Alcohol In Moderation

The limited intake of the amount of alcohol by an individual on a daily or weekly basis is said to be good for one’s health. This type of moderation can actually result in many advantages of drinking alcohol!

Messages are circulated on TV and in movies, regarding the consumption of alcohol. These messages warn us about the ill effects of drinking too much alcohol. Truth be told, alcohol in moderation is advantageous to your healthy. But, it is injurious to health only when you’re on a binge drinking spree.

At the same time, it isn’t a completely unknown fact that, when taken in limited quantity, there are many advantages of drinking alcohol. Doctors even recommend it to new mothers after their delivery and for patients with heart problems.

How to Moderate To Gain The Advantages Of Drinking Alcohol


Here is an easy guide on how much alcohol is alright for the week!

Beer = 355 milliliters per week.

Wine = 148 milliliters per week.

Any distilled spirits = 44 milliliters per week.

It has also been found that consuming a glass of wine per day, has positive effects on one’s health.

Advantages Of Drinking Alcohol In Moderation

1. Reduces Cardiovascular Diseases


Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, especially those related to the heart.

2. Cures Common Cold


Common cold, the problem which every human being is plagued with, so many times, can be put at bay.

3. Prevents Diabetes


The chances of being affected by diabetes can be lowered with the help of drinking in moderation. Thereby, preventing any further complications cause by it.

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4. Increases Your Life Span


It has been proven that drinking can increase one’s life span! But, it is only healthy when done in moderation. It has also been found to have some benefits on one’s brain!

5. Improved Libido


Consuming alcohol in limited quantity has been proven to improve your libido. This is contrary to what many people think.

Ill-Effects of Drinking When You Shouldn’t

Yes, there are advantages of drinking alcohol in moderation, but any drinking is without doubt injurious to one’s health, especially if any of the following is true

1. Under-Age


Firstly, remember that it is considered illegal to consume alcohol if you’re below the age of 21. This is an important point to remember if you are over-age and serving liquor to someone who is under-age! In some places the legal drinking age is 18.

2. Pregnant


It is not at all advisable to drink if you are pregnant. This could result is fetal alcohol syndrome, injuring both mother and baby.

3. History Of Illness


Avoid drinking if the individual has had a history of health issues for the past few years. In such cases, it is always better to consult your doctor before you take any step.

4. Probation


It is highly unacceptable to drink any amount of alcohol if you are under probation. Keep in mind that is breach of law can be severely punished.

Be Careful Of Addiction!!

The-Hidden-Truth-About-The-Advantages-Of-Drinking-Alcohol-!!_11advantages of drinking alcohol

Major Disadvantage of Drinking Alcohol: There is no guarantee that moderate drinking won’t lead to regular or even binge drinking.

No matter how much you limit your intake of alcohol, it is always advisable to stay away from the very concept of drinking. The fact remains that what starts off as something very ordinary, could become an addiction leading to further unnecessary complications.

Also keep in mind that it is NEVER safe to drink and drive!

Stay healthy and happy!

Advantages Of Drinking Alcohol

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