Are Cookies Healthy Or Unhealthy?

The very first thing that comes to our mind, at the sight of cookies is…Yummy!! There are large jars filled with cookies in many of our houses and we often try to lay our hands on as many cookies as we can. But, have you wondered, “Are cookies healthy or unhealthy?”

Cookies are not only our favorites; they are the favorites of almost everyone, irrespective of their age; from a newly toothed child to a fake-toothed old man. There is some magic, sweet magic in these cookies which makes us want more and more each time we look at them. To top it all, there are various flavors that can be made specifically to each one’s palate!

While some might argue that they are healthy, some would definitely say not. Below are the pros and cons of cookies and the conclusion to the question “Are cookies healthy or unhealthy?”

Pros To Eating Cookies

1. Weight Loss

9-Things-That-Cookies-Can-Do-To-Your-Body!_1You might be wondering how high calorie contented cookies could lead to weight loss, but they actually do. They provide you with the perfect amount of calories required for the body in a day.

2. Natural Foods

9-Things-That-Cookies-Can-Do-To-Your-Body!_2These days, food is being manufactured by hybrid materials or synthetic materials which are not good for health. A high percentage of these artificial foods are found in soya and papaya-corn. But with cookies, this is completely a non-existent factor since all the products in cookies are mostly natural, i.e., non-GMO foods.

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3. High Nutritive Value

9-Things-That-Cookies-Can-Do-To-Your-Body!_3Cookies have a naturally high nutritive value which is very good for the health of adults, as well as children. These nutrients have proved to prevent cardiovascular disease in many cases too.

4. Protein Value

9-Things-That-Cookies-Can-Do-To-Your-Body!_4Cookies are also known to be high in protein value. Proteins, as we know, are converted into energy and distributed all over the body, hence, the proteins in the cookies will be converted to energy in our body, thereby helping increase your metabolism.

5. Free Of Gluten

9-Things-That-Cookies-Can-Do-To-Your-Body!_5There are many out there who are allergic to gluten, which is a substance found in wheat and oat. This gluten is not found in cookies, which makes people less prone to allergic reactions and more consumers friendly.

Cons Of Eating Cookies

1. Wheat Flour

9-Things-That-Cookies-Can-Do-To-Your-Body!_6The flour used in making cookies is refined wheat flour which is nothing but Maida, which is low in fiber. Wheat flour has a lot of side effects, then benefits, and the major one includes blood sugar spikes, which could be responsible for causing diabetes in the future.

2. Hydrogenated Fats

9-Things-That-Cookies-Can-Do-To-Your-Body!_7There are hydrogenated fats that are developed while cookies are being baked at really high temperatures, which are also known as trans-fats. Although some companies claim to manufacture trans-fat free biscuits, it isn’t true.

3. Bad Digestion

9-Things-That-Cookies-Can-Do-To-Your-Body!_8The hydrogenated fats in cookies are really hard to digest. They take a really long time to digest and sometimes fail to do so too. In such cases, there is a high possibility that those remnants stay there and, in the future, cause cancer to the individual.

4. Weight Gain

9-Things-That-Cookies-Can-Do-To-Your-Body!_9The weight factor in eating cookies is a paradox itself. When taken in the right amount it could lead to weight loss, but an overdose of it, and there goes your weight, several pounds up the weight scale, which could lead to obesity.

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So, to answer your question, “Are cookies healthy or unhealthy?” I would say that although they are extremely delicious and can do your body some good, moderate your consumption of them as an overdose of cookies can cause your body more harm than do you any good.