Nasal Congestion

A-choo! A-choo! Cold, flu, allergy? Are your eyes puffy and watery and also, is there no taste in your mouth?  Well then, that is because you have a blocked nose. What you need are these Stuffy Nose Hacks to help you feel all better!

Most often, an individual experiences stuffy nose when he/she is affected by cold, flu, allergies or a sinus infection. The effects of a stuffy nose are most often exasperating and irritating, even to endure. You cannot breathe, not properly at least. There is always something that keeps obstructing the path of your nasal passage. You try to blow it, but nothing comes out, resulting in absolutely no relief.

It is a common belief that a stuffy nose is caused by the accumulation of mucus, but it actually is the inflammation of blood vessels and tissues in the nasal passage and sinuses. The mucus is just the cherry on the cake, adding more stress to the already stressful situation, which is triggered by the onset of allergies.

But, this can always be cured by these stuffy nose hacks!

12 Stuffy Nose Hacks

1. Use A Humidifier

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A humidifier is an electric device which converts water to vapor. This vapor is inhaled, which helps clear the mucus in the nose, cleaning your nose as a result.


2. Take a Hot Shower

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A hot shower works the same way as a humidifier. The hot vapor that you inhale during the shower help clear the blockage in the nose, causing relief.

3. Proper Hydration

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Stuffy nose is a condition that is caused when there is too much heat in the body. You need to balance the temperature of your body during conditions as these. Water, being the best coolant ever, is exactly what you need to keep your body temperature cool, gradually reducing the stuffiness

4. Warm Compress

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These stuffy nose hacks is an age old method of dipping a napkin in hot water and placing it over the forehead, after draining the water from it. This remedy still proves to be one of the best methods to cure nasal congestion or any allergy in general. It is perfect for when you have a clogged nose while lying down.

5. Basil Leaves

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Chewing of basil leaves every morning and evening (preferably before breakfast) proves to be very effective in treating a blocked nose.

6. Hot Soup

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Drinking hot soup, of any flavor, is highly effective in cleaning a stuffy nose. Most often lentil and chicken soup are used in these conditions, they being the most effective in such situations.

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7. Eucalyptus Oil

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The Eucalyptus tree is highly known for its medicinal value. In that context, it is a widely practiced tradition of inhaling eucalyptus oil when struck by the flu. Inhaling this oil creates an instant and long lasting effect of clearing the nose of any blockage.

8. Honey

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Mix two teaspoons of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and consume it daily without fail, twice if possible. This helps clear a heavily blocked nose and is great for your immune system! This is also the perfect life hack for a sore throat!

9. Spicy Food

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Your nose automatically gets unblocked with the intake of spicy food, in the form of dripping. The spice in the food causes the accumulated mucus and any other blockage to meltdown and slowly come out of the nose, thereby clearing the blockage.

While this hack is temporary, it does give you some relief!

10. Onion

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Smelling an onion that is peeled, for several minutes, close to fifteen, is very much effective in clearing a blocked nose.

You could also keep a cut onion in your room overnight. As it draws in all the virus around it!

11. Vicks Vaporub

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This is another age-old formula for a blocked nose, cold or flu. Applying it to your chest, throat and forehead makes the mucus begin to run, clearing the blockage in your nose. Another great way to use this stuffy nose hacks is to rub your feet down with Vicks and put some socks on. Perfect for those sleepless nights!

12. Garlic

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Garlic is a great medicinal plant and is useful for many health problems, one being its ability to cure a stuffy nose. Inhaling the aroma of steamed garlic or eating a raw garlic every morning (when affected by stuff nose or not) helps greatly in putting a stuffy nose at bay.

Stuffy Nose Hacks To Cure Nasal Congestion