Why are engagement rings special? They are always special because they carry the feelings you have for your partner. When talking about feelings about someone special with whom you are planning to spend the rest of your life, it matters more than you think.

If you are planning for your engagement, you must be looking for rings too. But is it easy to find engagement rings that truly carry what you think? It is not.

Ready-made rings available in the market are often made for general purposes, sometimes with the tag ‘Engagement Ring.’ If you are looking for something special, then you should go for custom-made engagement rings.

Why Custom Engagement Rings?

Let me show you a few examples.

A woman named ‘Ophelia’ is going to marry ‘John.’ While choosing the engagement rings, they wanted to put some words like ‘Ophelia+John.’ But is it possible to find a ring with that engraving? Not possibly.

But how to get that specific engagement ring?

Another one. The engagement date is 02 July. So Ophelia wanted an exact 2.00-carat diamond engagement ring. Is it easy to find an exact 2.00-carat diamond engagement ring? Not really.

So, to meet the requirements of Ophelia and John, the ring must have to be a custom-made engagement ring.

But where can you make custom engagement rings? No worries, I am showing a shop in Houston that can do that for you.

Diamond Exchange Houston for Custom Engagement Rings

Diamond Exchange Houston is located in Houston, TX, USA (Google Map Location).

They offer custom-made rings as per your requirements. But how they follow exact requirements?

Diamond Exchange Houston will prepare a 3D model based on your design or idea. You have the opportunity to modify or redesign the model before going for manufacturing. Great flexibility, isn’t it?

After your confirmation of the design, a wax mold of the model will be prepared to give the model perfection. Your ring will be manufactured based on the wax mold. Later, the diamond will be set by the jeweler.

The best thing is that Diamond Exchange Houston will work until you are 100% satisfied. So, if you are still not satisfied with your design, you still can change the design. It may incur some fees, but still, it is worth trying some new design.

Custom engagement rings are not a usual item. So, if you ask not to reveal your design to others, it will be honored. In this way, your engagement ring will be the only piece in this world.

What about the price?

The price of custom-designed engagement rings varies based on your specific criteria. For example, the price of a 1.00-carat diamond platinum(PL 950) engagement ring and a 2.00-carat diamond gold (18K) engagement ring would differ a lot in price.

But the thing is that Diamond Exchange Houston can give you the lowest market price as they do not deal with the middlemen.

How to Contact Diamond Exchange Houston?

The best way to approach Diamond Exchange Houston for custom engagement rings is to visit them directly following an appointment. You can visit without an appointment too, but that will make the process a bit tedious. To contact them, call them or book an appointment from the contact page.