Why Curry Leaves Are Good For Hair

This magic leaf that is used in nearly every house has so many hidden goodies inside it! There are various benefits of curry leaves for hair growth! Here are few of those benefits.

Benefits of Curry Leaves to Prevent Hair Loss

1. Prevent Hair Fall

Curry Leaves for hair
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Women in general, especially in India, prefer to keep their hair long. Long and lustrous looking hair adds glamor to an individual’s persona. However, there can be health related problems, because of which hair can get damaged and hair fall occurs. The curry leaves which is known to possess certain curative attributes help cure the issues concerning hair fall.

2. Great For Hair Growth

Curry Leaves for hair
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It is known that curry leaves, because of their nutritional value is used as an ingredient in food. Not just that, because of similar reasons, it is used as an important constituent in hair oils and skin care products. In short, it can be said that the leaves have the attributes to augment hair growth rapidly.

Curry Leaves for hair are rich in antioxidants, amino acids and all these prevent hair fall and enhance hair growth. Applying hair oil with curry leaves cause the hair to become a bit sticky. This stickiness can be removed by using a shampoo when bathing.

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3. Prevention Of Graying Of Hair

Curry Leaves for hair
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When it comes to young people, premature graying of hair can be a bit embarrassing. This mostly occurs due to lifestyle issues or unhealthy body and many times because of genetical issues. The oil, prepared from the curry leaves help to condition and nourish the hair, prevent graying of hair. Thus, you can use curry leaves for hair blackening!

4. Gives You Thick Hair

Curry Leaves for hair
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Some methods of applying curry leaving leaves to the hair can be really effective in stimulating thick hair growth. Curry leaves for hair mixed with yogurt need to be applied to the hair periodically. After applying the paste, it needs to be kept for at least twenty minutes or so before washing it off using lukewarm water. This process helps in restoring hair follicles, thus, making your hair thick.

5. Repairing The Damaged Roots

Curry Leaves for hair
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There can be numerous reasons because of which hair roots can get damaged and that may trigger hair fall. Chemical treatments or the ill effects of air pollution are some such factors, due to which hair roots can be destroyed.

The curry leaves for hair, when applied to the hair scalp, helps to repair the damaged roots, thereby restoring the hair follicles. It is contextual to mention that as the hair roots are strengthened, the hair follicles get stimulated and new hair strands are produced.

6. Hair Follicle Restoration

Curry Leaves for hair
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The hair follicles have a vital role to play as far as health of hair is concerned. It is all the more important to give adequate nutrients to the hair follicles so that they get strengthen and the hair receive adequate nourishment.

Because of certain factors pertaining to an individual’s health, the hair follicle can get damaged. Regular consumption of curry leaves for hair helps to overcome such problems by stimulating hair growth.

7. Strengthening Of Hair Shafts

Curry Leaves for hair
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The hair shaft is visible above the scalp. The presence of vitamin B6 in the curry leaves help to regulate the hormones, prevent hair fall or hair loss. Curry leaves have the capacity to strengthen both the hair follicles and hair shaft.

It can be directly applied to the scalp or it can be incorporated into the diet. The leaves are believed to be rich in nutrients and they are highly effective in hair growth.

All the above benefits for your hair can also be gained through the benefits of eating curry leaves!