10 Reasons Why No Makeup Is Good Makeup!

No Makeup Is Good Makeup

Most girls can’t live without makeup. According to them, it is impossible to look pretty without any makeup. It has become their everyday routine to give almost an hour to apply a makeup mask. They can’t even imagine visiting a supermarket without any makeup. However, the fact is women with no makeup look far more attractive and beautiful than women with makeup. It is not recommended to quit makeup completely or stop caring about your looks. However, you should live a few makeup-free days and invest a little time to enhance your natural beauty.

Wearing makeup is an awesome way to improve your facial features. On the downside, makeup can block the skin to breathe. You must stay away from makeup to balance and decongest from any development due to the foundation and other cosmetics regularly applied.

Girls try to change their fashion and diet according to their favorite models and actresses. But, even the super models like Gigi Hadid, know the importance of taking a break from daily makeup. The actresses look young even in their 40s and 50s because they let their skin breathe. High-quality makeup can’t save your skin from the chemicals. If you wear excessive makeup, it can clog pores. You don’t need to take this break forever. However, you can remove it as soon as you return from college or work and stay makeup free on the weekend mornings. This article will explain why you should embrace a few no makeup days.

Reasons To Support No Makeup Days

1. Feel Beautiful

10 Reasons Why No Makeup Is Good Makeup!

The initial step to natural beauty is associated with your internal view of yourself and your personality. It depends on you. If you feel beautiful from inside it will surely reflect on your outer personality. Consider yourself beautiful and accept all your flaws with no regrets. You will soon find the whole world feels the same. Even if you lack confidence without any makeup, you must try to accept your natural look. On family vacations, use minimal makeup and mascara. You don’t have to think, however, understand that you are pretty!

2. Love Your Skin

10 Reasons Why No Makeup Is Good Makeup!

No Makeup day doesn’t mean No Skincare day. Daily cleansing and moisturizing are vital for your skin. If you are suffering from acne and are used to covering it up with lots of makeup, then your primary concern is to care for your skin. Most skin problems are actually connected with the overuse of makeup. Skin complexion becomes uneven due to your body reaction to the chemical.

3. Protect And Maintain Your Skin Tone

10 Reasons Why No Makeup Is Good Makeup!

Face cosmetics, particularly when it includes SPF, can stuff your pores and block oxygen from entering into your pores. You should avoid using these creams to let your skin breathe. That doesn’t mean, you should sit under the sun. And, depending upon your cosmetics’ ingredients, too much use can result in acne and dehydration. Taking weekends off from daily makeup can make a big difference in the complete look and your skin tone. Powders and makeup creams block the pores and result in dull, blotchy, and dried out skin and the thicker the makeup, the worse the effect.


4. Less Is Always More

10 Reasons Why No Makeup Is Good Makeup!

Sometimes remove your bronzer, blush, and highlighter. Let your skin breathe. Taking a weekly break from makeup can reduce the pores and limit the size of the pore. When you go back to apply foundation, it will seem far better on soft skin. When you stop applying foundation even for two days, you see improvement in your skin complexion. You don’t have to wear that thick makeup mask. If skin related problems remain, contact a dermatologist. Get the treatment for the problem right away.

5. Be Transparent – Let Your Eyes Breathe

10 Reasons Why No Makeup Is Good Makeup!

Overuse of mascara can result in thinner looking lashes. Taking a break from mascara can really strengthen your lashes because of its absence and the regular application and removal process. You should buy makeup products from a brand which focuses more on natural beauty, like transparent mascaras and eyebrow gels, to achieve a no makeup look.

6. Save The Animals

10 Reasons Why No Makeup Is Good Makeup!

It’s not as famous as it used to be. However, some beauty care organizations still test makeup products on animals. The more you apply makeup, the more you support this act. If you can’t avoid using makeup, look for companies that are not testing the products on animals! However, I strongly recommend going with no makeup for a few days.

7. Save Cash and Time

10 Reasons Why No Makeup Is Good Makeup!

The fact about your cosmetics love is that it is a costly habit. Take some time off and save some money. Be honest, your daily makeup routine requires a lot of time and energy. You wake up hours before you have to leave just to “apply makeup.” Get that extra sleep and go with no makeup for the day!


8. Your Beautiful Natural Eyebrows

10 Reasons Why No Makeup Is Good Makeup!

While wearing makeup, most girls wish to change their face proportions according to beauty standards. However, they forget how pretty and unique they naturally look with no makeup. You can limit your need for makeup by focusing more on your natural features. You can start with the natural shape of your beautiful eyebrows. Don’t over-pluck them, let your eyebrows get naturally thicker. For inspiration, look at Cara Delevingne. If you have naturally light eyebrows, try a semi-permanent eyebrow coloration. It will look beautiful, attractive, natural and well-defined. It will look best on your no makeup face.

9. Healthy Eating And Water


A good diet is significant for your beautiful skin, as well as, for the overall health of your body. A healthy and balanced diet can be your faithful, lifelong companion. Ensure that you regularly eat not only fresh fruits and vegetables but also healthy fats and proteins. These are really significant for your beauty. And, obviously, your best companion is water! You must drink more than eight glasses of water every day. It will make you look fresher and younger without any need for makeup. You can also drink green or white tea twice a day. These are rich in antioxidants.

10. Soft Lips


Go with no makeup, including no lipstick for a day! Gently massage your lips daily with your toothbrush for 10 seconds. You can also apply a sugar scrub with honey on your lips. Rinse off and apply Shea butter. Your lips will become tender and soft. Get lip balms, chap sticks or colorless lip glosses to nourish your beautiful lips. These will provide you with fresh and natural no makeup look. Take some time off from cosmetics, invest less time before the mirror, so you can have appropriate time for breakfast and rest!

Other Skincare Tips

  • Apply facial masks once a week, according to your skin.
  • Exfoliate your skin with your whole body daily.
  • Splash your face with cold water twice every day for about 5 seconds. This closes pores and tones your skin naturally.

Lastly, smile and love yourself. You look pretty even with no makeup. You must accept yourself completely!

Celebrities Who Support The No Makeup Trend

Beginning with ever famous Alicia Keyes, many other celebrities have followed her trend of


Alicia Keyes


Gigi Hadid

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Gwyneth Paltrow

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