With the advancement of science and technology, oral medicines are slowly being phased out. The current fad is the use of intravenous drips for treatment of various diseases and syndromes. Take for example the IBD or the Inflammatory Bowel Disease and different other auto-immune conditions; in such cases, medicines and nutrients are directly supplied into the patient’s vein using an IV line along with fluids.

At times even supplements and glucose is also supplied through IV lines in case of high-performance athletes and bodybuilders to help with the recuperation of the body systems at a much-enhanced rate. Infusions are usually done at a hospital or care center because these procedures require expert medical supervision. Occasionally you can get yourself administered at your home, but then also you will need to have an expert at your place to maintain and monitor the supply through the IV line.

Here are some of the basic steps that you need to keep in mind and prepare before your big day. So what should you do before going for a procedure including the Meyers cocktail at Burns Integrative Wellness Center?

Let us have a detailed look!

Before your very first infusion

It is quite acceptable that you will be experiencing some nerves before you go for your very first infusion. It is especially true for individuals who are afraid of needles and syringes. Well, the truth is when the IV catheter gets inserted into your vein it will sting only a bit, and the procedure is entirely painless. However, you need to go over your procedure is some details with your doctor as you might need a few vaccinations before your first ever infusion.

These vaccinations include some to protect you against any infection that might occur with the IV administration of fluids, or you might need vaccination against tuberculosis. Your primary care provider or the physician will determine the vaccinations you need before your IV therapy. It is a great idea to ask about the procedure in details to avoid any surprises at the D-day.

Preparing the body

You need to prepare your body adequately before going for IV therapy. Every person’s water requirements are different, and you need to find out how much water you are permitted to drink before going for such a procedure. You need to be adequately hydrated before going for an IV therapy. You need to avoid caffeine and any other food substance or drink that might cause dehydration in your system. You need to sleep better and rest well before going for IV therapy.

Yes you do need a helping hand

You can bring a friend or a family member during the infusion as a helping hand is always welcome to keep your mind off the matter and the nerves in check. The plus side is a friend, or a helping hand can help you deal with the anxiety issues and will help you to drive to and back from the therapy center once the procedure concludes. Having a driver is also beneficial in case you don’t feel right to drive yourself back home. A helping hand will also be able to help you with the nursing or the road direction to the hospital or the wellness center should you need it.

About the dressing for the infusion day

You need to wear something comfortable and colors that will surely lift your spirits. Athletic pants and sweatshirts are essential in this regard, and you can even dress up in your best Sunday attire. But do not wear something that is too tight and doesn’t allow air to pass through or doesn’t leave enough breathable room for you to be comfortable. Too many buttons or zippers are a strict no go as depending on where the channel’s location is you might have to work the things single-handed. So make sure that you wear something light, comfortable and provide ease of access when it comes to removal or putting on.

Bring your own entertainment

If truth be told, you will need to stick to the bed while the therapy is ongoing for a good 1-2.5 hours depending on the treatment you are going for. To take care of the boredom associated with such therapy, our experts advise you to bring your own entertainment. Since you will be obligated to sit in a chair or a stay put on the bed cellphones, magazines, story books, newspapers, music players or handheld games like the Sudoku or the crossword puzzles are a great idea. However, you need to keep in mind that you need to maintain the sanctity and the civility of the chambers or the wellness centers. So do not play music loudly but go for the quieter and personalized headphone options.

Back home and resting after the infusion

Well, this one is a no brainer. You need to relax and sleep after such therapy. Active individuals might not feel tired after IV therapy but trust the wisdom of our medical experts. Your body needs to rest since the therapy does take a toll on your body. The anxiety, stress and the nutrients or meds being administered into your body required that you rest well after the therapy so that you can feel fresh the next day.

You need to keep your stress under control and avoid fast foods and caffeine after such an elaborate process. It is also advisable to cut down on alcohol both before and after the therapy to allow the best effects to shine through. Have a healthy meal after your infusion and ask a friend or family member to drive you home so that you can avoid the stress of the road and take a good rest or sleep once you get back. You have earned yourself a bit of break, which is for sure!

Keep in mind these simple considerations before going for an IV therapy at a wellness center near you. It will help you overcome the nerves especially if you are first timer.