Hair loss is inevitable if a person has suffered from some serious burns caused by a house fire or a car accident etc. However, anything that happens above the scalp will not affect the growth of an individual’s hair. Burning, shaving and cutting usually do not change the hair growth. But in case the burn is deep into the dermis of the scalp, then it can damage the hair follicles, as a result of which the hair will not grow back.

A burn injury can lead to prolonged periods of physical as well as emotional trauma. It becomes more difficult for a patient to recover after the burns on the scalp because scars are the constant reminders of the injury. The science of dermatology is being studied by the medical scientists, in which they are trying to find out the best possible method for hair re-growth after follicular trauma.

How a burn injury affects hair growth?

The glands often become damaged that assist in the formation of hair follicles and in the second and third-degree burns, the patients can experience severe damage to these glands along with damage to connective tissues, nerve endings and blood vessels. The lost hair follicles do not get replaced by the new ones when scar tissue grows across a wound. The collection of these hair loss symptoms that results in irreversible destruction of hair follicles is known as scarring alopecia.

The hair loss after burn could be either temporary or permanent. It depends on the severity of the burn and one can get to know about the type of hair loss only after going through complete diagnosis. Sometimes, there are good chances of hair re-growth after suffering from an accident, but unfortunately, it does not happen in every case. Thus, it makes sense to visit your hair loss specialist with regards to your specific condition. The sooner you consult with the Trichologist, the better & quicker solution you can get. However, You can also consult in our centre of Hair transplant in Amritsar.

Advanced Hair Restoration Solutions after Burn Injuries

In the less severe burn cases that occur due to fire or chemical burn, it is possible to re-grow hair for the patients within a few months. But in the cases of severe burn injuries, the patient can opt for the following hair loss treatments:

  • One option to conceal the scalp burns and scarring is the use of temporary solutions i.e. hat, wig, scarf, etc.
  • Another way to restore the hair after burn injuries is the surgical hair restoration technique which is also known as hair transplantation.

This process takes the healthy hair from the donor areas and implants them to the hair loss affected or scarred regions. If the patient has left with a good amount of hair on the back of the head, then it would become the donor area. Otherwise, the other suitable parts of the body will act as donor areas such as beard, arms, chest, legs, etc.

Performing the hair transplant surgery successfully along with taking care of the post-operative instructions can help the patients to regain a completely natural appearance.

Dr. Harkirandeep Singh