Bigg Boss Season 10

Big Boss Season 10

If there’s one show that should be awarded “The most controversial show of the year”, then it would be Bigg Boss. With so many twists and turns and the contestants being bombarded with tasks, the show is just getting more and more interesting. And this year, Bigg Boss Season 10 has so much more to offer!!

10 Reasons To Watch Bigg Boss Season 10:

1. Controversies

Bigg Boss Season 10

Like I already mentioned about controversies, this season seems like it’s filled with controversies not-with-standing the fact that it has only been a week since the show aired. Be it Swami Om baba confessing that he is a fake baba and is very vile from inside, or be it Lopa abusing Priyanka, controversies only seem to increase ten-fold, when compared to the last season.

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2. Celebrity Vs Commoner

Bigg Boss Season 10

For the first time ever in the history of Bigg Boss show, common people bagged an opportunity to be a part of the show along with other TV celebrities. The theme “Celebrities plus non celebrities” in itself looks like it’s going to fetch a lot of drama for the viewers of the show. The most interesting part being how celebrities get along with non-celebrities. *brings a popcorn tub*

3. Theme of the House

Bigg Boss Season 10

The theme of the house is so interesting that one can’t help but notice its model, interiors and architecture. The theme of the house this Bigg Boss Season 10 is Morocco meets modern, and it is a quite sophisticated look. We definitely wish to see more of it.

4. Budding Love

Bigg Boss Season 10

We have all witnessed budding love among the celebrities in the past few seasons. Whether it was Upen-Karishma or Kushal-Gauhar, who doesn’t like a little romance or hotness quotient between these controversies and heated up arguments. It also looks like Bigg Boss show has made this ‘budding love’ a part of it. So hola! Eagerly anticipating to see that romantic couple of this season.

5. The HOST

Bigg Boss Season 10

Oh how can we forget the biggest reason behind this show’s success, Salman Khan. Let’s all agree that he is the best host and is known for his comments that ignites these controversies. He is literally the catalyst of this show. His comments on Pakistani artists have already led to so many disputes. Nevertheless, he is an amazing host and what can be a better reason than Salman Khan himself on small screen to watch this show?

6. Celebrity Chemistry

Bigg Boss Season 10

So, we all still remember that episode where Shahrukh and Salman Khan shared the stage on Bigg Boss during the last season. It’s still one of the most viewed episodes bagging the best TRP ratings. So who should we expect for this Candid Celeb Chemistry in this Bigg Boss Season 10? Perhaps we may see it sometime soon.

7. HIS Choice

Bigg Boss Season 10

Salman Khan is always known to have good bonding with at least one celeb-contestant ever year. Who is it going to be this year? What if he likes a common man over a celebrity? *Gasp*

8. Antara Biswas

Bigg Boss Season 10

Antara Biswas also known as Monalisa, who worked in many B grade films before securing her place in Bhojpuri industry, and who also entered Bollywood through the movie ‘Black’ is now a part of the Bigg Boss house, which is yet another highlight of this season.

9. Drama, Drama, Drama!

Bigg Boss Season 10

Does anyone remember a Swamiji who slapped a woman and abused her verbally on a live television show when he was asked to speak on Radhe Maa? Well, that’s Swami Om Ji for you guys! And he just entered the Bigg Boss house as a common contestant.

So, will this baba, who is already well known for his controversy on Live Television, create more disputes in the house in future? Although he did start it already, we are still waiting for the drama to unfold itself.

10. Gossip!

Bigg Boss Season 10

Last but not the least, who doesn’t like spicy gossip and versatile drama? Isn’t this a reason enough to be waiting for this show to progress further?

Contestants on Bigg Boss Season 10

This years contestants are of a huge variety and have been chosen with the highest honor!

Celebrity Contestants of Bigg Boss Season 10:

  1. Rahul Dev
  2. Karan Ajay Mehra or Ajay Mehra
  3. Gaurav Chopra
  4. Rohan Mehra
  5. Bani Judge or Gurbani Judge or VJ Bani 
  6. Lopamudra Raut
  7. Antara Biswas or Mona Lisa

“Common Man” Contestants of Bigg Boss Season 10

  1. Lokesh Kumari Sharma
  2. Nitibha Kaul
  3. Akanksha Sharma
  4. Priyanka Jagga [ELIMINATED]
  5. Manoj Punjabi
  6. Manveer Gurjar
  7. Naveen Prakash
  8. Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji

Bigg Boss Season 10 is a phenomenal show that’s aired on Colors TV every year, which bags maximum TRPs and is known to entertain its viewers to the fullest. The show whose theme is so much like the famous ‘Big Brother’ show that was discovered in Netherlands, has successfully completed nine seasons. Bigg Boss Season 10 is currently being aired from 9PM to 10PM IST on Saturdays. And Sundays and from 10.30PM to 11.30PM IST on weekdays. If you want to watch it online, you can do it through Voot app.