Pubic hairs are sometimes annoying, especially when you are used to keeping it clean and trimmed down there. This is why a pubic hair trimmer should be part of your essentials so that when situations in need will arise, you are confident that you have your pubic hair trimmer on the go.

What is the Best Pubic Hair Trimmer?

There are a lot of pubic hair trimmers available in the market. However, these pubic hair trimmers are the best there is.

The Philips 7000 Bodygroom

This is the best pubic hair trimmer in terms of versatility, safety, battery life, and other features. What makes this pubic hair trimmer great is that although this is quite expensive, it is priced as it is for a good reason because of its versatility.

This trimmer has one tool at each of its ends. The first end is a trimmer for the longer hairs, while the other end is the shaver that will finish the job. This trimmer is installed with quality steel blades and a good pivoting head that moves in different directions. With this, it will allow you to make sure that you will be able to get close to every nook and cranny.

This trimmer is also waterproof thereby allowing you to shave in the shower making the trimmer easier to clean.

The shave quality of the Philips 7000 Bodygroom trimmer is 88%, the battery life is 90% and its body fit or design is 71%. So if you want to use the best pubic hair trimmer, then this one is highly recommended.

The Panasonic ER-GK60-S

This is the best pubic hair trimmer in terms of versatility and larger size. What makes this pubic hair trimmer great is that the hair trimming challenges are now a thing of the past. The special V-shaped shaver head of this pubic hair trimmer is intended to allow you to reach hard-to-reach areas thereby getting the groin area without having a break a sweat.

What makes this trimmer great also is because you can use it to your back, armpits, and chest too, which means that you no longer have to own a lot of tools.

The shave quality of the Panasonic ER-GK60-S trimmer is 100%, the battery life is 83% and its price is 25%. So if you want to use a multi-functioning hair trimmer, then this one is highly recommended.

The Panasonic ES246AC

What makes this trimmer amazing is that you are now going to say goodbye to all those ingrown hairs on your skin thereby making you trim away the hairs down there without having to suffer skin irritation.

This is more focused on the female market and these products are actually great for bikini lines. This trimmer is also cheaper, this shaves gently, it is lightweight, it has a cleaning brush included, it can be adjusted to different lengths, and it also has an elegant ergonomic design.

The shave quality of the Panasonic ES246AC trimmer is 100%, and its reliability is 67%. So if you want a pubic hair trimmer that has great neutral design and has a good price, then you might want to get the Panasonic ES246AC.

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide

What makes this great is not just a trimmer but the Gillette Fusion ProGlide is actually a bestseller set because you are getting a high-quality cordless trimmer, a razor, and an edger, which can be useful for the beard.

Although this is really a facial trimmer, this is still considered as a great choice for a pubic hair trimmer because it functions are basically the same, that is, it provides a close trim, and it is also sensitive on the skin.

The shave quality of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide trimmer is 90%, its battery life is 69%, and its build quality is 72%. So if you want to have a pubic hair trimmer this is simple and does a great job in keeping it clean down there, then you should consider having the Gillette Fusion ProGlide.

The Veet Sensitive Precision

This is the best pubic hair trimmer in terms of safety and precision. What makes this trimmer great is that you are not just getting one but three tools. Aside from that, what makes this trimmer great are the tiny attachments that it has because you will be able to get more control when it comes to your trimming. This trimmer is a perfect tool for those who have very sensitive skin, those who have skin bumps and birthmarks where they should be delicate with, and those who just simply want to cut their bikini area and form it into a special shape.

 Benefits of Keeping the Pubic Area Trimmed

 It provides you with better hygiene

By keeping your pubic area clean, this means that the development of odors brought about by long bushy hair will be reduced, if not eliminated. Most especially when you just had a long day or you just had an intense workout session.

More importantly, hygiene is the most essential routine during a woman’s period.

It makes you feel more confident

One of the top reasons that most people are grooming their pubic area is because this makes them feel more attractive to someone, and this cleanliness is because of the tool that looks bigger especially if it is not surrounded by a forest of hairs. These people like the sensation of touching it bare or nearly-bare skin. It could also because their partners are having a huge preference for it or other things.

It gives you better sexual experience

You may wonder if the hair is really playing a big role during sex, and the answer for this is not definite, as this will depend upon the person’s inclination. This is because there are people who like to stroke their long hairs down there, and there are also those who prefer trimmed pubic hairs. With trimmed pubic hair, this means that there is an increased sensuality as well, and when these two factors combine, you are surely going to experience steamy sex with your partner.