirts and midis go well with well-fit tops. Cylinder skirts in ombre or matte work perfectly fo casual evenings.

Well-endowed girls can rock A-line skirts for demure vibes, or trumpet flares and wraparounds for that dramatic head-turner. Show off your well-toned calves, but stick to skirts that graze your knee. Anything above that is a no-go.

Experiment with fabric, patterns, pleats, belts and colors, but remember to strike the right balance. Although you can wear tops that show off your arms and shoulders, do not wear clothes that show you in a bad light. Most importantly, never forget to wax or shave!

4. Jeans And Palazzos

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Embody the ultra-casual babe with jeans and tees. Go for jeans only for very nonchalant occasions – mall dates and the like. Ripped jeans and skinny fits are not your best bet – go for slim, straight or bootcut jeans. Casual tees and quirky prints are fun, but make sure his parents are okay with it beforehand.

Another option for the chic look is a pair of palazzos – ultra comfy and very low maintenance. Avoid crop tops, but you can wear a well-fit top.

5. Formals

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Formals are the best way to go for a dynamic, entrepreneurial family. Go for perfectly tailored attire in demure colors. Keeping it simple is the formula. A vivid color palette can also be employed, but keep etiquette in mind.

6. Makeup

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Let the natural ‘you’ shine, and keep makeup to a minimum. Invest in a good-quality foundation, or go ‘au naturel’.

If you feel lipsticks are passé, stick to gloss. Nude lips and deep, wine red puckers are in. Coral is also catching on.

Go gentle on the eyes, with just liner and mascara. Sparkly eye shadow under the eyebrows and near the tear ducts can do wonders in making your eyes look bigger and brighter.

7. Accessories

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Accessories can make or break an outfit. Keep it classy for best impressions when you meet his parents. You don’t want to be gaudy and overdressed. Invest in a catchy watch which is elegant and stylish at the same time. A couple of rings, bracelets, and anklets can accentuate your aura.

Don’t go overboard and over-accessorize. A thin necklace can make your neck and collarbone stand out. Earrings must compliment your look – go for small studs if your dress is flashy and vice versa.

Minimal gold, platinum or diamond jewelry are perfect for a rich, elegant look. Carry a small satchel, purse or handbag to store essentials – you will look organized and in control of situations.

8. Hair

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Follow a proper hair care routine, and wash your hair the previous night. Remember to condition, with either DIY or store-bought products.

Messy, unkempt hair sets a bad impression. Ponytails can be sleek or playful, depending on your outfit. Beach waves are also in.

Side braids that frame the contours of your face will work wonders. Ponytails and buns are your saving grace if all fails. Explore the possibilities of quirky bands, to show your fun side.

9. Nails

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Clean, well-maintained nails are a must. Clean nails and a firm handshake will earn you respect and boost your confidence when you meet his parents. If you’re unable to get a professional manicure, soak your nails in soapy water the previous night, trim and shape your nails.

Give those sharp claws a rest and go for rounded nails. Minimal nail art is in. Accents are also catching on. You can also show off your soft paws without nail paint, and add length to your fingers with rings. Don’t forget to load up on moisturizer to make your arms feel baby-soft.

Your feet matter too. Pamper your toes with a comfortable water bath, and scrub all the dirt away. Well-maintained toes speak a lot about how groomed you are.


10. Confidence Is Key

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Be friendly and charming when you meet his parents. Read up on interests and engage your future in-laws in interesting conversation. Show interest and listen. Be gracious and funny. Say good things about your boyfriend, and how well he treats you. Remember to let the real you shine. Smile!


Things To Remember When You Meet His Parents For The First Time!