Get Inked!

Pinterest has always been a place of art, and a haven to all designers. Among the numerous chefs, artists and fashion obsessed pinners, are laid-back, ‘YOLO’ tattoo lovers. After a great amount of research, here are the best Pinterest tattoos!

Being ‘inked’ is a fad that the elders would not approve of. But, coming from a generation where we accept many things that our elders would not approve of (like gay rights) tattoos seem like such a minor thing. What many people fail to realize is that tattoos are more than just ink on your skin – it’s art in itself.

Then again each person’s interest differs from the other! But the best part is that Pinterest offers a wide variety of choices, for every person.

Best Pinterest Tattoo Sleeves

If you are under the impression that tattoo sleeves are just a fad that will pass, or is something new; either way, you are so wrong! Tattoo sleeves have been in style for many years now, the only difference is that it gets better with time! Take Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Adam Levine and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson for example. They sport some pretty great tattoo sleeves and are perfect tattoo inspirations but, they are nothing in compare to our selection of the best Pinterest tattoo sleeves!

1. Mandala Tattoo Sleeve

best pinterest tattoos

We all know how much everyone loves mandalas! Who knew that simple designs drawn in circles could be so attractive, right? Take a look at this mandala inspired tattoo sleeve!

2. Red-Indian Inspired Tattoo Sleeve

best pinterest tattoos

Who ever said that tattoos sleeves are not for women, has clearly never seen Cher Llyod. Although her tattoo is more on the feminine side, with an array of butterflies; this tattoo sleeve is more ‘I’m a child of the moon and stars’ and ‘the wind guides me home’, type of tattoo! Nevertheless, we love it!

Best Pinterest Tattoos For Couples

For some reason, every single young couple goes through a phase where they want to get matching tattoos or tattoos that ‘complete each other.’ I’m not saying that this is a bad idea but, most often it leads to the argument of “what tattoo should we get!?” Here are a two of the best Pinterest tattoos for couples!

1. Fingerprint Heart Tattoos

best pinterest tattoos

This one is by far the most adorable and unique of all the tattoos for couples. Remembering that each person’s fingerprints differ from the other, get a copy of you and your loved one’s fingerprints interlacing the others to form a heart! Sure, it is small, but you can be assured that no two tattoos in the world are the same!

2. Dragon Heart Tattoos

best pinterest tattoos

Every couple believes that the flame in their love burns brighter than that of any other couple. What better symbol to represent that great burning flame, than with dragons? What’s even better is that, when put together, these dragons form a heart!

Best Pinterest Tattoos For A Minimalist

Being a minimalist, and wanting a tattoo, quite often do not go hand-in-hand. But, with this selection of the best Pinterest tattoos for a minimalist, I’m certain that this will change the mind of every minimalist who is scared of needles!

1. Paw Print

best pinterest tattoos

If you’re as big an animal lover as I am, then you will totally understand why you should get this awesomely cute, minuscule paw print tattoo!

2. Compass

best pinterest tattoos

Travel bug got you good? Keep that compass inked on your hand, as a symbol of your love of traveling. Or perhaps you could get this tattoo with the pin pointing to a tiny house – symbolizing your home; as a reminder that no matter where you go, you will always find your way back home!

Pinterest Tattoos For The Various Fandoms

Leading a fandom life can be quite difficult. There’s that constant feeling that you’re just not doing enough for your fandom. Maybe these tattoos will help you reach one step closer to being King/Queen of your fandom!

1. The Harry Potter Fandom – Potterheads

best pinterest tattoos

Who knew that glow in the dark tattoos could be so hot!? In this image, the person has tattooed those ever famous words used to view the marauder’s map. But, the ideas are really endless! Imagine having the word ‘Lumos’ in the glow in the dark ink, so that it only lights up at night!!

2. The Supernatural Fandom – Hunters

best pinterest tattoos

Ahh! Just reading the words to the theme song of Supernatural is so exhilarating! That lyrics with the ultimate mark of protection is just what you need to be an official part of this fandom!

3. The Doctor Who Fandom – Whovians

best pinterest tattoos

The best Pinterest tattoo of all Doctor Who tattoos has got to be this one! The words written in Circular Gallifreyan is just ‘the bow-tie on that shirt’!

4. The Hunger Games Fandom – Tributes

best pinterest tattoos

If you’re up for the challenge, then this would be the perfect tattoo to get. In fact, this is the very same tattoo that Natalie Dormer had for her role in the Hunger Games! Plus, who doesn’t look bad ass with a half-shaved head?

5. The Sherlock Fandom – Sherlockians

best pinterest tattoos

I do have to admit, although I’m not that big a Sherlock fan (sorry Sherlockians!), this tattoo is downright amazing! The detailing gone into it is astounding, and every little piece of it SCREAMS Sherlock!!

7. The Game of Thrones Fandom

best pinterest tattoos

The words ‘Valar Morghulis’ and ‘Valar Dohaeris’ translate into ‘All men must die’ and ‘All men must serve.’ The reason why we love this tattoo is, it is the perfect tattoo to share with your best friend!

Best Pinterest Tattoos in White Ink

White ink tattoos are increasing in popularity by the day! And, Pinterest has some of the best white ink tattoos we have seen! Here are a few of the best Pinterest tattoos in white ink!

1. Make-Shift Ear Cuff


Subtle and sexy is the only way to describe this pretty white tattoo! (Psst! It’s also the perfect reason for you to keep all your hair tied up on days when you’re just too lazy to set your hair.)

2. Life-Line


This is another cute and simple couple tattoo that you and your loved one can get! White ink is all about being minimalist and still standing out!

3. Geometric Design


Geometric designs have always given the impression of being one step ahead! Now, thanks to white ink, it looks like you were just born being one step ahead!

4. Words


The most common words that people have got inked are ‘faith’, ‘hope’, ‘love’ and ‘courage.’ These are normally done as reminders to one’s self. A more subtle reminder would be to get it inked in white, as this would not stand out as much, and still serves the purpose of a gentle reminder!

There you have it! 17 of the best Pinterest tattoos! And for those of you who are too afraid to go out and get inked, you could always try these!

All Image Credits: Pinterest