Social media impact has increased substantially, especially in the industry of weddings. Gone are the days where brides have hordes of newspaper and magazine clippings pinned on a board to show wedding suppliers her aesthetic for her big day, hoping they have the exact match of what she wanted. Furthermore, the brides searched for their wedding planner just through recommendations or probably reading about it in an ad.

The wedding sector benefits immensely from social media. The ideas and concepts are easier to browse compared to before. The options for finding all the wedding suppliers are greater compared before where most of the time you can only deal with a local supplier. Social media has offered a convenient way for brides and grooms, to check for feedbacks and real experiences between brides and wedding vendors. Social media can give you all the wedding needs, from booking the perfect venue, getting the most reliable caterer, to having the 5-star rated photographer and makeup artist.  

There’s no sense delaying the integration of social networks in wedding planning. Below are some ideas to help you get started.

Find wedding vendors through various social media platforms

No doubt, every bride would want to work with the top-notch vendors, from designers to retailers. She wants the perfect dress for her wedding, as well as have a special and unique wedding, with the newest trends and wedding concepts. Probably, while browsing Facebook, she might have come across a post where a wedding supplier arranged a grand entrance for the newlyweds. Or the newest wedding cake design is a white crisp fondant cake, with no details, but video clips are projected onto it to create a whole new visual level. There should be nothing holding back a bride to have a wedding that she truly deserves.

Find via social media wedding suppliers and planners. Remove those that are not a fit for what the wedding concept is. Search for distributors who have top ratings and positive feedback from previous customers.

Induce personal style

Social media is packed with creative ideas, designs, styles, and concepts for modern weddings. For instance, Pinterest boards are a great way to gather images that are collectively the wedding aesthetic, such as the color palette, general theme, and more. Another great thing about it is that Pinterest boards are digital so it’s easier to share and collaborate with friends and wedding planners with pinning the wedding concepts.

Livestream the ceremony

If the couple is not from the same hometown, or they have decided to have a destination wedding instead, chances are many of their guests are not able to attend the ceremony. Also, if the couple would like to have an intimate ceremony with only a few selected guests around, but will still like to share the moment with some of their loved ones, then live streaming the ceremony, or even the reception, is a great way to do that. 

Hashtag your wedding

Creating a unique wedding hashtag is a no-brainer if the newlyweds want to easily check for posts from their wedding guests on social media. Usually, wedding hashtags are a combination of the bride and groom’s names. It can be something straightforward, or punny. For example, couple Mark and Angel are getting married this coming February 14. Possible hashtags could be the following:

  • #MarkAndAngelGetHitched
  • #MarkAndAngelValentineWedding
  • #MarkedByAnAngel

The general rule of the thumb is to make sure that the hashtags are unique and were not previously used before. Inform the guests to use the hashtag, by including them at invitations, table and place cards, and your social media posts.

Showcase guests’ post with a virtual wall set up at the wedding

Before the big day, it’s also essential to create an account on a free social media aggregator platform that will gather updates from social media platforms and aggregate content posted by guests with the official wedding hashtag. Establish a virtual wall and view digital signage updates on all combined live social media during the wedding. These kinds of social media walls make the wedding special, memorable, and in the loop with the latest trend.

The wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Through these social media ideas, you sure can entertain the guests and create lasting memories at the same time.