The advent and rapid growth of the internet is one of the reasons leading to the reduction of direct interaction between people. For that reason, the games in bars and pubs are gradually disappearing, instead of phones.

But anyway, there are some bar games that are still very popular, even at home.

In that article, we will learn more interesting facts about some pub games such as Darts, Billiards, Dice Games, Chess,… They are considered traditional games and still attract many players of all ages.

1. Darts:

Darts is an entertaining game at bars starting from World War I. Over a long time, this game also has many changes, from diverse playing styles to the materials that make up the dartboard and darts.

The truth is that, from the very beginning, this game often took a lot of time to play because people had to wait until after the matches when the players at that time finished playing and creating holes in the elm trees. They will then try to throw darts into those holes.

The journey to upgrade from holes in elm to a dartboard or a modern electronic dartboard is a challenging journey.

A dart game consists of a dart and a dartboard with a bull’s eye placed at a height of 5 ‘8. The pitch must be 7 ‘9ΒΌ (2.37 m) away from the surface of the board. The simplest rule is that each player has the right to throw 3 times (or less depending on the situation), after the turns, whose darts closest to the middle bull’s eye point will be the winner. The rules are simple, but to win is really not easy, because it requires you to have accurate technique, good physical strength as well as regular training.

Darts are also a popular choice for home games because of their convenience, ease of use, and affordability. If you want to own this fun game at home, check out our review of the best electronic dart board or feather dartboard to choose the right one for you.

2. Billiard:

This is also one of the favorite bar games. Born in the 15th century, not many people know that billiards were started playing on a lawn. The rules of this game are also very simple. On the table, there are 15 balls, two people playing together, each using 1 stick to 7 balls into 6 bags visible on the gaming table. Whoever pushes 7 balls first will have the right to pocket the 8th ball and become the winner.

The fun of this game is that the player must be clever and calculate almost exactly the path of the ball to the hole. Although the game is simple to win, the player also needs a lot of practice to feel the force and calculate how to go the ball.

Before a billiard game begins, the arrangement of the balls must be made by using the rack to place balls in a defined triangular order. The cue ball is the center of the triangle arrangement with a solid ball and stripes grabbing the bottom edge. Ball number 1 is the ball at the top of the triangle.

3. Chess:

Chess is a game that has existed and existed since the 10th century. Chess is a game like checkers, but the texture is a bit more complicated. A chessboard has 64 squares with two alternating colors. A game of chess is played between two people.

The chess pieces are divided into 2 equal parts, each with a different color. Each player has 16 pieces including 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rookies, 2 bishops, 2 knights and 8 pawns.

The Rooks are quite strong in attacking corners of the board with horizontal and vertical lines without limitation of a number of cells. Recruits can move from the top of the board to the bottom of the board but only go straight to the empty cells or when taking a stand of another piece. The only exception is when it Enters. It can then jump over its king to stand next to it.

Horsehead depicts the Knights. They may not be as strong as Rook in terms of ability to move but their path must be taken into account if you do not want to be surprised by the checkmate. A pair of bishops synonymous with strong twins will become less effective when one is removed from the board. The queen and king occupy the central position behind the pawns. While the Queen is the strongest chess piece on the board because she can move freely on the chessboard, the King is more important so when losing a King you lose.

Pawns are the first line of defense on chess. They are like soldiers in a fight. The movement of a pawn may not seem complicated, but it is unique. A pawn can move one or two steps in the first case depending on the player’s choice.

The pawn is the only piece that has a restriction on the direction, only forward and cannot backward. A pawn removes only the pieces placed in front of it with diagonal lines. The bishop moves diagonally in any direction. A Rook moves horizontally and vertically. The queen moves horizontally, vertically and diagonally. While the Knight is limited to an L-shaped movement, it is not restricted by any obstacles. It can be used to penetrate any defensive line mounted by the opponent. The king may be important but it is quite rigid. It can only take a single step in any direction.

To win a game is to capture an opponent’s chess piece. Like other intellectual games, chess appeals to players because it requires tactics, thinking, and acumen. To play well, players also need to practice regularly.

4. Dice game:

This is the most economical game because the only thing you need is a few dice.

It is simple but there are many games made from it. Typically, Bar Dice, Bunco, Balut, Yahtzee, … The most popular is still the most popular Bar Dice at local bars or at home parties.

The Dice Bar is known as the Chinese Ship, Captain, and Crew, and is played with six-sided dice.

In a game of Ship, Captain, Crew, each player takes turns to roll his dice to collect points to surpass his opponent.

Each person rolls five dice at the same time, each shake 3 times to accumulate points. When you roll dice, you usually look for three numbers:

Your ship – number 6

Your captain – number 5

Your crew – number 4

You need to shake to get all these numbers before you start collecting points and you have to find each number in order.

In other words, you have to get your ship before the captain, and the captain before the crew.

When you have all three, you can collect points from the last two dice in your roll, meaning the highest possible score is 12.

If you get the ship, the captain and the crew on the first shake, you will have two more shakes to earn extra points.

If you do not shake the correct order during your turn, you will have to give the dice to the next player and you will not get any points for that round.

The person with the highest score will win!

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