Top Rated Concealers

Whether you are using the best makeup concealer palette, the best concealer makeup kit or the best full coverage concealer for dark circles, the foundations and concealers you use will not do you any good without you knowing how to use it. Even the best concealer for blemishes, best concealer for dark skin, best concealer for acne and the top concealers have certain knacks and ways to use them to achieve that flawless look! So, if you’re wondering what’s the best concealer for under eyes and what is the best way to use that concealer corrector palette, then read on further to know more!

When it comes to applying the best liquid concealer for dark circles or the best powder concealer, we have broken down the art for you so that you can use it in a lot of ways than just conceal!

Best Concealing Makeup Tips

1. Where to Apply Eye Makeup Concealer

concealer tips for beginners

Application of the concealer is most important. It is essential to remember to always apply the concealer on the affected areas on the face after you have applied the foundation. This will help the best concealer for dark circles and wrinkles to blend well with the pigmented foundation. Don’t forget to set it with some compact powder or loose powder after.

2. Inverted Triangle Under Eye Dark Circle Concealer

concealer tips for beginners

When you apply even the best concealer for under eyes product, ALWAYS remember to apply it in the form of an inverted triangle. Just dabbing the best makeup for dark circles under eyes will not help match your foundation color to the concealer shade. This is the most used of all concealer tips for beginners!

3. Pro Concealer Corrector

concealer tips for beginners

Applying color correcting applicators like yellow concealer for dark circles, white concealer, the best green concealer makeup or the best orange concealer stick, based on your skin tone, before you apply the concealer is essential to completely cover reddened pimple areas.

4. Perfect Makeup Primer Substitute

concealer tips for beginners

Since the best concealer for under eye bags is always a shade lighter than your regular skin color, you can use it also use it as a primer on your eyelids before you proceed to apply your eye makeup.

5. Dab, Not Swipe!


We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of dabbing the best concealer stick product on your face. A lot of people who are new to eye concealer products make the crazy mistake of applying the concealer on the face in swiping motions, which is just wrong.

For the product to have maximum visibility on your face, a lot of makeup experts strongly recommend that the product is dabbed on your skin with the help of the best concealer brush, a blender, or even your fingers.

6. Best Highlighting Concealer


A concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin can be used as a basic highlighter for your makeup. You can apply it on the high points of your face along with the brow bone, using the appropriate eyebrow concealer shades, and the inner corners of your eyes to make your face pop.

7. Use for Contouring


Similarly, the best cream concealer palette will be able to offer you a concealer which is a couple of shades darker than your regular skin tone, that can be used as a contouring product to give your face some definition and shape.

8. Works as an Eraser

concealer tips for beginners

You can also use the best cheap concealer palette on an angled brush to correct any mistakes you make while applying the cat-eye eyeliner. In the same way, you can make your lip color pop and prevent it from bleeding out from the corners of your lips by using a waterproof concealer pencil around the lip color with a fine brush.

9. Under Eye Makeup

concealer tips for beginners

To get rid of puffy eyes, make a mixture from a concealer for bags under eyes, some moisturizing cream, and a highlighter and dab it gently on the under eye area. This also works as the best under eye brightener for dark circles.

10. Cream or Powder – Your Choice!

concealer tips for beginners

The best concealer palette for dark circles is usually the one that comes in a cream formula. A lot of people also prefer the chubby sticks and product that comes in a powder formula. Hence it is advisable that you own concealers of more than one type and switch between the types depending on your need.

What’s the Best Under Eye Concealer for Dark Circles?

The best concealer for dry skin and dark circles in the market right now are also the most sought after. We are recommending here the best concealer for dark spots on face, as well as drugstore variations over high end concealers.

1. L. A. Girl Pro Conceal HD

concealer tips for beginners

The shades that this product comes in are insane! It is a really good concealer for dark circles. It is also perfect for concealing, color correcting, highlighting and contouring. You can buy it here

2. Maybelline Fit-Me Concealer

concealer tips for beginners

This is another one of the best under eye corrector for dark circles. It is easy in the pocket and light on the skin, with coverage that is flawless! You can buy it here

3. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer

concealer tips for beginners

Another one of Maybelline’s launches, a lot of newbies and fashion bloggers swear by this color concealer pen. If you are a beginner and need a no-nonsense product then this is the one. You can buy it here.

4. Nyx Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette

concealer tips for beginners

If you are a fan of makeup palettes and are a magician with the makeup applicator brushes, then this palette is the one for you! It color corrects, contours and conceals – all at once. You can buy it here

5. NYX Wonder Pencil


For the fine areas you want to conceal like the areas around the lips and the brows, this is the ultimate product. You can buy it here

You can also try the pro concealer palette and the Mac under eye concealer. You will find that the Mac concealer price is quite affordable!