First thing’s first, let’s understand what CBD means. CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is extracted from marijuana or hemp plants. CBD is used in many forms such as creams, oils, pills, or vape juice. However, most people prefer CBD oil, which has received a lot of attention because of its health advantages.

It’s used for pain relief, reduction of inflammation, stress and anxiety relief, and promotes sleep. On the other hand, CBD oil is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. Research has it that using marijuana while pregnant can lead to the birth of smaller babies, miscarriages, or the woman might develop other complications. Therefore, if you need to use CBD during these times, it’s best to consult your doctor first. Below is how CBD oil is used for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

Common Uses of CBD

CBD is used for numerous medical reasons. Research is still ongoing to fully understand its effectiveness in people with other conditions such as pregnancy or in case of breastfeeding. As of now, no one is certain of the negative side effects when pregnant and breastfeeding moms are exposed to CBD, especially the full spectrum, which contains THC. Others might try to use CBD from marijuana, which might expose them to further risks such as those we have already mentioned. All said and done, CBD has been found to benefit people in the following ways:

  •       Pain relief – Human bodies experience pain from time to time. This could be muscle pain, an injury, or illness. CBD oil is known for relieving such pain. You can use it by adding drops to your coffee or food. Pregnant women would be tempted to use it for back pain, but it is prudent to use it when advised by a doctor. In such a case, you can visit to sample their best products.
  •       Reduction of Inflammation – This condition is caused by infections or illnesses that might lead to conditions such as asthma and diabetes. Inflammation can take a toll on the body, especially that of a pregnant woman. Therefore, using CBD when affected by this condition is beneficial for anyone but should be used in consultation with a doctor.
  •       Stress and anxiety relief – Most people suffer from anxiety and stress, but we don’t see it as a serious condition. Pregnant women are often affected by anxiety and this could lead to stress. If your doctor sees it fit to use CBD pills, then it will be a great solution for you.
  •       Sleep promotion – Insomnia is mainly caused by stress, medication, environmental factors, or physical conditions. If this continues when one is pregnant, doctors might recommend CBD oil, which improves sleep

Is CBD Completely Safe for During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?

CBD is relatively new and research is scanty. This is why pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not just buy it over the counter for self-medication. To play it safe, the prescription should come from a doctor who will have assessed all possible threats.


Although there are many advantages of using CBD oils, there are also risks when used during pregnancy or lactating without advice from doctors.