It’s always fun to host people at your house for a party. It gives you an excuse to get together and catch up with friends. It also gives you an excuse to put on your party clothes and have a couple of drinks.

While you want everyone to have a good time, you don’t want to allow people to drink too much. It can put a damper on the night and even lead to dangerous situations. Here are some tips on serving alcohol responsibly at your house party.

1. Encourage carpooling & designated drivers.

One of the most dangerous aspects of people over-drinking at your party is the possibility of them driving home drunk. Every party has someone who isn’t drinking because of work the next day or personal choice.

Try to encourage matching these people with other guests who live near them to see if they can carpool to the party. The less people who need to drive home, the lower the likelihood of a problem later.

2. Watch what you serve.

While you will likely have a variety of different drinks available, they don’t all need to have a high alcohol content. Try offering a signature drink or two with a low percentage of alcohol to keep people socially lubricated without it sneaking up on them later. People can always have a couple of drinks if they want more.

You can also advise any staff to watch how much they pour to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance. It’s also super important to keep plenty of water available for everyone. Every cocktail should be paired with a glass of water to keep people hydrated. While you can’t force people to drink water, you can certainly make it easy for them to do so.

3. Hire a certified bartender.

You can’t properly host a party if you are forced to make drinks all night. You have to be free to mingle and entertain your guests. You also may not have the proper skills to make the drinks that people want. You should hire a certified bartender.

They will be able to make innovative, delicious drinks that fit your theme. As part of their training, they will also be able to spot when someone has had a drink or two too many. They will also know how to handle it in the best way possible.

4. Be alert.

It’s your responsibility to be aware of the things going on in your home when hosting people to ensure people are safe. Do your best to be present and keep an eye on people. Ideally, if you run into a problem, you can resolve it before it turns into a bigger problem.

If someone has been drinking too much, encourage them to get some water and make them promise not to drive. They can always use a rideshare service and come get their car in the morning.

5. Allow people to stay the night.

Some parties are sure to run late. You don’t necessarily want people to stop having a good time just because it hit midnight. As the drinks continue to flow and people get a little more wobbly, it will be clear that people can’t drive home.

Be prepared for this and have the guest bedroom and the couch ready for people who might want to stay the night until the morning. As a great host, you might even want to provide donuts and coffee the next morning before people say their final goodbyes.

There’s nothing wrong with having a couple of drinks with friends. Of course, you don’t want to allow people to drink too much at your home, especially since it could lead to liability issues. Follow these tips, and you’re less likely to have any drinking-related problems.