Why wear a hair protector before ironing it? Hair iron with high temperatures generates damage to the hair fiber which may be irreversible. The heat causes the hair to become weaker as the iron is passed, and even this happens with the dryer and curling irons. That is why it is important to use GHD heat protect spray before styling the hair using high temperatures. What it does is create a protective layer on the hair strands, preventing heat from acting directly, and causing damage. There are many different presentations according to the brand, and each offers different benefits for the hair. That’s why you can find spray protectors in the form of gels or creams.

How to choose the best heat protector for your hair?

To help you choose the best one for you, below you will find a buying guide with recommendations and suggestions to offer the best care for your hair. As the main recommendation, the best thing you can do to take care of your hair during straightening is to choose a suitable iron for your hair type. You must choose one that does not cause damage to your hair, with adjustable temperatures and ceramic coating. The factors you should consider are the following.

Temperature level – Each thermal protector has a maximum temperature level up to where it can protect the hair. Generally, the maximum temperature is 230 C (degrees), although some only protect up to 210 or 220 C (degrees). That is why it is essential to choose a product that is ideal for the temperature levels at which you usually iron your hair. In this sense, GHD heat protect spray will be ideal.

Composition – Many protectors are made from silicones that help maintain shine in the hair, and create a protective layer on the strands. However, treatments based on natural oils such as Argon, castor or sunflower oil are more recommended. They also provide nutrition and hydration to the hair.

Repairing effect – This is a characteristic that you should always look for in a thermal protector, because it is not only necessary to protect from heat, but it is important to repair the damages that the hair fiber can suffer. As heat is applied to the hair, it weakens to the point of breaking. That is why having a treatment that includes keratin, natural oils and vitamins are recommended.

Whether be used with dry hair – Some protective treatments can be used on both dry and wet hair. This is an advantage when making hair touches with the iron, because it avoids having to wet the hair just to apply the protector.

Primary characteristics of heat protector spray?

This is a protective spray that prevents frizz for up to 24 hours. Thanks to its haircare technology, it fights with moisture and frizz. Protects from the heat of the iron up to a maximum temperature of 220 degrees C, prolonging the duration of straightening without damage to the hair fiber. In addition, its silicone content helps to soften the hair and gives shine to even the driest hair. It is ideal for use before passing the iron, both in wet and dry hair. Those who have bought these sprays such as GHD spray, do not fail to highlight the shine, and softness that it brings to the hair when ironing it.

It brings shine and softness to the hair, thanks to its natural composition. It is ideal for protecting both hair, and scalp from heat, thanks to its protective and restored effect. It can be used before or after straightening with irons, as it serves to protect against heat, and regenerate the hair fiber. Both its value for money and its composition of natural oils is what buyers have loved most, and that is why they recommend it as a protective and revitalizing hair spray. It is ideal for protecting hair before subjecting it to high temperatures to stylize it. It protects against heat and keeps the hair radiant.

Only one name – GHD thermal protective spray

GHD has developed a thermal spray protector that leaves no residue on the hair. Protects the hair fiber against high temperatures, so it can be used before drying, ironing or curling the hair. Strengthens the strands, avoiding dryness and breakage caused by heat. It can be used in both dry and wet hair while maintaining the same levels of protection. It is a protector that can be used on any type of hair. In addition to protecting the hair in general, it prevents the ends from opening and forming knots. That is why its buyers continue to recommend it as an excellent thermal protector. The spray also protects and rejuvenates dry, and damp hair. It is a lightweight Spray, protects hair from heat styling, and GHD silicone heat-protective system.