17 Bob Haircut Looks That You Need To Try Once In Your Life!

Bob That Hair!

Ladies! Chop off your long locks and embrace the bob sensation that’s gripping the nation this season! The bob haircut is very easy to maintain, doesn’t itch as much and is brilliant to experiment with. It frames your face and adds dimension to your cheekbones, forehead, and chin. It works very well with different colors and textures as well. Go through our comprehensive guide today for different ways to play with your locks and turn heads your way!

Bob Haircut For You!

1. Soft Bob

bob haircut
Image: Harper’s Bazaar UK

A soft, womanly look never goes out of style. Opt for well-conditioned hair and let it dry in strands, forming soft, natural waves. This bob haircut works best with voluminous hair, as it adds definition and draws attention to your face.

2. Slick Top Bob

bob haircut
Image: Hairstyles Galaxy

Women with petite faces can opt for slicked back hair to show off the contours of their face. Washed out bases work perfectly with this style. Secure your hair with pins, clips or bands. Load up on hairspray so that your bob haircut looks sleek and structured.This makes it onto my list of cool haircuts!

3. Curly Bob

bob haircut

Go British, with little ringlets of hair that frame your petite face beautifully. This look is perfect for redheads and women with dark hair. It gives a cherubic look and is playful. Go professional with a curling iron or just wrap strands of your hair in dowels or rods, for perfect curls. If you don’t have natural curls, you must use generous amounts of hairspray for your hairdo to stay in place.


4. The Twisted Bob

bob haircut
Image: Hairstyle Blog

Twist strands of your hair and braid them from the front, for a charming, lady-like hairdo. You can experiment with tiaras, bands, or flowers. This bob hairstyle goes well with all face shapes, as it softens and accentuates at the same time. Women with diamond or oval faces can twist the strands of hair in the middle, while women with round or rectangular faces can twist parts of hair on either side and create a waterfall braid.

5. Retro Bob

bob haircut

Go 1920’s on your outfit as you use gel and wax for a very slick look. Defined, deliberate curls are the main feature of this style. Curled sideburns and veils complement this look very well. Both dark and blonde hair look gorgeous in this style that shows off the shape of your head and drags maximum attention to the clothing, for a very understated, nonchalant outdo.


6. Sleek Bob

bob haircut

A sleek hairdo reeks of power and prestige. This is the perfect hairstyle for your official commitments. Platinum blonde, brunette and black are the best colors to sport the sleek look. Indulge in semi-permanent treatments or invest in a hair straighter, for ruler-straight hair. This look even looks good on long bob hair.

7. Messy Bob

bob haircut
Image: Short Hairstyle Gallery

Go bohemian and channel your inner Goddess as you get the perfect messy cut for casual evenings. The key here is a soft blowout with minimal curling iron usage. You want waves, not curls. If you don’t want to put in the effort, you can just go to sleep with untied hair; A bob haircut is usually the best bed hair! This is trending amoung all the teen haircuts!

8. Bangs

bob haircut
Image: Pinky Cloud

Nothing says chirpy and fun like bangs! This hairdo works perfectly to hide a wide forehead or a receding hairline and covers blemishes on your forehead. This bob haircut looks adorable when paired with hairbands or bows. Cut your hair in such a way that it falls right below your eyebrows, so that you can either let it fall or tie it high as per your needs.

9. Side Fringes

bob haircut
Image: Cosmopolitan

If you don’t want the trouble of messy bangs, fringes are your saving grace! Choose the most appealing side of your face (usually the right), and part your hair accordingly. Fringes add more dimension to your face and make it look structured. Bobby pins and barrettes add brownie points to your look.

10. Pigtails

bob haircut
Image: Cute Girls Hairstyle

Go back to your pre-teen years with cute pigtails which bring out the little girl. This cute hairdo goes well with suspenders, tees, and sundresses. Messy pigtails add volume to your hair and are very low maintenance. The added bonus is that you can avoid fly-aways. When you remove the pigtails, you get naturally wavy hair which makes anther hairstyle for bob haircuts!

11. Topknot

bob haircut
Image: The Right Hairstyles

Look effortlessly fashionable with a topknot, or a very high bun with your bob haircut. Embellish your hair with flowers, chunky bands or barrettes. You can even use sunglasses as an accessory, to go elegantly with your laid-back outfit. The summer pangs are easily averted with maximum hair staying away from the neck so that you don’t sweat.


12. Asymmetrical Bob

bob haircut
Image: The Right Hairstyles

Go art-nouveau with asymmetrical bob length, to add quirk to your look. This works well with oval and round faces and is easy to achieve. Chop away at home or go to a professional salon. Asymmetrical styles give more room for experimentation, as you can simultaneously try two different patterns on each side!

13. Rounded Bob

bob haircut
Image: Got Celeb

Remember T-Swift’s 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar party look? This look works perfectly for diamond/heart shaped faces as it perfectly frames the visage. This is optimal for women with straight hair, as it must fall naturally and in a single line.

14. Box-braids Bob

bob haircut
Image: African Tresses And Treats

Take sassy to a new level with microbraids! Though this takes a lot of effort initially, it is very easy to maintain in the long run and gives you great versatility in terms of accessorizing. Beads, shells, and clips add quirk to your hair and show off your scalp as well. When styled appropriately, ombre hair looks beautiful in box braids.  

15. Afro Bob

bob haircut
Image: Refinery 29

If your hair is extremely curly, embrace it with afros. An unconventional, shaggy style can make you look bold and stylish, especially if you have dark hair. Remember to secure your hair with hairspray so that it doesn’t become unintentionally tangled.

16. Partitions

bob haircut
Image: Harper’s Bazaar

Women with heart-shaped or inverted conical faces look wonderful with hair parted in the center, as it accentuates the contours of the face. Square or rectangular shaped women can opt for side partitions. A simple blowout with proper conditioning gives a chic look. You can opt for beach waves too for a breezy look.

17. Colors

bob haircut
Image: Elle

Channel your inner Kylie Jenner as you go cray-cray with colors this summer! Vibrant neon hues are definitely in. Ombre adds class to your look. If you are reluctant to color your hair, you can go for extensions or wigs, which give you amazing results with half the struggle.

Remember to go for a style that suits your face, skin tone and hair. Short hair needs conditioning and care too. Massage your scalp with warm coconut oil for lush, supple locks. Wax is a must to avoid strays, especially when you have short hair. Don’t forget to remove all traces of hairspray before you go to bed. Experiment away!


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