Benefits Of Reading Books

Benefits of Reading

We live in a fast-paced world that encourages mental speed, agility, and multi-tasking, it for this reason that we believe reading books is a good habit. Unfortunately, reading as a hobby and its advantages are lost and discouraged for something more challenging, in fact, kids reading books is considered the next wonder of the world. While readers fully well understand the benefits of reading for pleasure, very few are actually aware of the great benefits of reading books. Let us take a look at some of the reasons why reading is important for adults, students, children; how reading books benefits overall child development and why you should read every day.

The Advantages of Reading Books

1. Reading Books Is A Distraction

great benefits of reading books

The importance of reading books is that it is giving you time to take a break from all your troubles. Once you get back to the real world, all those problems are much easier to tackle as your mind has been refreshed. This is one of the great benefits of reading books.

2. Reading Can Reduce Stress

great benefits of reading books

As I mentioned in my previous point, reading helps you take your mind off your problems. However, good books to read will work as a relaxation technique. This is because the mind is fully engaged while reading, and being carried into the story relaxes the heart and eases even muscle tension. Many an avid reader will attest to the fact that reading is good for you, especially before bed as it ensures a good night’s sleep.

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3. Reading Books: It Is Your Best Teacher

great benefits of reading books

Another one of the benefits of reading novels is that it introduces you to new words and their usage, it becomes one of the benefits of reading as a hobby. Include a dictionary to your bedside table for words that you do not understand and Boom! Instant vocabulary builder! We all know how important it is to have a good vocabulary in our professional life. But, have you considered impressing a date with your vast vocabulary? It definitely makes you look smarter. And everyone prefers someone who can think for themselves.

4. Reading Books: Be A Writer And A Reader

great benefits of reading books

If you want to take up writing as a profession then this could be one of the reasons why reading is important to you. Writing requires a large knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. By reading, one definitely improves these things. Most writers are bookworms, who eventually became writers themselves. Reading helps you subconsciously absorb grammar patterns and new words.

5. Reading Makes You Smarter

great benefits of reading books

How does reading make you smarter? Being an avid book reader and having a wide choice of good reads, automatically introduced me to a number of topics like politics, science, astronomy and even astrology. Reading introduces you to all this, plus more, and given that writers do a lot of research while writing their books, even the advantages of books that are fictional will send you away with some amount of knowledge on the written topic.

6. Reading Books Makes You Better

great benefits of reading books

As mentioned earlier, one of the reading books advantages is that it increases your knowledge. Thus, being more knowledgeable makes for better conversation. Also, having a better vocabulary and grammar means you sound more refined when you talk. It gives you the gift of the Gab so to speak. Which brings me to my next point.

7. Reading Books Boosts Your Confidence Levels


One of the benefits of reading newspaper is that it gives you confidence, making it perfect for an introvert! In today’s world confidence is the key to climbing and growing in the corporate world. With all your knowledge, vocabulary and grammar skills gained from reading, your confidence gets a huge boost and it helps you grow in all aspects of your life whether personal or professional.

8. Reading Improves Memory

great benefits of reading books

The benefits of reading books is that reading involves plots and character personalities, as well as events and human emotions. It also means remembering all these details to enable you to get through the book. Most books do not finish in one sitting so you need to remember these details for a long period of time. Reading benefits the brain by forcing it to increase its ability to remember and in turn, enhances your memory power.

9. The Effects of Reading Books on the Brain

great benefits of reading books

One of the benefits of reading a book is that it exercises your brain. Your brain moves in new directions and forms new connections called Neural pathways. These are your brain’s way of accessing large amounts of data faster. These neural pathways cause your brain to remain active and alert at all times. The more pathways, the more alert and the faster your brain works.

10. Reading and the Brain

great benefits of reading books

Preventing brain degeneration is one of the health benefits of reading everyday. Just like your body, a mental workout strengthens your “brain muscle” and enhances it. This, in turn, prevents all the usual brain degeneration problems that come with age. Reading books that stimulate your mind can help prevent Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Senility and general memory loss that come with age.

11. Reading Books Expand Your Imagination

great benefits of reading books

People who read books often have better imagination as reading is just words on paper, understanding everything written is left to the reader’s discretion. This opens the mind’s eye and our imagination runs amuck with the vivid sceneries described on the pages of the book in our hands. Over time, reading improves this imagination and becomes as vivid as watching a movie, if not more. This is one of the benefits of reading fiction.

12. Benefits of Reading to Your Child

great benefits of reading books

The importance of reading to children or children reading is to increase their creativity and yours! As our imagination improves, so does our creativity and our ability to relate to things in new ways. As we read more and more, we are exposed to new things and new ideas. Our creativity and our way of inter-relating things improve. This leads to creative thinking.

13. The Importance of Reading to Your Child

great benefits of reading books

One of the benefits of reading to children at an early age is that it will help broaden their mind, making them more approachable in the future. These people tend to grow faster in both their professional and personal lives. Reading also introduces us to a number of ideas and experiences that we would not have been able to experience otherwise.

14. Reading  Books Cultivates Your Wisdom

great benefits of reading books

Reading everyday helps you to live vicariously through the writer and the characters in the books. It increases your experiences. Even though you have not physically experienced it, you have experienced it through the life of the characters in the books. An increase in experience leads to better wisdom.

15. Reading Books: It Intensifies Your Empathy

great benefits of reading books

One of the positive effects of reading books is that readers tend to live through the characters in their books and so they tend to feel everything that the characters are feeling. This increases the empathy factor in a person and makes for more understanding people. Empathetic people, in general, tend to make better friends and better human beings.

16. Reading Book Betters Your Reasoning And Logic

great benefits of reading books

Other reasons to read books is that since reading exposes us to different situations and problems, and also their solutions. We are all aware that there is never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of solution, when it comes to problems. Reading helps us see new solutions to various situations. It helps us in our analysis of things. Thereby it improves our reasoning and logical skills.

17. Benefits of Reading for Students

great benefits of reading books

Reading forces you to concentrate on one thing only, namely reading the book. Concentrating on one thing at a time is soon becoming a thing of the past as we are constantly multi-tasking. Reading improves your concentration because while you are reading you are focusing only on what is there in your book and nothing else. Therefore, it also increases your attention span. This is one of the most important uses of reading books to students.

18. Reading Books Is Pocket-Friendly

great benefits of reading books

One of the great benefits of reading books is that, while buying books may not be cheap, joining a library or borrowing books from friends is definitely a pocket-friendly form of entertainment.

You can read books of all kinds in a library as libraries tend to have books on a vast number of topics and therefore expand your horizons. Books can keep you entertained for days depending on the length of the book.

If you are an avid reader I am sure you have experienced all this by now. If not, it’s never too late to start. Who knows, your next escape from reality might just be in the pages of a very engrossing book.