Such things are normal as erectile dysfunction is a highly complicated disorder. It not only affects penis erections but is an indicator or a warning sign of other pre-existing diseases in the body. As a result of erectile dysfunction, there could be various mental and physical side-effects. Mental side-effects include suffering from anxiety, stress, and fear of society. It may easily spiral down into a serious issue of mental depression and ultimately worsen the disorder of penis erections. Physical side-effects include less sleep at night, hormonal imbalance, and digestion related problems.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then here are 10 things you should be wary of-

1, Chest pain

It is generally a side-effect for those who are undergoing medicinal treatment for curing erectile dysfunction.  Generally, all medicaments have some side effect, but Kamagra Pills have less side effect compare to other pills. You are suffering from pre-existing heart diseases; this form of treatment is generally recommended after a doctor’s permission. Consider visiting your doctor once, and he might change the dose of the current medicines.

2, Shortness of breath

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction because of obesity, then you may suffer from shortness of breath. You can suddenly have difficulty in breathing which causes an irritation in the lungs. If you are an obese person, you are more prone to this condition as your lungs are not able to expand while inhaling the air. This is because the fat tissues present around the lungs prevent them from doing so. To prevent this condition, you should do some breathing exercises daily in the morning.

3, Avoid fats and carbohydrates

You have to be particularly selective about what you eat. Having a good diet can go a long way in curing the disease of erectile dysfunction. You should avoid butter, ghee, and oil or the food items which have a huge amount of fats and carbohydrates as it can fuel fat formation and thus aggravate penis disorder. The food items which you should avoid are pastries, cakes, pizzas, chocolates, red meat. Substitute these food items with those food items that are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

4, Avoid high blood pressure and cholesterol

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you should beware of high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you do not measure these two things in your body, you run a huge risk of a severe heart attack in the near future. High blood pressure can cause your heart to beat faster and also damage the arteries and veins. High cholesterol levels can impact your cardiac health and increase fat formation in your body.

5, Beware of low testosterone levels

Men who are above the age of 40 generally have low testosterone levels. Having low testosterone can indirectly affect your erections and thus become a cause of erectile dysfunction. If you have low testosterone levels, you might be having a low sex drive and stamina. All of this can cause lackluster erections.

6, Beware of risky sex

Take adequate measures to reduce injuries while having sex. This is not generally seen, but a few cases are found where erections patterns in men have changed after an injury to the penis while having sex. Believe it or not, the penile tissues stand the chance of an injury while having sex. You should take your time and go slowly to it. You can also avoid certain positions. It is better if you discuss the same with a doctor.

7, Curb stress

Stress is one of the main reasons behind erectile dysfunction. It can be the lone factor or work as a side-effect. Stress could be caused due to many factors which are related to the everyday happenings. The most important thing is that it generally goes unnoticed.

If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, you should go to a psychiatrist and speak to him. The best way to curb stress is by doing some exercises daily or going for some adventurous activities.

8, Beware of certain medicines that contain steroids

If you have some medicines due to some other diseases and disorders, be sure to check in on them once or tell the same to your doctor. Some of them might be acting as depressants and may cause stress and anxiety. If you are taking medicines that for bodybuilding purposes then you should be aware that such medicines contain steroids that shrink the testosterone, and your erections may not be as hard.

9, Stop smoking

Smoking causes erectile dysfunction in two ways. Excess smoking causes nicotine to be deposited in the blood vessels, thus making them narrow and resulting in less blood flow. You should look to stop smoking immediately as it also ruins your cardiac health. Take the help of a doctor or switch to the alternatives of cigarettes like nicotine gums and e-cigarettes.

10, Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol act as depressants and can affect the functioning of the brain. If you are addictive to alcohol, reduce your alcohol intake. You can have 1-2 pegs daily, but if you consume more than that, it can become a risk for your penis erections.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, then you have to take certain precautions.  Kamagra 100mg is the best medication for ED treatment, so you can use these pills. Otherwise, your treatment can become completely useless. Maintaining healthy habits go about a long way in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Consult your doctor and know about what more you can do on your part to check erectile dysfunction.