Breaking Myths

Our generation is supposed to be a technologically and also intellectually advanced generation, yet there are many who still believe in myths about hair. These myths could be of any kind and of any origin but are blindly believed. What makes it worse is if they are related to our body, all the more reason for us to believe them without much reason or logic, right? I mean, who is going to challenge them?

Here are five myths about hair which ought to be broken:

1. Hair Growth Increases With Frequent Trims

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Oh yes, this is the most famous of them all! But unfortunately, I have to pop your bubble here and tell you that this one is indeed only myths about hair. The fact remains that, hair is supposed to grow through your scalp, right from its roots. So, what relation could you remotely expect between hair growth and the frequent trimming of hair at its edges?

Trimming hair at the edges would do absolutely nothing to influence the growth of hair. The maximum that it could do is cure your hair of split ends.

2. Two Gray Hair Will Grow Back In The Place Of One If You Pluck It

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Plucking of hair is no different from plucking of flowers. Does it mean that two flowers would grow in place of one if you plucked it? The answer is a definite NO. Similarly, plucking of white hair simply means loss of a hair strand and sometimes a scratch at that place, nothing more than that. There may not even be a chance of one strand growing back, let alone two!

3. Gray Hair Is Caused By Stress

Image: College Candy

Yes, stress does play a role in gray hair but, not from its inception. The initial stages of gray hair are caused mainly because of genetics. You may be healthy and perfect, and yet genes could completely take over and give you gray hair. However, once gray hair starts, stress could increase and influence its growth.

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4. Cold Water Is Good For Hair Rinsing

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I do believe that this is a household story for most of you since my own mother believes in this myth. None of the cells in your hair are living, so neither hot water nor cold water could affect your hair in any way. The cuticles in your hair, which are believed to be affected by this cold water, could be conditioned by using stylized products that contain silicones and oil to smooth it. However, avoid using hot water for your hair as it could affect the scalp in a bad way.

5. Brushing Your Hair – 100 Strokes A Day

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People still believe that in doing so, they can make their hair grow faster. They believe that brushing their hair rigorously could spread the natural oils present in the scalp, all through the hair. Truth be told, brushing your hair more often than required might actually increase your hair fall since there would be too much friction between the comb and your hair. Brushing too much would also remove more hair than what naturally falls, clearly increasing your hair fall.

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So, next time you decide to trim your hair or rinse it in cold water, do it for the right reasons and not just because of any Myths about hair!

5 Myths About Hair That You Still Believe