Keeping hydrated on a diet is important to make sure you’re feeling your best. Water is the easiest option to choose and is available anywhere you go. There are other options to consider, such as coffee, tea, diet drinks, and even alcohol. However, you may be wondering if some of these options are okay to drink on the diet. This article will help guide you through your best and worst options for beverages on the keto diet.


As briefly mentioned before, water is the magical drink for the keto diet. It is the easiest beverage to drink because it is readily available anywhere you go. It also has zero carbs whether its sparkling or plain. You can also put lemon in your water and it still doesn’t add any carbs. Since the keto diet’s main goal is to help you lose weight, drinking a glass of water before eating can help you feel more full so you don’t eat as much at mealtimes, as mentioned on CNN’s website.

Coffee and Tea

Both tea and coffee by themselves do not contain any carbs. The catch is you can’t add any sugar to either drink when you consume them if you want them to stay keto-friendly. It is possible to add stevia to your tea or coffee if drinking them with no sugar is not possible for you. Coffee and tea come in so many different varieties that are all keto-approved you could just try out different kinds until you came across one you enjoyed the flavor of.

Keto Shakes

Shakes that are specifically formulated to be a good drink for this diet have become increasingly popular. Konscious Keto is an example of one such company that offers these shakes. They don’t contain many carbs so they also make a great beverage you can enjoy. They can also come in flavors that can satisfy your cravings for sweets, like chocolate or strawberry. Keto shakes can also be very easy to make so you can enjoy it on the go if you’re in a hurry.


The keto diet allows for some consumption of specific alcoholic beverages. Dry red and white wines are fine to consume in moderation, as they only have a couple of carbs, Delish states. Spirits such as whiskey, vodka, and gin by themselves are perfectly fine to drink. They have zero carbs so you won’t be messing up your diet.

Alcohols such as sweet and dessert wines, beer, and any drink mixed with other beverages that have carbs would not be ideal for sticking to the keto diet.


Regular soda is one of the worst possible drinks to have on keto diet. Just one can of soda can knock you out of ketosis for a day and disrupt the progress you have made on your diet. When it does come to regular soda and you just can’t seem to help yourself, the amount you consume is crucial. If you keep it to a minimum, perhaps one can of soda every now and again, it isn’t the best choice but it would be better than consuming a whole two liters of soda.

Diet sodas advertising very few or no carbs have been around for a few decades now. Many diet sodas are sweetened with artificial products like aspartame or refined stevia, which have not been linked to sustained weight loss or helpful to overall health. Studies have shown diet sodas can be linked to higher BMIs and a higher risk of heart disease, making them a drink you don’t want to consume period.

Your Beverages Don’t Have to be so Limited

Even though you are on a diet, there are good choices for beverages to keep you hydrated. Staying hydrated is very important to your health and helping your body feel as good as it possibly can. You aren’t only limited to water, you have choices such as coffee, tea, and even good shakes made specifically for the keto diet. You can even still indulge in alcohol in moderation if you so choose and still keep your body in the state of ketosis and maintain the weight loss without limiting yourself to only boring beverages.



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