In 2018, British Vogue fashion designers and models stepped out on the runway and shocked the world. Their entire line consisted of modest fashion like dresses to the ankles, sleeves to the wrist, and necklines around the collarbone. This came as a bold move in a fashion world that has been defined as sexy and sleek. However, the fashion designers who made this bold move were proven to get a jumpstart on the curving trend of fashion in the world.

In today’s fashion society, more and more women are proudly shopping for a variety of fashionable clothes that suit their needs. While modest fashion doesn’t clearly suit everyone, up until now, the women who have shared an interest in their fashion sense knows that unless you consider every fashion option, you are not having an open mind with your wardrobe. We asked our fashion experts to share three ways you can stay smart with your fashion this year, and it includes a variety of styles that you might not have considered.

#1 – The Dress

In today’s society, many women claim they have never owned a dress in their life, well, their adult life. Our fashion experts believe this is a faux pas in fashion and clearly you are doing yourself and your figure a disservice by negating the use of a dress. Because of the bold move that British fashion designers shared with us in 2018, it clearly shows a fashion sense in a way that we have never thought about the dress before.

With the recent fashion jump towards modesty, many privately owned boutiques are opening up to service many different fashion niche’s around the country. Online boutiques who offer modest dresses for women are beginning to be very popular among women who are just learning about fashionable dresses. 

In essence the dress is simple elegant and it is something you should always have in your closet, whether you are used to wearing dresses or not. You never know when you need to have a dressy outfit for the night, or have something for date night. A classy dress is always a good option to have in your closet.

#2 – The Jean

There is nothing like denim jeans. Jeans have been servicing our country long before the days of fashion designers and cowboys. Jeans are just so versatile and our fashion experts say to make sure you have several pairs of different variety of jeans at your disposal. You can dress your jeans up with classy heels, or go casual with a tee and sneakers. Denim jeans are a must-have for your wardrobe because of the versatility that they bring to your closet.

Ripped jeans, dark denim, light denim, stone washed, there are a lot of different options you can choose from. Make sure you take note of the items in your closet and purchase jeans according to your style and fashion sense. It is important to create your own sense of personality from your jeans because even if you are wearing your denims as a classy and elegant option, you can still have fun with it.

#3 – The Accessory

If you had a dress, a pair of jeans and the right accessories in your closet you would be set according to our fashion designers. They believe that when the right accessory is paired with your items you can literally create the flair the outfit needs with a pair of earrings, a bag, or the right shoes. 

Consider your accessories as the final touch to your outfit. They are not something you wear just because you like wearing them, they are part of the ensemble and the accessory is important because it can bring an outfit to life or kill it immediately. There are several accessories you should consider and always have in your wardrobe. They are a tote bag, a clutch, hoop earrings, diamond studs, bracelets watches, etc. There are literally thousands of accessories that you can choose from. Select the ones that are most like you to bring life to your outfit.

Be Smart With Shopping

In light of what the British Vogue designers did back in 2018, you have to understand that sometimes it is necessary to step out on a limb and take a chance on something. One of the most important things to consider is your shopping schedule and strategy. Don’t just shop, strategize outfits and plan your wardrobe so you can get the most out of each shopping experience. There is no one else like you and you have the opportunity to create something great with your closet.