Are you looking for a perfect lipstick shade for yourself? 

Bring on the intense glamour of the exclusive “Born To Glow” range by Colorbar. The revolutionary range of lip color helps in creating the perfect balance between intense lip color and lip care. The exclusive Born to Glow lipstick range by Colorbar is available in three exciting finishes including – Holographic, Dewy, and Glow. All these different shades feature unique finishes for an everlasting experience.

The best part about the innovative lipstick range by Colorbar is that there are as many as 8 unique shades for you to try on. Moreover, using these comprehensive shades, you can use the same in 3 different ways:

  • As a base
  • As the topcoat
  • Directly on your lips

When you apply the beautiful range of Born to Glow lipstick shades, you can expect a glowing touch to the lips for an everlasting appearance. In addition, to adding great color and richness to your lips, the lipstick range is also known to improve the overall quality of your lips. Your lips will feel juicy and moisture-filled as soon as you apply the varying shades. Moreover, the shades last longer and do not make your lips appear chapped or dry after several hours.

The Innovative Range of Shades by Born to Glow – Colorbar

Colorbar is a leading name in the cosmetic industry across the world. The brand brings forth a comprehensive range of cosmetic items for its consumers. Colorbar is a reputed cosmetics brand that keeps on surprising its consumers with an innovative range of cosmetic items every now and then.

Born to Glow by Colorbar is its latest edition to the vast lipstick collection available both online as well as offline. The best thing about the wide collection of cosmetic items by Colorbar is that these offer the assurance of top-class quality and durability characteristics.

When you buy Born to Glow lipstick range by Colorbar, here are some of its unique features to expect:

  • Soft texture – just like butter.
  • Providing utter shine and glossy lipstick texture to your lips.
  • Easily glides across the surface of your lips – providing the overall ease of applying the lipstick.
  • Provides an everlasting finish to the lips – imparting a fuller, glowing look.
  • The lipstick is available with an extremely rich texture to provide aesthetic value to the lips.
  • Delivering a classic lips.
  • All lipstick shades are tested dermatologically for delivering the assurance of ultimate safety to your lips.
  • Paraben-free products – you can be assured of using these lipstick shades as often as possible without any fear of potential damage
  • Cruelty-free products – Colorbar is renowned for delivering products that are not used on animals. Therefore, no animals get harmed or used during the manufacturing or testing process of the lipsticks by Colorbar

Are you looking for the instant glossy lips after applying your favourite lipstick? 

The latest range of “Born to Glow” lip colors allows you to achieve the same instantly and effortlessly. Just a single swipe of the lipstick bar and you are good to go! 

Just a single application of this innovative range allows you to achieve a fuller, glowing effect on your lips. Ensure a softer, beautiful smile along with everlasting comfort and a dose of ultimate luminosity. 

Ensure the comfort of a Lip Care with an abundance of rich lipstick shades with Colorbar

Taking forward the boundaries of ultimate glow and luster to your lips, the beautiful range of Colorbar lipsticks – “Born to Glow Lipstick” is a lipstick every woman must have. The all new nourishing lip color shades is assured to win your hearts with its multi-purpose functionalities – whether you use it as a base, as a top coating, or on its own as a perfect lip shade for your beautiful lips. 

The innovative shades of this lipstick including maroon, pinks, nudes, reds, and purples. The Born to Glow range by Colorbar is your true companion to any event or occasion. Whether you are headed to your day-to-day office routine to attending a special event, the vast collection of everlasting shades allows you to mark your presence beautifully & effortlessly. Adding a touch of luxury to your lips, Born to Glow by Colorbar is perfect for all looks – both casual and party-like ensemble. 

The creamy as well as gliding texture of the lipstick range envelopes your beautiful lips in its lightweight & thin layer of gently shine & sheer color throughout. The lipstick is available as a perfect blend of luminous & lightweight natural oils for ensuring the perfect glide while imparting a touch of shine & glamour to your lips. Apply just once a day for ensuring a smooth, lustrous shine throughout the day.