With the COVID-19 outbreak, sanitation has been my top priority for the last few months. 

Especially now that I have to step out for office again, with the lockdown being lifted partially, I am taking precautions to keep myself healthy.

I have been carrying a sanitizer with me at all times, but I am still not convinced that just keeping my hands clean will protect me from the virus.

With new reports of the virus being airborne, to avoid getting infected, I was looking for a way to sanitize my hands and my face on the go.  

I recently spotted the newly launched Pure-izer Hand Wipes by Colorbar Cosmetics on their website and decided that it was just the kind of product that I was looking for sanitizing hand wipes. I hadn’t seen a product like that in the market before.

So I purchased the product and here is my detailed, honest review of how I liked the Pure-izer Wipes

Colorbar Pure-izer Hand Wipes – What Are They?

The new sanitizing hand wipes by Colorbar are moist wipes which you can use to sanitize your hands and your face. They contain sanitizing agents that claim to kill 99% disease-causing germs.

The product is dermatologically tested and is completely safe for use. Additionally, the sanitizing hand wipes contain aloe vera leaf extracts, castor oil, and glycerin to help you keep your skin soft and retain moisture.

How Was My Experience Of Using The Hand Cleaning Wipes?

I used this product for a week, and I carried the pack everywhere I went. In my opinion, the Pure-izer Wipes stand true to their claim and deliver what they promise. With a single wipe, I can sanitize my hands, face and my neck, and I feel much more hygienic and clean after the use of these hand cleaning wipes.

It has a very moist texture which ensures that it is not harsh on the skin. When I wipe my neck and face with it, I can rest assured that it is not a simple, refreshing wipe, but it is helping me sanitize my face and kill any germs that I might have picked up on the way.

What I loved about the Pure-izer wipes is how refreshed it made me feel after only a single wipe, and that too without the use of water. Since it does not need water, I can carry it everywhere with me and use it whenever I want and however I want.

Another brilliant aspect of this product is that it is not simply a hand cleaning wipe, as most sanitizer wipes out there are. Colorbar has rightly recognized the need to sanitize our face and neck also since the virus can enter our system through nose, mouth and eyes.

I personally love the aloe-vera extracts in these sanitizing hand wipes as it has the natural ability to retain moisture and work wonders on the skin. 


I think the product is simply brilliant and I am definitely going to purchase it once my current pack is over. It comes in two sizes; the smaller one has 10 wipes and the bigger one consists of 30 wipes.

The pricing is super affordable for a product this great so that you can buy quite a few packs for your entire family.

This virus is here to stay, so I recommend you get this product and keep yourself as well as your loved ones safe.