10 Best Friendship Day Gifts that You can Buy Online!

Online Gifts for a Friend

With Friendship Day just around the bend, it is time for us to get on our feet and start looking for the perfect, sweet or crazy friendship day gifts. But, then again, we do live in the 21st century so, why bother going out at all when you can just get the best friendship day gifts online! Take a look at our selection of gifts to give your friend.

Friendship Day Gifts

These gifts have been evaluated and marked with our special stamp of approval. Take a look at what they are:

1. Capsule Messages

Friendship Day Capsule Messages

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This is the perfect gift for the crazy friend, much like a message in a bottle gift. With your personalized notes, all you will need to do is remind your friend to ‘take a chill-pill’ when they get stressed out or just downright insane! These pills are said to be soluble, much like your regular pill.

2. The Best Friend Cup

Friendship Day Best Friends Mug

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This cup has the most appropriate (or inappropriate) saying ever! It makes for the perfect friendship day quote – ‘The best friendships are built on inappropriateness and sarcasm.’ This makes for a great office supply gift or just a regular coffee/tea addict. This cup is both microwavable and can be used in a dishwasher.

3. Partners in Crime Unisex Bracelet

Friendship Day Partners in Crime Bracelet

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This unisex bracelet is perfect for a friendship day band. The handcuffs act as the hook for the bracelet making it easy to put on and remove. It comes in three types – the coffee rope chain, the bronze chain, the silver ball chain. This friendship bracelet is perfect for those friends who just can’t seem to keep out of trouble.

4. The Long Distance Friendship

Friendship Day Long Distance Customized

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Send your friend overseas a handmade, personalized scented candle to remind them of you with just one whiff. This handmade ‘I miss your face and the rest of you too’ candle comes with many scent choices like honeysuckle + jasmine, sugar cookie, pumpkin souffle, Mexican hot chocolate, etc. You can also add in a gold foil handmade matchbox.

5. The Foodie Friends

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We all have that one friend who we can totally stuff our faces with. This set of two ‘Burger & Fries’ t-shirt set is the perfect gift for the occasion. Afterall, we all know that there can be no burger without fries (who eats like that anyway).

6. The ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ Mug

Friendship Day FRIENDS mug

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What good are friendship day gifts without ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ merchandise? This cup with the words of the show’s theme song is perfect as it can be customized to include your friend’s name on the top!

7. Woven Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Day Bracelets

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Let’s go back to the beginning! We all know how awesome these were and I cannot remember a friendship day in school when we did not compete to see who would get the highest number of friendship day bracelets. Plus, let’s not forget how uber-cool these colorful bands look on practically anything.

8. Step Out of the Friend-Zone

10 Best Friendship Day Gifts that You can Buy Online!

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Here is a not-so-subtle way to tell your best friend that you are into them. Take the plunge this friendship day by showing everyone that you do have the guts to step up and out of the forsaken friend zone.

9. Friendship Ring Gummies

Friendship Day Gummies

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This tub of friendship ring gummies is by far the most spectacular gift that you could give your sweet-tooth friend. Trust me when I say that you could never go wrong with a gift that contains gummies!

10. DIY Friendship Day Bracelet

Friendship Day loom bands

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Every child (and adult) who has loom band bracelet is bound to be the envy of every other person around them. Plus, this is the best way to help bring out the creative side of you and show your friend that they are worth the effort and time took to make the bracelet.

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are of the writer’s alone and not taken on a collective scale. Please use your discretion before purchasing any of the above products. The company will not be responsible for any mishaps.