12 Wedding Nail Art Designs That Will Make You Want To Say 'I Do!'

Here Come The Nails…

There’s always cheer and happiness around when there’s a wedding in the family. What better occasion to cook up an eclectic mix of elegance and avant-garde fashion, than a wedding? A bride and every member of the wedding party ought to pay attention to every minute detail, as a wedding is one of the most memorable occasions of every woman’s life. The entire party’s attention is going to be on the beautiful ring on the bride’s fingers; why not make the nails speak for themselves as well? Here are a few wedding nail art designs for the whole entourage!

Wedding Nail Art For the Bride

It’s your special day, you lucky lady! Pamper your nails with some love and care, as you wow your husband-to-be with your artful nail art designs as he slips the ring onto your finger. nail art designs as he slips the ring onto your finger.

1. Au-Naturel

wedding nail art
Image: Adjusting Beauty

Embrace the natural beauty of your nails and go paint-less, with well-groomed and shaped nails – the product of good nail care!. Avoid sharp edges – go for oblong or oval shapes to appear elegant and charming. This look best suits ladies with long fingers and nail beds, as it accentuates the natural beauty of your nails.  French manicures go beautifully with a minimal, Grecian look and tanned arms.

2. Bride/Groom Accents

wedding nail art
Image: Early Ivy

Go quirky on your big day and get fancy tuxes and gowns patterned on your nails! Accents work very well with this look; remain simple on the other nails and have cute tuxedos, bridal gowns, tiaras, kisses or hearts on two prominent nails.

3. Ring Accents

wedding nail art
Image: Fatimatti Designs

What better way to complement the beautiful ring on your finger than to have a miniature one on your nail? This trend is in this season, with brides flaunting artful versions of their engagement and wedding rings on their nails, with gold and platinum highlights and Swarovski crystals set in the center or off to a side.


Wedding Nail Art For the Bridesmaids

You’re about to have time of your life as you watch your loved ones begin on a wonderful journey! Compliment the bride perfectly as you dazzle the crowd with your beautiful nails.

1. Bedazzle Away

wedding nail art
Image: Luminous Nails

Stones and crystals on nail designs have become a great trend this year, with wedding nail art designs. Add some glamor to your wedding ensemble with nude, off-white, or coral crystals, to enhance and give some color to your monochrome attire. You can go crazy with some bold hues too, to match the bouquet or the theme of the night.

2. Flowers Are In

wedding nail art
Image: Nail Pro

Add texture to your nails with matte flowers on your ring and middle fingers, to match the bouquet and the hues of your dress. Long nails are perfect for this look – the more area to work with, the more elaborate the design becomes! Avoid working on a design like this for all nails, as it looks gaudy and unflattering. For a fun look, add flowers to your hair and match the same ones on your nails!

3. Names

wedding nail art
Image: Wiki How

Be quirky and one of a kind by writing the bride and groom’s initials, the wedding party’s names or the date of the wedding on your nails in Roman numerals! This is a perfect way to show your support and encouragement to your loved ones. Need I say more about the coordinated photo-ops you get from this?


Wedding Nail Art For the Bride’s Mother

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for all your life – your daughter is about to enter a beautiful journey of happiness and joy. Give your nails a makeover with these ideas!

1. Sparkles

wedding nail art
Image: Adorned Claw

Channel your inner diva as you play around with sparkles and add shine to your outfit! You can go for entire nail beds coated with glitter or luster dust, or opt for glittery French tips or cuticles. Go for fun, quirky colors – darker hues of the color of your dress. Coordinate with your husband’s outfit for the night, and experiment with matte sparkles!

2. Lace

wedding nail art
Image: Kerruticles

As your daughter walks down the aisle clad in a lace veil, get in on the action with some lace on your fingers! Lace designs on nude nails is a happening idea, with stones and accents to enhance the look. Intricate designs can be painted, or actual lace can be stuck on the nails for maximum appeal. Remember to give a few top coats to protect your nails from chipping.

3. French

wedding nail art
Image: Chalkboard Nails

French manicures in fun shades are in. Go for coral, vermillion, cyan or peach shades as you embrace the minimal elegance of the French. Matte nails look best in French manicures. You can also try the faded french look!


Wedding Nail Art For the Groom’s Mother

As you welcome a new member into your family, be the epitome of elegance and grace, with whimsical fancy as well.

1. Gold and Chrome Highlights

wedding nail art
Image: Hair Nails Etc

Nothing says regal and elegance like gold and chrome. Gold highlights work well with any shade; chrome looks elegant when paired with the perfect colors. You can go for vertical, slanting or horizontal stripes, or one entire nail coated in shiny gold.

2. Polka Dots

wedding nail art
Image: Sabrina Nails

Look fun and whimsical with this 60’s style of polka dots. Go for fun, light shades, and white dots. Avoid black dots; light colors are in. Look breezy and cool with this understated, yet beautiful look. You can go for small dots, or dots of varying size as well.

3. Stickers

wedding nail art
Image: Winstonia Store

Indulge in stickers for a quick makeover which looks classy and takes minimal effort at the same time. You can opt for flowers, lace, and intricate patterns, or go for bold, monochrome designs. Go crazy; surreal is in! Pick one color from the theme, and make that your primary focus. Build on variations of that shade and choose from a wide range of stickers. The top coat is very important while applying stickers.

Things To Remember

wedding nail art
Image: Kibuck
  • Whatever designs and patterns you choose, caring for your nails must be your primary concern.
  • Indulge in a professional manicure for beautiful, supple nails.
  • Soak your nails in soapy water and scrub away for a DIY manicure.
  • Remember to moisturize, as dry nails can become brittle. You don’t want broken nails on a day like this! You can apply some primer or a base coat for added protection.
  • Don’t forget to let your nails breathe for a while; wait for a few days after you remove the polish to reapply another design.
  • Have a stock of fake nails and remover for emergencies – if something untoward happens, you can always wear gloves or go natural.
  • Don’t neglect your feet and toenails! Get a foot spa done or try a DIY foot spa yourself!