7 Methods To Enhance Your Breasts Naturally And Effectively!

Knock Them Dead With Your Knockers!

Every woman wants a wholesome, full bosom for many reasons – to increase her self-confidence, to rock that bikini and to turn heads. Reasons ranging from emotional problems, hormonal imbalances, poor diet, and energy blockages result in unsymmetrical, unattractive breasts. A lot of ladies resort to surgery without looking at other ways to enhance your breasts naturally. The result? Expensive, plastic knockers that fool no one.

A variety of unexplored ways to enhance your breasts naturally is extremely useful and comparatively harmless. They don’t dent your pocket, but do make you want to restock your bra closet! Here is a list of foolproof ways to naturally enhance your lady parts and get that attention you truly deserve.

Enhance Your Breasts Naturally

1. Massages

enhance your breasts naturally

The most effective and rejuvenating way to go up a cup size is to massage your breasts twice a day. A fifteen-minute massage session every morning and evening will make your breasts appear firmer, fuller and prevent sagging.

Fenugreek oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil and sesame oil have breast-enhancing properties. They also make your skin shine and prevent stretch marks. Almond oil makes your delicate skin baby soft.

Regular massages also reduce the risk of skin cancer, stimulates blood circulation, soothes pain and adds shape to your breasts. You can also opt for herbal massage lotions, but stay clear of chemicals.

Massage your breasts inwards, repeating a 300-350 time cycle twice a day. Identify pressure points above and below your nipples, and gently apply pressure. This could help increase your bust size in a week if done right!

2. Exercises

enhance your breasts naturally
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Dynamic exercises which focus on upper body strength will do wonders to your chest, and add definition to your arms and back as well. Wall push-ups, or wall presses, are an excellent way to strengthen the muscles of your shoulders, chest, and arms. Wall presses alleviate lower body stress, thereby focusing all attention on your upper body.

Stand an arm’s length away from a bare wall, keep your feet shoulder length apart, place your palms flat against the wall, and lower yourself against the wall. Controlled movements are a must. Keep your back and hips straight, and lift yourself back up.

Lifting free weights are also a great way to keep in shape. Bench presses involve lying flat on your back and lifting weights parallel to your body. If you don’t have access to weights, merely swinging your arms vigorously to each side for about fifteen counts every three hours is enough to enhance your breasts naturally, if religiously followed for a month.  


3. Yoga

enhance your breasts naturally
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Yoga symbolizes a union of the mind and the body. It is a great way to learn your inner self and enhance your breasts naturally at the same time. Asanas, or poses to try include Bhujangasana, the cobra pose, Dwikonasana, the double angle pose and Ustrasana, the camel pose.

Bhujangasana involves lying on your stomach, spreading your hands on the floor with a bent elbow, and straighten your arms as your exhale. Extend your body upwards, and stretch your upper body, from your navel to your neck. Your chest must be taut and stretched.

Dwikonasana entails standing straight and bending from your hip, as you lift your entwined arms above your head, stretching the muscles of your chest in the process. Hold the position for a while, and release.

Ustrasana involves sitting on your knees and bending backward while looking up to the heavens as you clasp your ankles. Remember to wear comfortable clothing, and to perform the appropriate counter-poses.


4. Estrogenic Food

enhance your breasts naturally
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Your body needs a lot of phytoestrogens, a hormone necessary for the growth of mammary glands. A deficiency in estrogen or a spike in testosterone production can hinder the normal growth of your breasts, resulting in underdeveloped growths.

Indulge in food naturally rich in phytoestrogen, like nuts, oilseeds, soy, whole grain cereals and bread, legumes, chicken, red wine, vegetables, red clover, and papayas.  Avoid caffeine and food that tends to make you bloat.

You can also opt for estrogen supplements, but the side effects may be unfavorable; unless you’re absolutely confident about the brand, do not invest in synthetic supplements.

5. Healthy Fat

enhance your breasts naturally
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Your body needs a necessary amount of healthy fat, for that ripe booty and full chest. Extreme dieting and completely cutting down on fat affects your breasts first, so never resort to completely stopping the consumption of fat. Invest in whole milk, soy milk, soybeans and other dairy products to get full breasts and an enviable bottom. Remember to follow this up with exercise so that the fat reaches where you actually want it to.


6. Natural Supplements

enhance your breasts naturally

Your body needs a sufficient dose of vitamins and minerals to blossom and grow. Amino acids, vitamins C, E, and B6 are necessary to aid in blood circulation, regulate cholesterol levels and help in collagen formation. Herbal supplements are healthier and safer. Over-the-counter supplement pills are also relatively harmless, but increase your intake of oranges, pistachio nuts, tuna, almonds, spinach and avocado to naturally produce these vitamins and minerals in your body that will help enhance your breasts naturally.

7. Wear Appropriate Clothes

enhance your breasts naturally
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What takes time naturally can be easily substituted by wearing the right type of clothes, so fear not, ladies! Wear bold patterns and colors to instantly create the illusion of fuller breasts. Go for detailed necklines and high-necked outfits. If you want to show cleavage, invest in padded bras, but do not overuse them. Avoid vertical prints, as they tend to minimize the size of your breasts. Avoid loose clothes; they aren’t doing you any good beneath all that fabric.


Important Points To Keep In Mind

enhance your breasts naturally
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  1. Avoid weight loss pills, as they affect your breasts and buttocks first. You’d benefit much more from exercise and a healthy diet.
  2. Avoid tight undergarments, as they restrict your bosom and don’t let them breathe.
  3. Go braless for a while; free the nipple! Although prolonged periods of going braless might result in sagging, sleeping or jogging without bras are more comfortable and actually help in maintaining the natural shape of your knockers.
  4. Do not follow multiple steps at the same time; religiously stick to a particular regime.
  5. Do not confuse your body, as each reagent has a particular composition.
  6. Remember that all these remedies are natural. They take time. Be patient and don’t force your body to change quickly. Results that manifest themselves after a long time tend to last long. Good things do come to those who wait.
  7. Embrace your body and be proud of yourself, you pretty lady!