Your bike will spend more time in the garage than out on the road. Before you buy a new beach cruiser bike, you need to consider how you will store the piece when it is not in use. Everyone’s case will be different, so here are a few things you need to think about before buying the best women’s bike money can buy.

Consider Your Storage Space

For cyclists who own houses, the garage will make for an ideal space to store the bike. For anyone who lives in an apartment building, you may need to get a bit more creative. Your apartment complex may offer a bike rack to store your bicycle, or you may need to go to the garage to find space. You may realize you can install some brackets to hang the bike up next to your car. If you live in an apartment, then make sure you speak with your landlord to make sure you can make necessary alterations.

See If You Can Hang Up Your Bike

For additional security, you can see if you can mount your bike onto the wall or ceiling. You can position your bike so that the wheels are perpendicular to the wall. When stores in the corner, your bike will not take up much space. However, you can also look into a vertical rack that will position the wheels parallel to the wall. When pursuing this action, you need to consider the weight of the bike, so it does not fall.

Lock It Up

Whatever you do for your bike, make sure you look into security devices. Even if you have a garage only you have access to, you never know who could break in. Some wall mounts come with optional locks so that only you can remove it. These locks are particularly important for anyone who lives in an apartment. A lot of people have access to the same area, so make sure your belongings are safe.

Remember Clearance Space

In addition to making sure the bike allows you to still store all of your other items, you need to make sure you can walk around the bike if necessary. When it is in your garage, you need to think about how you usually walk around the space. You do not want to duck under our bike all of the time or put it in a place where you could accidentally raise your head. You may want to consider a bicycle for men or women that folds up the handlebars to give you some extra clearance.

You should take a look at where you will store your bike. It may influence what type of bike you can feasibly buy. However, if you are a biking enthusiast, then you can find the space for an item you will use constantly. If you have any questions about buying the best women’s bike or a stellar cruiser, then talk to a sales representative. Whether you buy your bike in-store or online, a sales associate can point you in the right direction, so you end up with a high-quality bike you can use for years.