Are You Truly Overcome With Depression?

Understanding Depression

There are scores of articles that talk about the bad effects of depression and people around you who will complain of being depressed. However, not everyone understands it in its entirety.

It is a given notion that human beings go through a plethora of emotions, ranging from happiness to sadness. While an ordinary person may undergo all these emotions on varying levels of depth, other people get buried in them.

What’s worse is that they are haunted by negative emotions, which makes them feel that they are surrounded by sadness, despair, and hatred. They invariably build a fort around themselves keeping all the negative energy internal. This, in the long run, makes them sadder and filled even more with despair than they already are.

This is Depression!

Depression is not a whim of anyone’s imagination. It is as real a condition as can be. Living through the day with it can be very taxing for the person who is suffering from it and, eventually, the dark pit of hopelessness may eat them alive.

What is Depression to a Layman?

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Depression is the mental condition where the affected feels negative emotions more strongly than ever. It can be strongly correlated to the feeling of impending doom and, being constantly lifeless and sad. Some people may even channel their it to anger and violence.

It is very important to not confuse it with sadness that you may feel during the course of your day. While sadness could be related to an incident you experienced in the recent past, depression is the feeling of gloom and hopelessness that hits you and stays with you no matter what happens to you throughout the day.

Identifying Depression

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Differentiating it from your normal amount of everyday sadness can be very difficult. We see a lot of young adults exclaiming every other day that their life is so depressing. But, to understand and identify a person who is actually dealing with the illness is much trickier than that.

There are, however, some markers that can help you identify depression.

  • Constant feeling of hopelessness and sadness
  • Unusually short-tempered and aggressive
  • Changes in appetite and food habits
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns: Insomnia or Over-sleeping
  • Tired all the time and unwilling to go about their daily routine
  • Constant inflow of negative thoughts and ideas
  • Addiction to vices, like smoking and excessive drinking
  • Lack of concentration on daily routine
  • Reckless behavior
  • Unexplained aches and body pains
  • Lacking interest in socialization and meeting people

Dealing with Depression

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For an onlooker, it is very easy to suggest that the person who is suffering, should just snap out of it. But, this is easier said than done. More often than not, if not handled properly, it can make people so sad and hopeless in life that they find it difficult to carry on with life in full.

Suicide is the most rampant by-product of Depression. We have heard of many famous celebrities who resorted to killing themselves rather than talking about their condition. This is because the social stigma that comes with it is too demeaning and hurtful.

What we need to do as responsible citizens and human beings is, help make the victims of depression feel welcome and invite them to open up about their condition.

Believe it or not, but talking and community therapy helps fight depression more than anything. Meeting people who are going through something similar or who have experienced depression first hand, will help the healing process go a long way.

Never forget to remind them of their worth in life!

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