9 Reasons Why People Don't Practice Safe Sex!

Safe Sex Vs. Human Psychology

Despite sex education and the dangers of many STD’s including HIV/ AIDS, that is transmitted through methods of unprotected sex, many people still do not practice safe sex! While the rates of using protection have upped to 65% of men, sadly only an 11% of women take it upon themselves to practice safe sex. An even more astonishing fact is that 20% of men who sleep with men don’t use any type of protection whatsoever!

Reasons Why People Don’t Practice Safe Sex

1. Emotions Running Hot

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According to many studies, a person who is attracted to another person’s looks is more likely to ‘forget’ about protection and continue through without practicing safe sex. This is because a person perceives that someone who looks good is clean and healthy. Quite often one-night stands can also be the product of spontaneity (unplanned action), and in the spur of the moment, he/she claimed to ‘forget’ about protection.

2. Reduces The Pleasure

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Although I’m not sure how pleasure is greater than protection but, many people avoid using condoms due to the fact that it reportedly reduces pleasure by about 20%. But, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Not practicing safe sex could be the result of an unwanted pregnancy or the reason behind you contracting any form of STDs.

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3. Religious Beliefs

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Many religions believe that contraceptives are against higher creation. While their argument is valid since, technically, according to any religion an unmarried couple should not be practicing any form of sexual activity, people use this reason as an excuse to not use any form of protection.

4. An Adrenaline Rush

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You have probably heard of this new game that the youth of today like to play – ‘The pull out method.’ While only 20% of the couples who practice this method have actually gotten pregnant, this method is ruled as a HUGE no-no for the simple fact that this method does not protect you from all those STD’s that you could contract!

While the adrenaline rush might be ‘amazing’ and ‘so exciting’, I’m not sure that you would feel the same way when you have Chlamydia or Genital Herpes.


5. Unpleasant Odor

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It is only natural for condoms to possess an off-smell as they are made from products like latex. While the smell can be pretty awful, practicing safe sex is still a better option that dealing with an unwanted pregnancy or a lifetime illness!

6. Increase In Weight

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Many young girls do not approve of condoms for two reasons – the smell and reduce in pleasure. This in itself is not a good thing because there is no protection from any transferred STD’s. But, they also avoid any form of contraceptive pills out of fear that they may gain weight!

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7. Safe Sex Implies That You Have An STD/STI

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It has become such a fad for people to not practice safe sex that when someone does, it is understood (or misunderstood) that that person has some sort of STD/STI. The use of condoms has even become taboo among many couples. This is because it is also perceived as a way of saying that you do not trust the other person.

8. A Loose And Easy Target

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It is still a matter of extreme surprise if a girl purchases a condom or carries one in her purse. Many people even view her as a ‘loose character’ and an ‘easy target’. To avoid such tags, girls do not carry any type of protection with them.

9. Avoid Questions

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A man carrying a condom could be the cause behind a ‘Hi 5’ with his best bud. But, it could also be the reason behind a whole bunch of questions from his parents and even his boss! To avoid such queries, he does not keep any protection handy. And in the spur of the moment, does not practice safe sex.