Conventional cosmetics sold in plastic containers come with a price that is not mentioned on the price tag. Most of the traditional cosmetic packaging is not recyclable. This means that it is going to pollute the Earth for the next few hundred years, possibly ending up in our oceans. Switching to eco-friendly packaging could turn the tables.

The beauty industry has been widely criticized for their choice to use materials negatively affecting the environment and the natural habitat of marine animals. Fortunately, the world of cosmetics slowly but certainly starts embracing sustainability practices. Due to the rise of public interest in eco-friendly packaging and products, brands are becoming more environmentally aware than ever before. 

A huge amount of manufacturers are opting for natural ingredients and emulsifiers in their cosmetics, while also concentrating on providing recyclable or/and biodegradable packaging. Such production choices increase brand awareness and make a bold statement to be recognized as eco-friendly companies that care for the environment.

How to Recognize the Eco-Friendly Cosmetics Packaging

Reduced Packaging Designed for Refill and Reuse

Liquid cosmetic products often come in a plastic container because there are only a few waterproof packaging solutions available. With a lack of alternatives for manufacturers, consumers are finding it extremely challenging to avoid buying items with unsustainable packages. 

Stimulating their clients to be environmentally open, some beauty brands offer refill options to encourage the re-usage of product containers. Refill service is a game-changer for cosmetic companies that want to decrease plastic pollution and cut down on carbon footprint.

Packaging Made of Sustainable Materials

Eco-friendly cosmetics packaging is easily recognizable. Its most distinctive feature is the lack of plastic and synthetic compounds. Since all materials used for the packaging are natural or recycled you can also identify it looking out for the colors of the beige blend (wood, bamboo, cork, recycled paper, cardboard, etc) that naturally occur in the environment.

Sustainable packaging comes in different shapes and materials but it has one mission – improving the environmental situation. The biodegradable matter widely used in eco-friendly packs is plant-based – bamboo, wood, fibers, seaweed, cornstarch. As for the recycled packaging, cosmetic containers made out of converted material could also be recycled again.

Why Choose Cosmetics with Sustainable Packaging

Beauty brands embracing the eco-oriented approach attract long-term consumers who want to make their small contributions to the environment. Here is a list of reasons to choose cosmetics with sustainable packaging:

1. Take Responsibility

The environmental awareness of modern-day consumers surely is inspirational. People are growing global consciousness, ready to protect nature and have a positive impact on their surroundings.

The toxic pollutants and chemicals in conventional cosmetics are damaging the Earth. Carbon outputs and plastic pollution in the ocean are real problems that could be blamed on industry practices. That is one of the reasons consumers with eco-oriented beliefs take responsibility for their product choice and demand natural products, coming in sustainable containers

2. Think about Your Health

Synthetic cosmetics consist of chemicals that could be damaging for humans and the environment in the long-term. Petrochemicals and phthalates are often linked to eye infections, acne, headache, and hormonal imbalance, as well as type II diabetes and cancer.

Sustainable beauty products are a health investment that comes in eco-friendly packaging. Choosing environmentally-oriented cosmetics ensures consumers’ well-being and allows them to enjoy toxic-free skin, hair and body care.

3. Enjoy Products with Longer Lives

Aspiring companies in the cosmetic industry are actively pursuing a positive image and therefore invest in product alternations that elongate and improve their biocosmetics lives. That is when sustainable containers, bottles, jars, bags, and caps come into the picture to save the day. Eco-oriented packaging is famous for its recyclable, reusable and durable properties that allow consumers to enjoy products with longer lives.

4. Be Creative

The industry recognizes the necessity to be environmentally open and invest in innovative packaging solutions. The market is flooded with a variety of ecologically positive options for cosmetics containment and protection. From bamboo and wood to cork, glass, paper, recycled and biodegradable matter – eco-friendly cosmetics grant you the opportunity to observe and explore creative packaging materials. 

5. Make a Stance

A brand that conforms itself to ecological justice and balance is able to have a huge impact on customer decisions. An eco-oriented production concept can differentiate a brand from its competitors and be recognized for all the right reasons.

But companies are not the only ones who can make a stance and be an example of environmental awareness. Consumer choice in cosmetics sustainability speaks volumes and inspires other cosmetic users to follow their footsteps. Be loud and make a statement, let your friends, family, and acquaintances know that you care about nature and wildlife.

Trends in consumer behavior towards the environment inspire beauty brands to keep on implementing eco-friendly strategies into their manufacturing process. Therefore, it is safe to say that change begins with all of us. It starts with the small decisions that make a minimum impact at first but later they trigger a domino effect that could save the Earth.