12 Cute Nail Designs for The Whole Year Round!

Cute Nail Designs

Holidays are the most looked-forward-to times of the year, and for good reason! Holidays mean fun time with family and friends, gifts and dressing up! And hey, everyone knows that no holiday outfit is complete without fashion nail art designs! Wave goodbye to expensive salon manicures and take out your nail art kit as we have cute nail designs for you! When it comes to holiday nail art, unique designs and exotic nail art designs come to mind. Be it 3D nail art designs or sexy monochrome black nail art designs or even toe nail art designs, we’ve got you covered with ideas for nail art for all holidays! Try these ideas for nail art at home, and wow the crowd with the best nail art!

New Year Cute Nail Designs

Kick start the year with some major party vibes! This is a great time to pull off some nail art glitter or even 3D nail art! In your rush to hit every party in town, you can mix it up with some marble nail art or even freehand nail art. Here is a style you can try as both nail art for short nails or long and maybe even use it as a classy and elegant wedding nail art design:

  • Take a bowl of water and drop your favorite colors of nail polish on the surface, in swirls.
  • Use a toothpick to swirl the colors into exotic shapes.
  • Coat the area around the nail with a peel-off liquid tape, and dip your nail into the colorful liquid.
  • Once the nail has been coated, peel off the cuticle guard and use a top coat to seal the deal.
  • Your water nail art is ready with some beautifully abstract tie-dye patterns!
  • Go an extra mile and throw in some nail glitter or crystals for added bling!

Valentine’s Day Nail Art

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It’s the most romantic time of the year! Wow your SO or pamper yourself with some cute nails for girls! Turn heads with really cute nails for Valentine’s Day! You can try simple nail polish designs at home with some easy nail art patterns to get effortlessly cute and easy nails. If you’re concerned about how to do nail designs, check out this simple tutorial for easy to do nail designs:

  • After a top coat, try spelling out your SO’s name for easy and cute nails.
  • You can also create cute easy nails by drawing hearts and smiles on your nails with nail polish pens or even a toothpick!
  • Use cute nail colors and designs like hearts, stars, and lips (if you’re too clumsy to draw, you can use stickers!) for effortlessly beautiful nails.
  • If you want to experiment with different nail art designs, combine all these into one hand! We like!
  • For Valentine’ toenail art, keep it simple with a dashing red or pink, alternating the colors.

St Patrick’s Day Cute Nail Designs

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Celebrate this Irish holiday and dress your nail up with easy nail polish design ideas. This is a great time to experiment with acrylic nail designs. Rev up the leprechauns with some cute nail polish designs! We’ve got some amazingly cute toenail designs too!

  • If you’re opting for acrylic nails, you can try colorful nail designs and use buckle stickers too!
  • Other fingernail art ideas include stripes, leprechaun hats and beer kegs.
  • Try cute fun nail designs like golden crystals and lucky clovers!
  • Fingernail ideas like ombre and water mosaic would work great for this holiday.
  • Easy toenail designs for St Patrick’s Day would be green and yellow alternating polish with a golden buckle embellishment on the big toe.
  • Other toenail polish designs include golden clovers.

Cute Nail Designs for Easter

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Rejoice this family holiday with beautiful nail art designs. Check out these super cute nail designs for adults and children alike. This cute easy nail art is a breeze to do! Welcome the Easter bunny in style with cute nail art designs!

  • Cute and easy nail polish designs for short nails include polka dots in light shades like mauve, lavender and others.
  • You can opt for stripes and crosses for beautiful nail designs.
  • Nail stamping is a big trend this year for cute nail patterns. Choose from a wide variety of bunnies and egg patterns for at home nail designs!
  • Opt for French manicures in two matte shades or mix it up with one glossy and one matte shades, to incorporate nail art patterns or even toenail polish ideas.

Mother’s Day Nail Art

Show some love to all the mommas out there with really cute nail designs! Pamper your mum with cute designs for nails, or do this as a fun playtime activity with your tiny tots! Whatever it is, we are in love with these cute unique nail designs!

  • For this occasion nail paint ideas, go classy with the best nail designs at home, like ombre and stripes.
  • Keep things minimal with painted nail ideas like polka dots, single embellishment and classy flowers.
  • Going with au naturel French tip nail designs is one of the cute nail polish ideas you can try this Mother’s Day.

Cute Summer Nail Designs

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The sun is shining bright and its vacation time! Chill out with summer nail designs, using latest nail designs and popular nail designs! A great, quirky idea for unique nail designs is to depict the seasons on your nails for a creative nail design! What better time to wear the calendar on your nails than in summer?!

  • Spring nail designs include gorgeous flower nail designs, or pink nail designs. Check out our curated collection here. <insert nail art article here>
  • Fall nail designs include orange leaves, umbrellas and other bright nail designs. You can opt for natural nail designs like French nail art for autumn styled nails. Go Goth with full black nail designs too!
  • Summer nail designs include fruit, sunny beaches and other vacation themes. You can go for popping red nail designs, or long nail designs with an ombre tinge. Go for bright nail designs to welcome the sun!
  • Winter nail designs include icicle white nail designs, and other basic nail designs like snowflakes or candy cane.
  • These DIY nail designs are super easy as you can use block colors to represent seasons and pull off themed designer nails!

Father’s Day Nail Art

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Be the perfect daughter as you wow your dad with your cute basic nail designs! Involve your father in cute manicure designs or join your daughter with easy pretty nail designs for an epic bonding session!

  • One manicure nail design you can try out is cute ties to represent your dad.
  • Inscribe cute messages to your dad with pretty nail art patterns or nail art polish.
  • Use nail art nail polish to paint your nails with your dad’s favorite colors.
  • Does your dad love baseball? Grab some gel nails and paint on a baseball or your dad’s favorite team on your nails to sport some pretty cool nails!

Cute Nail Art Designs for Independence Day

It’s the Fourth of July, folks! Celebrate the spirit of the nation with some cute nail art and easy cute nail ideas! An independence day-inspired nail polish design can be super simple, but great to look at. Cute simple nail designs include the following:

  • Use designer nail paint and strips to create red and white flags.
  • Another design of nail paint you can try is to create white stars on a dark blue base.
  • Other nail art paint designs include a new nail paint design which can represent an eagle.
  • Nail designs for short nails include nail stamps for short nail designs.
  • You can also use stickers and stones as embellishments for the best nail art designs for short nails.

Halloween Nail Art

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October is here, and so is Halloween! The possibilities for cute nail art ideas and cool nail designs are endless! The nail manicure ideas on your costume but we can give you a basic idea of cute nail design ideas to rock your outfit! Put your dressy shoes on with cute get nail designs!

  • Cute and easy nail designs for Halloween are incomplete without pumpkins! Grab some orange, yellow and black design nail polish and draw away!
  • Quick easy nail designs include white ghosts – you need only white nail paint and black designer nail polish and you’re set!
  • Another cool nail art you can try I bat patterns throughout your nails. You can use a stencil or use freehand methods.
  • Simple nail designs for short nails include emojis or the colors in a candy corn – the possibilities are endless in Halloween!
  • Do not resist trying out different nail designs to suit your costume.

Cute Thanksgiving Nail Art

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The holiday season has begun! Get ready for two months of fun with cute and easy nail designs for Thanksgiving! Experiment with latest nail polish designs and be thankful for cute new nail designs. Celebrate some family time with cute nail tip designs.

  • Bring alive the feast with cute nail polish designs like turkeys and potatoes on your nails!
  • A few dabs of polish and this new nail polish idea is set!
  • Go bold with matte or glossy shades to complement your outfit if you don’t have the time for fingernail art designs.

Hanukkah Nail Designs

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Enjoy this Jewish holiday with cute long nail designs! Celebrate the eight nights of Hanukkah with cool nail polish designs!

  • Add some light to the table by painting candles and the traditional Hannukah menorot as fingernail polish designs
  • You can also paint the Star of David on a base of blue to commemorate this festival of Lights.
  • These work as cute nail designs for short nails!

Cute Nail Designs for Christmas

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‘Tis the season to be jolly! Cute nail designs for girls are a must in Christmas. Enjoy the season of giving and spending time with family as you oozy up with cool nail polish designs to impress everyone this Christmas!

  • There are endless easy nail designs for short nails to choose from – gift box patterns, candy cane designs, Santa’s belt and so on.
  • Other designs for fingernails include snowmen, snowflakes and Christmas trees!
  • Minimalistic new nail art designs include applying patterns on one corner or half of the nail and leaving the rest of the nail empty.
  • You can also go with drawing Christmas ornaments on your nail for added bling!
  • A huge red dot is all you need for Rudolph!

Nail Art Tips

  • Always start off with a base coat to protect your nails before you apply cute fingernail designs or gel nail art designs.
  • Finish off with a top coat to keep the nail designs in place after you’ve used nail decoration ideas.
  • Do not use gel nail polish too often as gel polish designs can damage your nails.
  • Dip your cute nails into ice cold water to dry them faster after applying nail polish art designs.

  • Keep your nails healthy by using almond oil on them.

  • Let your nails breathe once in awhile; they don’t have to be coated in painted nail designs all the time.

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