15 Ways To Use Natural Fruits For Beauty Benefits!

Fresh And Fruity!

There isn’t a single day when we are not worried about the way we look as we get ready to step outside the confinements of the walls of our house. We look up to a number of beauty products to achieve that good or passable look, according to us, as we go out. But how often do we wonder if the products that we are using are really healthy for our skin or face; how often do we look to fruits for beauty?  Hardly Ever!

But we can’t even blame ourselves now, can we? In a rush to head to our respective destinations, we put on whatever we find good enough and also while we purchase them, we look at only the surface details but don’t have the time to look at the real ones that actually matter.

But then, of course, there’s a solution to all our doubts and fears in nature’s own creation, in the form of fruits. Taking aside an hour every Sunday, as that is all that you require to make yourself the healthiest and most effective packs for your face and skin with fruits.

Fruits For Beauty Enhancement

1. Kiwi And Pomegranate

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Kiwis, as already known, are rich in pectin and fiber which help in proper digestion and in addition to this, they also prevent blemishes and wrinkles. Pomegranates, being a red fruit are very good antioxidants and help in preventing wrinkles while also fighting against acne.

2. Citrus And Berries

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It does not have to be lemons and berries, they could be any citrus fruits for beauty since they all have the ability to provide clear skin. Lemons when consumed with warm water and a little honey every morning act as an effective cleanser. On the other hand, berries (any berries) are rich in antioxidants and rejuvenate your skin. This is also great for skin whitening!

3. Watermelon

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A cleanser is one such product without which we just cannot imagine our lives. Every time we get back home, we rush to our cleanser, be it removing makeup or any pollutants that have gotten stuck on our face. We always want to use the best cleanser which would give us the exact results that we expect.

Watermelon, being rich in water, is a natural cleanser and applying a fine paste of it on your face and washing it off after letting it stay for 10-15 minutes on a regular basis gives better results than any products we get outside.

4. Banana

fruits for beauty
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Once again, banana fruits for beauty is a natural cleanser and functions in the same way as does watermelon. Mash a banana well and apply it onto your face for 10-15 minutes before you wash it off thoroughly. Do this regularly for good results. This is not just good for your face and skin but also for your hair!

5. Grapes

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In a way, grapes are also considered to be citrus fruits, but not at all times. Grapes provide one of the best treatments for acne. Extract the pulp from grapes and apply it to your face and neck (if you so wish) and wash it off with cold water after letting it stay for some time.

6. Papaya

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This is probably the most famous of all the fruits for beauty, in the case of skin treatments and beauty enhancers. Papaya has in it the ability to provide you with glowing skin, while also removing skin tan and rejuvenating your skin. Extract the pulp from papaya and apply it to your skin and then wash it off with cold water.

7. Strawberries

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Image: Life Hack

These are not only good on your tongue; they are also good on your face. Strawberries are good for tanned and dull skin. Extract the pulp of strawberries and apply it to your face. Wash it off with cold water after 10-15 minutes.

8. Apples

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We know the age old saying of ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ and it is the utmost true fact. Apples are good not only IN your body but also ON it. These fruits for beauty help soften your skin. Grind a few pieces of apple into a fine paste and mix it with a little honey. Apply this mixture to your face and then wash it off with water. This gives you really soft skin.

9. Mango

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Mangoes are the favorite fruit for most of the world’s population. I personally know quite a few people who can eat only mangoes the whole day. Mangoes at the same time can greatly help in giving you flawless and glowing skin as they are natural antioxidants. They also slow the aging process by regenerating skin cells and restoring the elasticity of your skin. All you have to do is apply the pulp of mango onto your skin and wash it off after letting it stay for a few minutes.

10. Peach

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Some people refer to peach as the beauty-fruit, not because it is beautiful or anything, but because it has in it almost anything and everything that you require to look good. It moisturizes your skin, eliminates dark patches and discoloration, protects from UV damage, gives your skin a lighter complexion. All you have to do is apply the pulp of peach on your skin. You could also use egg white and honey along with the peach pulp.

11. Avocado

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Image: Reader’s Digest

If I start listing out the various benefits of avocado to you, the list would probably be endless. So, to be short, avocado is anti-aging, gives a healthy skin, is a natural sunscreen, body lotion, rejuvenating face mask, treats dehydrated skin and so much more! As I said, if I keep on going, the list would probably be endless. Once again, all you have to is add avocado pulp onto your face and wash it off after letting it stay for 10-15 minutes.

12. Pineapple

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Image: Green Blender

As we know, pineapple is a mixed fruit of various small berries fused as one. This fruit could probably be the secret to flawless skin. The enzyme bromelain present in this fruit acts as a good exfoliator which gets the skin rid of any dried, old skin cells, thereby letting new ones grow in place of them. Add a little honey and lemon juice to the pulp of pineapple and apply to your face. Wash it off with cold water after letting it stay for a few minutes.

13. Cucumber

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Image: The Professional Voice

There are a lot of people out there who are the victims of oily skin. Cucumber is probably the best medicine without debate for the treatment of oily skin. It also helps prevent sunburn and tan. To a bowl of cucumber juice, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and then apply this onto your face. Let it stay for a few minutes before washing it off.

14. Guava

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Image: Serving Joy

This could probably be the solution for preventing dark eyes. All you have to do is cut the fruit in half. Leave these halves in the air for about 5 minutes and then, slowly run your finger over the central part of the cut half. You will find a thin residue of the fruit on your finger. Apply this around your eyes and let it stay for some time before washing it off.

15. Tomato

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Image: Modern Farmer

Tomato is actually a fruit by nature, which is the reason it is included in this list. Tomato helps in skin fairness, avoiding wrinkles and giving glowing skin. All you have to do is to apply the juice or pulp of tomatoes onto your face and let it stay there before washing it off with water.

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