10 Ways to make pearls part of your daily fashion regime

There’s a famous saying by John Dryden: “He who would search for pearls must dive below.”

Fortunately, when we talk about pearls, which also happen to be the most sophiscated of fashion accessories, one doesn’t really have to think how much real pearls are worth? From cocktail dinners to attending business casual, there are quite a few ways to make pearls part of your daily fashion regime beyond just traditionally wearing them as a bracelet or necklace, which too is a very classy way to carry. Although pearls have always been there, but recently they are back with a bang especially when some big names like Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Obama, former First Lady of America, started adorning them on daily basis with their outfits.

So if you are one of those people who are attracted to pearls, but don’t know how to use them as a fashion statement, then continue reading on. This piece will educate you about creative and cool ideas as to how to accessorize, stylize and wear pearls with every outfit.

Wear multiple strands of pearls together

Don’t hesitate to wear multiple strands and roping pearls together. In fact, there are some outfits that need an extra oomph and pizzazz to make a sassy fashion statement. Don’t worry about wearing multiple strands and giving a messy look. The more messy and uneven the strands, the sassier and catchier the look.

Accessorize your hair with pearls

Secure your pearl with a rubber band, wires or bobby pins and use it as a hair accessory. You can also finish off your bun or braid with roping some strands of pearls around. You can also make your own Tiara for that upcoming prom night by using some wires.

Make a pair of shades

You don’t have to rely on expensive or branded shades anymore. You may customize your shade by using a power glue and transform your old pair of shades with some pearls of different sizes. Now glue it around the frame and voila and you are good to go. Who knows….this creativity of yours might lead you to places.

Transform your favorite shirt collar

Take any of your favorite white collar shirt. With the help of a glue, put some pearls unto the collar. Not only it adds a fashion statement to the shirt, it also accessories you without having to wear a pearl bracelet or necklace.

Sizzle a dress with those pearls

Who doesn’t like a pearly white dress? How about an outfit made out of pearls? Add a statement to any of your favorite dress by sewing or gluing pearls around the neckline, border or just scatter them throughout the dress. It’s advisable to use little darker shades so that the pearls can be highlighted.

Accessorize your wedding day with bridal jewelry

Wearing a set of beautiful pearls on a friend’s or a cousin’s wedding day is just about as classy as you can get. Deciding what to wear along with other details for the big day is just as important as knowing which pearl set to wear as a wedding jewelry for a memorable and stunning look.

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Spice up your clutch

How about transforming an old and boring clutch that you hardly use into something cool and chic? You can create a master piece of your own by using a few strands of pearls. Glue some pearls around the clutch and it’s good to go with any outfit.

Make a backless style statement

There’s nothing hotter and sexier than a backless dress. Add a style statement to your dress by using a pearl necklace. Make a memorable entry at the cocktail party by pairing a backless dress with a beautiful pearl necklace worn on your back.

Make chokers with pearls

Chokers are a type of neck pieces that are never out of fashion. Sport a choker look with pearls in it at a beach with one piece swimsuit or wear pearly choker with a low-cut neckline. You can wrap the pearl based choker multiple times around the neck for that uber-chic look.

Use pearls as rings

Why use pearls as necklaces and bracelets only? Why not set a precedence and start using pearls as rings too? So get your hands on some pearl rings and rock any look.

This is not just the end of the road for the ideas about how to incorporate pearls into your fashion regime. You may go creative with pearls and make a fashion statement in your friends and relatives like a pro. Go on now and turn few heads with these fantastic ideas. Happy styling!