Fall is just around the corner and that means it’s time to update your wardrobe for the new season. Undoubtedly, you have your favorite staples ready to wear and those won’t go anywhere just because it’s a new year. You’ll still be able to embrace fall weather in your favorite sweaters and boots but there are always new trends to explore too.

Fall fashion is a hot topic everyone loves to talk about around this time of year and the looks this year are no exception. There are some exciting new trends and some throwback trends to some of your favorite decades of years past. (Think 90s revival with some 80s thrown in.) You’re sure to find at least a few hot looks you’re going to love. 

If you’re having a hard time saying goodbye to your summer looks you might be in luck this year. Some of your summer favorites are moving on into the fall weather so don’t put away your Viakix sandals quite yet. You might just get to wear them for another season. Here are seven fall fashion trends everyone is talking about (and loving) this year.

1, Moody Romance

Romantic looks like lace and florals are getting a little bit of a goth mix this fall. You can find long flowing maxi dresses with floral prints in dark, deep colors like black. Black lace looks paired with long tall black boots were hot on the runway for fall fashion too. Basically, if you have a romantic spring look you loved, it’s coming back this fall but in black.

You can embrace this trend pretty easily. It’s a fall look that’s going to be very accessible. Finding a maxi dress in a dark color or a black skirt with lace embellishments should be easy to find and very affordable. If you pair them with other dark colors you’ll look especially on trend so don’t be afraid to double down on the dark colors for this look.

2, Capes As Coats

If you love a bold look that will also keep you cozy you’re definitely in luck this year. You’ll be able to find capes all over in stores this fall. Sub one in for your normal fall jacket and enjoy looking edgy and super trendy while you’re trying to stay warm. Capes will be around in neutral colors as well as the darker colors that are super popular this fall.

You’ll even be able to find belted “trench capes” that mimic past years’ popular fall look of belted trench coats. If you buy the right cape you should be able to get away with wearing this look well into the winter months without getting too cold. Oversized capes are especially trendy so don’t try to find something super fitted if you want to fully embrace this look.

3, Tights And Sandals

This summer sandals with super thin straps and a minimalistic look were very popular. That’s not going to change this fall. You could be bold and wear the sandals without covering your feet at all but tights or metallic socks are going to be very popular looks this year. Pairing them with open-toed shoes or strappy sandals is something that is in tons of magazines right now.

The great thing about this trend is you can also pair it with the monochromatic looks that seemed to be pretty popular for the fall runway too. Since tights can be found in a wide array of colors this year you can probably find a pair of tights that are the same color as your shoes to look especially trendy when trying this particular look out.

4, Mock Croc

Crocodile print faux leather looks are extremely popular right now. You’ll be able to find the looks in the normal places you’re thinking of like purses and shoes but you can also find mock croc right on clothes themselves this year too. Faux leather looks came down the runway in all kinds of options this season. 

Keeping with the monochromatic theme of some popular fall trends you can wear faux leather paired with faux leather this year too. You can pair mock croc looks with faux leather skinny pants or a faux leather skirt to keep the look updated and trendy. If you do it right it will look as purposeful and pulled together as you’re imagining right now.

5, Cutely Quilted

If you’ve ever wanted to just wear a duvet to work this is the look for you. Quilted jackets aren’t your only option with this look although they certainly are a popular way to make this trend work. Quilted pants and even quilted evening gowns can also be found in stores right now so if you’re feeling especially daring those are some things to seek out. 

This look is really bold even if you opt for neutral colors so you won’t want to pair it with too many other crazy trends but you certainly could pick up a mock croc handbag or shoe to go with it. The quilting is very thin so you won’t have to worry about it adding too much bulk even if you decide to wear quilted pants to try this trend out.

6, Puffy Sleeves Are Back

They aren’t quite the same as the 80s puffy sleeves you might be imagining right now but they’re close depending on how you wear the look. There are a few puffy sleeve options out there this year. Some are more romantic and loose-fitting all the way down the arm while other looks are very focused on having that iconic puffy pointed look of the 80s.

You can find puffy sleeves on all kinds of tops and dresses. It’s not limited to just one clothing item. Suits and blouses alike got the puffy sleeve treatment on the runway for fall looks and some of the ways the sleeves were worn made the trend look pretty chic overall. You might have to try out a few options to find the best way to wear it but this look is back in a big way.

7, Drawn Together

Graphic tees are getting upstaged this year by clothing that looks like works of art, literally. Many office-worthy looks on the runway this season were adorned with graphic looks that mimicked actual paintings or drawings you could find in a museum. This look goes way beyond some screenprinting and a pair of jeans.

Some of the art-like pieces you can find out there even have matching counterparts with drawn elements too. You’ll be able to find skirts with sketched butterflies that match up with sweaters that have elaborate landscapes “drawn” onto the fabric. This look might not be for everyone but it’s still one people are going to be talking about for a long time to come.


The fall fashion looks you’ll find this year are a great mix of brand new and trend revivals of the past. There’s something out there for you even if you don’t love every look that’s going to be hot this fall. You’ll always be able to wear your favorite sweaters but spicing up your wardrobe with some new looks is always a fun way to embrace a new season. Happy shopping!