People are becoming more and more aware each day, of the concerning impact toxic chemicals leave on humans, animals, and the environment. As they become overused by every industry in the world they become a serious threat to our health and well-being.

These days, we are witnessing how people and companies turn to the use and production of organic, clean, safe, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly products in order to prevent ecological disasters and the spreading of diseases.

When it comes to cosmetic solutions, people are becoming mindful of what they apply to, and feed their skin with. Consequently so, the market starts to present effective and quality cosmetic products for that matter.

Negative effects of the heavy chemicals found in synthetic cosmetic products are numerous and they are seriously concerning. Therefore, substituting them with organically and naturally produced alternatives should be on your priority list.

Natural and organic cosmetic solutions are safe to use and perform equality as good as their synthetic counterparts.

Here are the benefits of using safe cosmetics.

Pure Cosmetics are Good for Skin and Overall Health

Cosmetic products are a sort of food for your skin. Supposing you won’t want to put on your skin what you would never put in your mouth, you are in for all natural skin care.

Natural products are most commonly referred to as organic. Well, there are several differences between natural cosmetic products, however, if they are truly clean and organic they are all safe to use and provide a lot of health and beauty benefits.

1. Organic beauty products – the label “organic” explains how the process of cultivating the ingredients used, is obtained without the use of synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics or hormones and are GMO-free. The level of purity depends also on the other ingredients included.

2. Natural beauty products – these are products that contain ingredients that have not been synthetically manufactured, instead, they are derived from nature. Plant, animal-based, and mineral ingredients.

3. Vegan beauty products – cosmetic that is free of animal by-products fall under this label. You might be surprised by the number of compounds used in cosmetics and makeup that is derived from animal body parts.

Cosmetic products that are truly 100% natural, organic and vegan, contain ingredients found in nature, naturally cultivated and mildly processed. Here are the common ingredients:

⦁ Algae
⦁ Organic Oils
⦁ Essential oils
⦁ Organic butter
⦁ Vegetables and fruit extracts
⦁ Floral extracts
⦁ Root extracts
⦁ Aloe Vera Gel
⦁ Minerals
⦁ Herbs
⦁ Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Free from Harsh and Toxic Chemicals

As we already discussed above, natural cosmetic products are free of toxic chemicals. When we say heavy chemicals we refer to most of the ingredients found in synthetic cosmetics. Although, they might be very effective for the particular purpose they are related to long term skin damages and serious health issues.

For the reference here we will list some of the most commonly used chemicals and their side effects:

· Parabens – found in: soap, lotions, makeup, and facial cleansers. Harmful effects: endocrine disruption, skin cancer, reproductive toxicity.

· Dioxane 1,4 – found in: soap, shampoo, hair sprays. Harmful effects: carcinogen

· Ethanolamine (TEA, DEA, MEA) – found in: Soaps, shampoos, hair conditioners and dyes, lotions, shaving creams, paraffin and waxes, household cleaning products, makeup, sunscreens. Harmful effects: system toxicity, cancer, environmental concerns.

· Synthetic Fragrances – found in: All synthetic cosmetic products with strong smell. Harmful effects: allergies, sensitivity, skin cancer, intoxication.

· Talc – found in: baby products, lotions, feminine care products, makeup, and deodorants. Harmful effects: Irritation, allergies, organ system toxicity, cancer.

Natural Products are Biodegradable – Environmental Friendly

For a person to be healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle it needs to be surrounded by a healthy environment, meaning – clean drinking water, and clean and unpolluted air and soil.

Companies that care to produce natural and organic ingredients follow strict environmental regulations. Moreover, the products and the process of developing don’t harm the environment with toxic chemicals. All of the compounds found in the products are bio-degradable as they are completely natural.

It may still be hard to find a completely safe product in terms of: safe for the environment, safe for your health and also packed in glass bottles that are recycled. But with your interest and contribution more and more companies will aspire to become green.