Proper Posture

Posture plays a very important part in our day to day lives, although a dormant one. We may not acknowledge it, but it surely does affect any work that we do, in a very major way.  A good posture does not only give health benefits, but it also gives you an edge in your workplace and anywhere that you are.

What Is A Good Posture?

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It doesn’t mean maintaining a straight spine; it is technically not possible to maintain a straight spine all the time and trying to do so could cause some minor pain in your back. However, it simply means maintaining the two C’s of your body.

These two C’s are nothing but the natural curves that were provided in your body.

  • Concave curve from the base of your head to your shoulders
  • The concave curve of your upper back to the base of your spine.


Benefits Of A Good Posture

1. Increase Your Concentration

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It is a commonly known fact that the brain works better with a greater intake of oxygen. A straight spine would open up your lungs, making it possible for more air to enter your body, thereby making your brain work faster, eventually increasing your levels of focus and concentration.


2. Stay Healthy

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Your spine is one of the most important parts of your body and if injured it would show in many organs of the body as well. A bent spine could cause problems like slip disc, back aches, the pressure in the chest and a poor blood circulation. Therefore, maintaining a good body structure would help eradicate such ailments completely.

3. Lose Weight

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Not many know this but, it could actually result in weight loss. This is because, it means that you are carrying yourself much better, relieving the stress exerted on your body, which makes it possible for weight loss.

4. Look Attractive

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Set your back straight, put your head up high and walk like there’s nothing that can affect you. This is what it does to you. When your posture is straight, you look taller and slimmer.

Negative Effects On Your Mind Due To Bad Posture

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1. Bad posture would result in the increase of depression and stress levels. When seated or slouched for too long, the body gets used to being inactive due to slow internal processes. This paves way for negative thinking and over stress which eventually causes depression and a rise in levels of stress.

2. It is quite evident that slouching exerts pressure onto your intestines. Therefore, make it a point to maintain a proper posture always.

3. Likewise, bad posture also puts pressure on the lungs, making breathing a little difficult, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen intake. Although this may not cause an immediate effect on your health, it could cause future complications which will be difficult to handle.

Habits That Lead To Bad Posture

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Although the habits that lead to a bad posture are not that distinct, there are certainly few habits that influence it. For example, prolonged sitting either at home or at the office makes you accustomed to sitting awkwardly. Another reason could be improper heights at your working environment.

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Tips To Maintain A Proper Posture

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1. Pretend as though someone is holding you straight so that you maintain a proper posture.

2. Avoid watching TV and using computers for extended hours, as these are the areas where you tend to relax and lose your posture automatically.

3. Always sit with a backrest. If possible place a cushion behind your back to support it, providing it with the necessary posture without much effort.

4. See to it that both your feet are flat on the ground while standing.

5. We often carry too much weight on our backs without realizing the effects it can have on you later. Try avoiding doing so.

6. Last but not the least, practicing yoga could in a great way influence your body structure.

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