10 Pregnancy Super Food Products That You Must Have!

Pregnancy Super Food

When you are pregnant and eating for two, eating the right food is very tricky. No matter what your hormones or your cravings ask you to eat, you have to push yourself to eat healthily and find high fiber and nutritious alternatives to the existing high-calorie versions that are all over your mind. This is where pregnancy super food items come in!

While the morning sickness can be a real pain while you are trying to give in to your hunger, here we have a list of 10 pregnancy super foods that are easily and readily available and you will love.

10 Super Food Products for the Pregnant Woman:

1. Tofu

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It is a rich source of protein and is an essential source of iron, magnesium, calcium and Vitamin K. Protein is the building block of the body so, you may not want to miss out on this one. Here is a few amazing Tofu recipe that you must try!

2. Popcorn

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You may be surprised with this one but, popcorn is a whole grain and is rich in fiber and nutrients that are essential for a pregnant woman’s system.

3. Sesame Seeds

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It is not common knowledge but sesame seeds are a super source of calcium which in turn, is very necessary for baby’s healthy bone development.

4. Whole Wheat Bread

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Ditch that white bread and choose the healthier version with integrated grains and millet. It is an amazing source of folic acid, iron, calcium and Vitamin B; making it a pregnancy super food.

5. Walnut

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No points for keeping this one out of your diet if you are pregnant. It is an essential source of Omega 3 fatty acid that is responsible for brain development.

6. Milk

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Perhaps the richest and important source of wholesome proteins for both the mother and the baby is milk. Milk products like some varieties of cheese, yogurt, buttermilk and cottage cheese (paneer) are healthy options as well. You can also opt for a yummy milkshake!

7. Water

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What could be better than drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated during your pregnancy? Apart from that, water provides relief from constipation and maintains healthy energy balance in the body.

8. Oatmeal

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A bowl of oatmeal is full of fiber, minerals and B Vitamins. Consider eating this on a daily basis as it can also be quite filling. This is an all time pregnancy super food!

9. Fruits, Vegetables, and Dry Fruits

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These are amazing foods that you need to stock up on when you are pregnant. Bananas, carrots, dates, dried apricots, sweet potatoes, strawberry, avocado, kiwi, and blueberries are perfect to munch on during the day. A great way to make sure you are eating all the necessary nourishments for your body is to simply make a smoothie!

10. Chickpea

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This is one of the best foods that can be eaten during pregnancy. It is a rich source of protein, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, and zinc.

So cave into your insatiable hunger but, remember to eat healthily!