12 Ways To Impress A Boy This Valentine's Day!

Cute-Boy Alert!

Unlike what the media would have you believe, boys are much more complicated than they seem. If you’re trying to impress a boy then the way to his heart involves much more than just showing some skin (a BIG NO-NO!). Here are 12 ways to get the boy!

Wth Valentine’s day almost here, we have a few tips that every girl can use, whether they’re trying to get the guy or whether they have already gotten the guy. Here are 12 ways to impress a boy!

12 Tips To Impress A Boy

1. Dim The Drama

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Rule No.1, no one likes a drama queen! Movies will have you believe that you have to be mean to a guy and cry at the drop of a hat every time the wind messes your hair a little; please do not do so!

While guys are more complicated than they like to show, they do not like to complicate things without any reason. So tone down the drama and don’t play too hard to get or you may not get him at all!

2. Show Interest In Who He Is

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Yes, boys have feelings, emotions, interests and stories to tell. Let him talk, and show him that you’re interested in what he has to say. Much like how you listen to the stories your best friend tells you, listen to his too. After all, isn’t it every girl’s dream to marry her best friend?

Get to know what his hobbies are, what he does in his free time, how he is with family and friends, what his plans are for the future, the struggles he’s faced in his past.

Most boys find it hard to open up about these things, so, should he trust you enough to open up to you, make it known that it was worth the time and the effort that he put in. Never let such an opportunity slide past you.

3. Boys Night Out

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Unlike girls, boys do need a little space from time to time. Let him have his Boys Night Out without any interrupting phone calls and messages asking him when he’s coming home. This will definitely impress a boy; and who knows, maybe he’ll miss you and call you himself!

Maybe you can take this time out for a little ‘you’ time yourself. Try out some beauty hacks, get a spa done, or just relax!

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Also keep in mind that there is such a thing in a relationship as too much ‘me-time’. If either you or he is guilty of this trait then things are not going to work out for you.

4. Be You!

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Don’t try and hide who you really are. Girls have this habit of behaving prim and proper around a boy, not eating much and laughing in a soft giggle. Do Not Do That! Nothing will impress a boy more than you being confident about who you are. Remember that no one can truly love you unless you love yourself first!

So laugh out loud and eat as much as you normally would, trust me, it will make him feel much more comfortable around you!

5. Make An Effort

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All said and done, it is important to make an effort for him once in a way. Yes, you want a boy to love you without makeup and when you’re in your sweatpants but, it doesn’t hurt to do a little trimming for him here and there. Try a little makeup, or dress up for him.

Also, cook him a special meal or treat him to a back massage! Haven’t you heard the saying – ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!’

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6. Flirt Like Nobody’s Watching!

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Boys love it when you flirt with them. In fact, even when you have got the boy, don’t stop flirting. Comfort is great but, flirting is a continuous game that you need to play. So wink at him from around the room or tease him with your hair (if he likes that). Also, smile a lot! A smiling face is much more attractive to a boy than a ‘duck-faced’ pout!

7. Be Independent

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Yes, boys do like taking care of girls (and girls love the attention) but, if you really want to impress a boy, show him how independent you really are! Take care of him once in awhile and he won’t feel so overburdened about taking care of you!

Offer to pay the bill once in a while, meet him up at your spot without him having to travel double the distance, get things done without having anyone else by your side.

Besides, if he knows you can survive without him, he might just work harder to keep you by his side!

8. Leave The Past In The Past

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“Do you know how many girlfriends he has had in his past?”

Do not judge him based on his past. What makes you think that you’re a saint and above all sinners? We all carry a little bit of luggage with us, some more than the others. But, none of that should matter. Who he is with you NOW and how he behaves NOW is all that matters.

9. Don’t Push It

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Let things fall into place naturally. As the saying goes, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ In the same way, let the relationship build up. Give it time, give it space and you might just be surprised at how well things work out for you.

At the same time, don’t make it seem like you are not interested in what he has to offer. As long as both sides are willing to make things work out in the end, you are good to go!

10. Think Your Own Thoughts

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Image: Listen Hard

Do you want to know how to really impress a boy? Debate things over with him.

Just because he agrees to something does not mean that you should too. Invariably girls make the mistake of blindly agreeing to whatever ‘He’ has to say, all under the excuse that ‘Love is Blind’. Think things over with yourself and then talk to him about why you disagree with what he has to say. He will definitely be impressed with you being able to see the wider picture of things.

Think things over with yourself and then talk to him about why you disagree with what he has to say. He will definitely be impressed with you being able to see the wider picture of things.

Also don’t be afraid to chastise him if he is doing something wrong. Boys actually appreciate it when a girl corrects them. They see it as a sign of care.

11. Don’t Hide Your Intelligence

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While guys may find ‘Bimbos’ cute and fun to be around, there is only a certain amount of stupidity that anyone can handle. So, don’t dim your intelligence down for anyone. It’s better that he knows how smart you are now than find out later. Besides, do you really want a boy who thinks that you know nothing about anything?

A clear example of why you should be your normal smart-self is heartthrob ‘Emma Watson’.

12. Sweet and Sassy

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Impress a boy by being both sweet and sassy! Guys definitely look at this quality as the end game for them. And since girls are better at multitasking, being both shouldn’t be too hard. Just remember to be sweet or sassy at the appropriate times!

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