5-Step Process On How To Clean Your Face After A Hard Day Of Work!

How To Clean Your Face

Many people believe that cleaning is a simple task which can be done using plain soap and water. However, there’s a lot more to it than that. When it comes to washing your face, most people wash it in the same way they were taught in their childhood. Only some people, after getting advice and a demo from an expert, know how to clean your face the healthy way.

While an expert may cost you a lot, here is a routine of how to clean your face that is cheap, works well and has been approved by any experts as well!

Remove Your Makeup

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In case, you wear makeup, gentle cleansing won’t be able to take it off. You have to use oil-based makeup remover to take it off completely. If you don’t remove your makeup, it can result in blocked pores and future zits.


Choose Your Cleanser

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When it comes to a cleanser, don’t just grab one covered in advertising words. Choose a cleanser labeled with pH-balanced. Doesn’t matter what your skin type is, ensure that the ingredients list doesn’t include any fragrance to irritate, parabens, or harsh soap which can dry your skin.

Cream, lotion or foaming is more a matter of your choice. Obviously, girls with dry skin may choose formulas with extra moisturizers, such as glycerin or shea butter. And people with oily skin might prefer a foaming wash. It will leave them with super soft skin.

You should choose salicylic acid or glycolic acid cleanser over grainy scrubs. It is gentler, more effective and gives anti-aging advantages while avoiding breakouts. You should choose gentle, alcohol-free toner as it won’t take off natural oil from your face.

Use A Soft Brush

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You should use a brush to remove any oil, dirt or dead skin. It will work better than your hand, exfoliating cleansers or scrubs. However, you should never use it while applying ingredients like retinoids and acid. You use a brush while learning how to clean your face, sparingly. You should also keep your brush bacteria free. After use, you should wash it and keep it in a place to dry. And, don’t forget to get a new brush every three months.

What To Use Based On Your Skin Type

People With Dry Skin

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Experts recommend cream-based cleansers for people with dry skin as it will moisturize the skin. These cleansers contain glycerin or shea butter. You can try cleansers like Dove White Beauty Bar if you still use bar soap. It’s super-gentle on dry skin. Washing face with coconut oil is another good option to fight dry skin.

People With Combination Skin

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You need a gentle, pH-balanced facial cleanser. Cetaphil and simple cleansing micellar water will work wonders on your skin. It won’t even be harsh or over-stripping. The oil-based parts will eliminate oil, grease, and sebum from your skin.

People With Oily Skin

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You can use foaming cleansers which will make you feel super clean. But, it will be on a temporary basis. People with naturally oily skin won’t be able to change their skin type with a quick cleanse. Oil-based cleansers will be a good option for oily skin. However, it’s difficult to generalize it will work on different skin. You should try CeraVe Foaming and Boscia Cleansing Oil. People with seriously oily skin must consult a dermatologist.

People With Acne-Prone Skin

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Knowing how to make your face clear is important when you are fighting acne with spot procedure. These people should get Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser and Clean and Clear Control Acne Cleanser. Avoid overdoing it with the cleanser as it will make your skin more dry and irritated. No need to use additional acne-based cleansers. Simply start using chemically exfoliating cleansers.


What Water To Use

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Knowing how to wash your face also means knowing what temperature of water to use. Warm water is better than too cold or too hot, to remove excess oil from your skin. Cold water can tighten the pores for some time, however, it won’t last long. And, hot water can give you a feeling of the super clean face but can result in dry and irritated skin.

Dermatologists Advice

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Many dermatologists advise everyone on how to clean your face twice a day. However, you shouldn’t wash more than that as it won’t make any difference but waste your time. Every dermatologist agrees that over-washing can result in irritation and an absence of moisture. You have to use your common sense. You should wash your face daily after a workout to avoid breakouts. Wash your oily skin once in the morning and night. People with very dry or sensitive skin should wash only once in the evening.

5-Step Process

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  1. Remove your makeup before wetting your face. Most cleaners will not remove concealer or foundation fully, particularly around your eyes and nose area. You have to apply an oil-based cream, a moisturizing rub, or a cleansing oil to remove lingering sunscreen and makeup.
  2. Continue with lukewarm water and a bit of cleanser on your fingers.
  3. You don’t require any harsh washcloth or grainy scrub. You have to be gentle with your soft hands for day-to-day cleaning.
  4. Keep that cloth to dry off after washing off your face. Use patting motions to dry your face. Make sure that you keep the cloth in a dry place, away from the shower and germs that can lead to breakouts.
  5. As your facial skin is not deep, you do not need physical exfoliation for penetration. Your skin will be great with or without one.

Beware Of The Takeaway

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There are several cleaners which will peel your skin and teach you how to clean your face. Use the proper one which permits moisturizing and anti-aging products to work more quickly. Plainly, an old-fashioned splash and scrub will not work. You have to learn and apply new rules to get your freshest face.


How To Clean Your Face


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