Billboard woman of the year 2016

Billboard Woman Of The Year 2016 vs. 2015

Every year since 2007, Billboard awards a woman for her success, leadership and contributions towards the Music business. Madonna was the winner of the Billboard Woman of the Year 2016 Award, while in 2015 Lady Gaga was the winner of this award. If we have to look in a strictly fashion sense, Madonna should have won this title before Lady Gaga.

Madonna – Billboard Woman Of The Year 2016

Billboard woman of the year 2016

Madonna is our new Billboard Woman of The Year 2016. Everyone has heard of her. Young girls want to be her. Parents hate her. Female artists definitely emulate her fashion sense.

Madonna is one of the most controversial female artists in Pop culture mostly for her fashion sense and blatant sexuality portrayed in her music videos. She has paved the way for female artists in Pop Culture for over 3 decades now. Her bold fashion statements have been both revered and heavily criticized. But, Madonna continues to be a fashion icon even though she has been in the Music industry for more than 30 years now.

Lady Gaga – Billboard Woman Of The Year 2015

Billboard woman of the year 2016

Lady Gaga has been blatantly called Madonna’s Copycat for her fashion sense. While Lady Gaga does get her inspiration from a number of 80’s stars, she has not copied anyone as blatantly as she has copied Madonna.

Madonna Fashion vs. Lady Gaga Fashion

1. Madonna’s Frozen Vs. Lady Gaga’s Alejandro

Billboard woman of the year 2016

In 1998, Madonna’s song ‘Frozen’ was a huge hit for a number of reasons-

1) Because the video showcased the influence of Hinduism on Madonna’s life and

2) Because it was a huge change from all previously released music.

Lady Gaga’s single released in 2010, with Lady Gaga on the cover looking strangely similar to Madonna in Frozen.

2. Bullet Bra or the Cone Shaped Bra

Billboard woman of the year 2016

Although it was first designed by Jean Paul Gaultier in 1982, the bullet bra shot to fame as Madonna’s iconic look, after she sported it at a concert in 1990 in Japan. If you said Cone Bra, Madonna immediately came to mind. It continued to remain her fashion statement right through to 2012.

While the cone bra continued to be imitated by a number of female artists including Katy Perry and Rihanna, Lady Gaga wins the prize for imitation by not only copying the bra but also the high ponytail at the Grammys in 2011 looking strangely a lot like Madonna did in 1990.

3. Black Will-Power Jumpsuit

Billboard woman of the year 2016

In 1986, Our Billboard Woman of the Year 2016, Madonna, released a rebellious song called ‘Papa Don’t Preach’. The video featured her singing and dancing alone in a full black willpower leotard which ended below her knees. The song shot to fame as it spoke to all teenage girls’ hearts.

In a similar manner, Gaga wore on a black knee length leotard in her music video ‘Marry the Night’. The outfit only features for a couple of minutes in her 13 minute long music video but’ it is long enough to recognition the similarity in fashion statements.

4. White Dress – Feather Boa

Billboard woman of the year 2016

In 1991, Madonna wowed everyone with her uber stylish outfit when she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair for their April issue. Now while she looked like a dead ringer for Marilyn Monroe, she told everyone that the actress was her inspiration for the look.

Gaga pulled off a similar look in ‘American Horror Story’ leaving everyone without a doubt that she was indeed copying Madonna, even though she continually denied it.

Love them or hate them, they are both continually praised as fashion icons. Now, while Madonna has been around in the music business for over 30 years, Gaga still has a long way to go to gain that kind of experience. This definitely makes me think that maybe Madonna should have won the Billboard Woman of the year in 2015 instead of Billboard Woman of the Year 2016! What do you think?

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