30 Online Christmas Gifts For The Lazy Shopper!

Christmas Shopping

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be quite tiring, especially if you are not an avid shopper! This is why we prefer online Christmas gifts that you can buy with just a click of a button! The best part about shopping online is avoiding a fight over a pair of hand towels, or being trampled on by the rest of the holiday shoppers!

Here is a list of the best Online Christmas gifts 2016, based on the type of gift that you are looking for!

Online Christmas Gifts For The Furniture Lover

These gifts are especially helpful for those people who are just setting up their house, or who have the need for more furniture in their house!

1. Ghost Arm Chair


Online Christmas gifts

The crystal look of this chair will make you go gaga over it!

2. Contemporary Cube Bookcase


Online Christmas gifts

A corner bookshelf for the book lover!

3. Kitchen Drawer Organizer


Online Christmas gifts

Organize your cutlery with ease, thanks to this drawer organizer.

4. Console/Hall Table


Online Christmas gifts

Imagine this beauty waiting for you as you enter your house.

5. Art Table With Stool


Online Christmas gifts

Get this little table and stool for your art-obsessed kid!

Online Christmas Gifts For The Outdoor Person

If the receiver of your gift is into gardening, barbecuing or just likes the outdoors a lot (perhaps has their cup of coffee outdoor or reads outdoors) then these are the type of gifts that you should get them!

6. Smoker, Roaster and Grill


Online Christmas gifts

Buy this for the host of all those yummy barbecue parties!

7. Garden Tools Set


Online Christmas gifts

Perfect for the mud-and-dirt-obsessed person!

8. Outdoor Table And Bench Set


Online Christmas gifts

The perfect gift for the outdoor/backyard party host!

9. 3-Piece Bistro Set


Online Christmas gifts

Perfect little set for a-cup-of-tea, read-the-papers kind of person.

10. Solar Powered Bug Zapper


Online Christmas gifts

Zap all those bugs away with the help of this cute bug zapper!


Online Christmas Gifts For The Artsy Guru

“A crafty person would rather lose a whole leg than lose a finger.”

If you know someone like this, then here are 5 online Christmas gifts that you could get them this year!

11. Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils


Online Christmas gifts

Get this set of 48 colored pencils, for the color obsessed person!

12. Brother Embroidery Machine


Online Christmas gifts

This is the perfect gift for those people who are always stitching!

13. White Canvas – Value Pack


Online Christmas gifts

Every artist is nothing without a blank canvas!

14. Castle Drawing And Sketching Pencils


Online Christmas gifts

Buy the best of all sketching pencils for the sketcher-dude!

15. ART – Oil And Acrylic Brush Set


Online Christmas gifts

Paint a pot of gold with this amazing brush set gift!

Online Christmas Gifts That Your Kids Will Love

From a toddler to a teen, we have the best selection of online Christmas gifts that your tiny tot will absolutely go bonkers about!

16. Chef Costume


Online Christmas gifts

If you have a kid who loves playing ‘mummy in the kitchen’, then this is what they need!

17. Origami Kit


Online Christmas gifts

Bring out the crafty side of your kid with this Origami kit for beginners.

18. Mountain Theme Baby Mobile


Online Christmas gifts

You can never go wrong with a beautiful baby mobile, especially one as cute as this!

19. Kids Teepee Tent


Online Christmas gifts

Teach your kids to be adventurers with this cute little tent!

20. Toys On A Stick – Silver Airplane


Online Christmas gifts

Who doesn’t love pinwheels? Now imagine a little silver airplane that does the same as a pinwheel! Unique and fun!

Online Christmas Gifts For The Chef Of The House

Whether they are a house-maker, or just like spending time in the kitchen, here are 5 online Christmas gifts that any person that loves cooking would love!

21. Cookware Set


Online Christmas gifts

The cookware set that every chef drools over!

22. Dinnerware Set


Online Christmas gifts

What’s the point of all that cooking if you have nothing to serve in it in!

23. Knife Sharpener


Online Christmas gifts

Every chef uses a knife on a daily basis, and quite often have a favorite knife. With this sharpener, they can now sharpen their knives easy-peasy!

24. Butterfly Dinnerware Set30-Online-Christmas-Gifts-For-The-Lazy-Shopper_24

Online Christmas gifts

Perfect for those chefs who are addicted to Instagramming all the yummy food they cook!

25. Waffle Making Machine


Online Christmas gifts

With the different waffle recipes now available, all you need to make these yummy waffles is a waffle making machine!

Online Christmas Gifts For Those Who Love Home Improvement

From a hard-core DIYer to the ‘That would look perfect at my house’ type of person, here are five online Christmas gifts that the ardent home improver would love!

26. Drill And Driver Set


Online Christmas gifts

You could never go wrong with this amazing drill and driver set! Make your man’s dreams come true with this perfect Christmas gift idea for him!

27. Garbage Disposal


Online Christmas gifts

All they need for Christmas is this continuous feed garbage disposal!

28. Garage Door Opener


Online Christmas gifts

Help save time in that busy person’s life with the help of this automatic garage door opener.

29. Cut Resistant Gloves30-Online-Christmas-Gifts-For-The-Lazy-Shopper_29

Online Christmas gifts

If you know someone who does a lot of cutting work, or who is simply afraid of blades and knives, then this is the perfect online Christmas gift for them!

30. Solar Powered Pathway Lights


Online Christmas gifts

Imagine saving power and still owning pretty pathway lights!

There you have it! 30 of the best Online Christmas Gifts! Stay safe indoors and share the Christmas spirit online!