Over time, long heavy necklaces have been replaced by small and cutesy choker necklaces. This 90s fashion trend has followed from that time to now. Even still models are seen wearing this classic and timeless thing. There is just a little bit of change in the fashion of Choker Necklaces. They have been improving their style from time to time and that is increasing their sustainability in the fashion industry.

At first, it was only normal leather belted chokers after that there came pearly, lacey, velvet one and what not. Then people wore it on westerns only and now it has been ruling on traditional wear too. They are continuously expanding their queendom.

While buying a Choker necklace, you will get a number of options to select from. And this will put you into endless confusion. Every form of choker necklace is so enticing that you wouldn’t want to leave.

There are some chokers that will look classy and elegant both on the traditional and western outfit. We have picked five most spectacular choker necklaces that are ‘must-have’ in your jewelry collection. Get the following type of Choker Necklaces to slay your look at any party or public exposure.

Layered Choker Necklace:

Why go for a single choker when you can have a layered choker necklace? 2 or 3 layers are enough for layered choker necklace. This type of choker is so in a trend that almost every celebrity has worn this choker. And personalized one is best for your regular wear jewelry and they are good for gifting too. This personalized layered choker comes in 18K real gold plating as well as 316L stainless steel and its weight is around 5g. On one of its chains, there is a 9.8mm curved bar to get your text written on it and the shorter chain has cute little heart.

Initial Letter Choker Necklace:

Name obsession! Show it with your initial letter choker necklace. You would have worn a choker having your name engraved on it. But have you thought about the choker with just the initial letter? They look cute and classy that you can wear it to your workplace too. This Initial Letter Choker Necklace comes with 18K real gold plating, 316L stainless steel or Black gun plating. The net weight of this necklace is 6g and length is 18+2 inches. The pendant will stay slanted after putting it on and that is where the charm is.

Choker Necklace with Birthstone:

This cute choker studded with birthstone and an engraved name or birthdate on it will add a rich look to your outfit to the college. The material used in it is environment-friendly brass and comes in either 18K plating or 316L stainless steel. It has a 36mm bar on which you can get your name or birthdate engraved with a little gemstone studded on it as per your birth month. The weight of this choker necklace is 6.5g and length is 16+2 inches.

Round Torques Collar Choker Necklace:

After checking out this Torques collar choker necklace you are surely going to buy it. It has a simple yet classy look that will perfectly go with your personality and outfit. Pairing this choker with your plain high neck top or dress will add glamour to your outfit. This round torques collar choker necklace is made of brass that is environment-friendly and comes in gold, silver and platinum plating. This has three different sizes 18”, 22”, and 26” to select as per your neck’s size. The width of this choker is 5mm not too bold and not too small.

Tassels Choker Necklace:

Tassels have been trending in the apparel industry for a quite long period. So the effect of this can be seen in the jewelry industry too. This tassels choker necklace also has an element of ancient African jewelry too. This choker can be worn both on party wear or on a casual jeans top. They are made of brass and comes with either gold plating or platinum plating. The length and width of this choker necklace are 18” and 44.5g respectively.

Stunning Pearl Choker Necklace: