Every school-going girl wants to look pretty and attractive. In addition to your natural beauty, your clothes and makeup can make you look beautiful. But when it comes to makeup, most school-going girls are not familiar with makeup tips and ideas.

Makeup can make you look pretty and attractive. But it can also make you look like a complete disaster when not applied correctly. If you are looking for unique and useful makeup ideas, then you are at right place. We are here to give useful makeup hacks to all school-going girls.

  • Skincare

The most important thing about applying makeup is to make sure that it does not harm your skin. Sadly it is ignored by most of the people.

  • Sunscreen

Whether you wear makeup or not, but make sure that you never leave your home without sunscreen.

  • Moisturizer

If your skin is sensitive, then do not start your makeup without applying moisturizer. Else your foundation will begin peeling away in no time.

  • Primer

Most people also ignore this step. Mostly school girls apply makeup in a hurry, so they forget skincare steps. But even if you are in a hurry, do not jump right into foundation without using a primer. Primer fills and seals your pores, thus protecting your skin from chemicals in the foundation and other makeup products.

  • Cleanser

After a tiring and exhausting day at school, most girls jump right into bed without clearing off their makeup. This can harm your skin. So, do not forget to cleanse your skin after getting home and before to bed.

Foundation Hacks

Once you have applied primer and moisturizer, you are all set for applying foundation.

  • Use a sponge or foundation brush to apply foundation. Some girls use their finger to apply foundation. Well, to be honest, this is the worst thing that any girl can do to her skin. Oval shaped makeup brushes are also available in the market. These brushes are best for beginners and school-going girls.
  • Do not overload your face with foundation. If you have dark circles, then use concealer to cover it instead of foundation. Extra layers of foundation will make your look cakey within a few hours.
  • Before you spend a handsome amount of money on some expensive foundation, make sure to test it. Test and try out different foundations to see if they match your skin color. The type of foundation you need depends entirely upon your skin type instead of brand. So, keep this in mind before you spend dollars on it.

Face Powder

  • You can skip face powder if you are going to catch a bite or grocery shopping. But when it comes to spending 6-7 hours in school, you can not skip face powder. It will keep your makeup in place. So, if you do not want your makeup to wash away with your sweat, then do not leave your house without face powder.
  • Use any big and loose brush to apply face powder. Keep separate brushes for applying different products. Face powder is applied to control oil. So, focus on your cheeks nose and forehead, as they are the oiliest parts of the face.


Here are a few tips and rules for eye makeup.

  • Prime your eyes:

Just like the face, you have to prime your eyes, to make your eye makeup last longer. Moreover, a slightly tinted primer will also make your eye shadows to pop up.

  • Eyeliner:

Most school-going girls love to load their eyes with an eyeliner. Well, to be honest, it never gives it a Cutify look.Draw a thin and natural line over the lid of outer two-third of your eyes. Do not dive into the inner corners as this will make you look sleepy.

Cat eyeliner style also looks elegant. But you do not need to be too hard on yourself if you don’t know how to get that cat-eye look. You always have the option of stamp eyeliner as they are easy to use and looks decent.

Moreover, teenage girls love using kajal or liner in the waterline of eyes. This kind of idea is not suitable for those girls that have small eyes. If you are a fan of a liner, you can apply white eyeliner in your watershed line. This will make your eyes look bigger.

Bold Colors

Using bold colors in makeup for the everyday go-to look is not a wise choice, especially for teenagers.

  • Lipsticks:

Use nude and light shades of lipstick instead of bold colors to stand out in your school. Your everyday makeup look should be like the no-makeup look.

  • Blush Powder:

Use lighter tones that give you a natural and refreshing look. Keep bold ad dark blush colors limited for parties or night outs.

  • Eyeshades:

Just like lipsticks and blush powders, using dark and shimmery shades for daily school routine is a bad idea. Go for lighter and nude shades that enhance the beauty of your eyes. No doubt shimmery and smokey eye look makes your eyes pop out. But it is a big no for school girls.

Other tips

  • In order to make you look fresh, use a mascara to make your eyes pop. If you are in a hurry, then you can skip other eye makeup tips and go with simple mascara. Colored mascara also looks very elegant and decent for school going girls.
  • Colored liners are also the right choice for beginners. Just apply a nude eyeshadow and cover your lid with colored eyeliner and you are good to go.
  • Do not forget to contour your cheekbones; else your face will look chubby.
  • Apply blush on the apples of your face instead of cheekbones. This will give you a more natural look.

Final word:

Our tips and ideas are enough for you to get started. But there are certain rules of thumb for you to save you from any trouble in the future.

Makeup artist in London suggests girls keep their lipstick and face powders in the bag to freshen up their face after every few hours. No matter what brand they are using, they will need to fix their makeup a little bit after every 2-3 hours.