Decorticate Posturing Can Kill You - Do You Know What It Is?


Decorticate Posturing is a medical condition indicating severe brain injury. But, before we talk about this brain injury, let’s talk about abnormal posturing, which indicates injury in the brain. The posturing is an indicator of the extent of damage that is caused to the brain. Medical professionals use abnormal posturing to measure the extent of a coma and they use different standards for adults and infants.

Patients suffering from such posturing often have their arms flexed or bent inwards close to the chest, the fists remain clenched, the legs remain extended and the feet turned inwards. This posturing type points to damages in many brain areas. This posturing may also indicate damages to the midbrain.


decorticate posturing
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The different causes pertaining to decorticate posture are as follows:-

  • Brain haemorrhage
  • Brain tumor
  • Stroke
  • Brain problem due to poisoning, infection due to drugs
  • Head injury
  • Brain damage because of liver failure.
  • Increased pressure in the brain, whatever be the reason
  • Hypoglycemic encephalopathy
  • Brain herniation

Symptoms of the Condition

decorticate posturing

The most noticeable symptoms associated with decorticate posture is bent arms over the chest with clenched fists and extended legs, feet pointing inwards. The decorticate posture problems are caused because of neurological disorders and whenever this happens then it can be life threatening. When symptoms start to appear, it is recommended to initiate treatment by consulting a registered medical practitioner.

Diagnosis and Tests

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There are relevant diagnosis and treatments which help facilitate the treatment of Decorticate Posturing.

  1. Tests for diabetes, blood glucose at home.
  2. Testing for brain and neurological disorders at home.
  3. ADHD related test kits and various drug screening kits.
  4. Other tests include blood and urine tests. Blood testing – checking the blood count, if there are any drugs or other toxic substances in the blood. Such tests also measure the presence of minerals and body chemicals.
  5. EEG
  6. MRI or CT scan
  7. Cerebral Angiography

What To Do If You Experience Any Symptoms

1. Immediate Professional Care

decorticate posturing
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Firstly, if an individual is suffering from the symptoms of the decorticate posture then that person needs to be shifted right away to the hospital for treatment purposes. Also, for persons suffering from the disease, emergency treatment is important. The individuals who suffer from the condition are more likely to get hospitalized and placed in intensive care units.

2. Get A Check Done On The Family

decorticate posturing

The health care professionals diagnose the condition, check whether other family members have a history of the condition, do a detail physical examination as and when required. This includes an examination of the central nervous system.

3. Tell The Doctor All Symptoms And Past Medical Treatment

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Lastly, prior to treating the condition the health care professionals need to know about medical questions of their patients pertaining to the disorder. It is important for the patients to allow the doctors to understand the date when the symptoms started appearing. If there are any patterns to the postures then it is important to discuss the same with the physician.

The postures can be due to a number of reasons like a head injury, excessive drug use or infection in the brain. If the physician knows about the other symptoms that have occurred before or with abnormal posturing then it is easier for the doctor to treat the patient.


Dangers Of  Decorticate Posturing

decorticate posturing
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If not treated on time, the posturing can be fatal. It can cause injury and damage to the brain and nervous system, leaving the person with long-term health problems. Posturing can result in the following:-

  1. Paralysis
  2. Coma
  3. Speech Disorders
  4. Seizures

Steps to Prevent Occurrence of Decorticate Posturing

The brain is an important part of the human body. To prevent the occurrence of decorticate posturing, implies, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. No Drugs

decorticate posturing

Firstly, refraining from taking drugs of any type greatly reduces the possibility of brain infection or brain damage.

2. Eat Healthy And Exercise Regularly

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Eating healthy and exercising from time to time, help keep the body and the mind fit, active, and agile. This helps in blood circulation.

3. Drink Lots Of Water

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As liver failure is sometimes associated with brain damage, therefore, keeping it safe and healthy becomes absolutely important. Drinking plenty of water helps keep the human body healthy.

4. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

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Fruits and green vegetables offer individuals the much required nourishment to grow. To stay healthy, included them in your diet.

5. Use Your Helmet

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Lastly, brain damage can be caused if there is a head injury. It is important to stay safe, avoid head injuries as these can lead to decorticate posturing. While traveling on roads, individuals need to adopt necessary safety measures like helmets which help to keep the head safe, secure.

How To Treat Decorticate Posturing

decorticate posturing
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Treating decorticate posturing requires a thorough understanding of the condition. In this context, it is relevant to say that there are many posturing types and the physicians require to diagnose the cause prior to starting the medication.

Posturing can be fatal, leading to death and hence it becomes imperative on the part of the patient’s side to consult a registered medical practitioner.

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Facilitate Breathing

decorticate posturing
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In many instances, observations suggest that patients suffering from the condition do not get necessary oxygen for breathing purposes or they have difficulty in breathing. This is mainly because the brain which controls the breathing of an individual gets adversely affected. To facilitate

To facilitate breathing for the patients, the doctors use breathing tubes.

Important Points To Remember

  1. Brain tumor or brain haemorrhage can occur but, they can be cured if the patient is taken to the hospital in time.
  2. The chances of survival in a stroke are quite slim. However, there are modern hospitals, clinics and innovative treatment techniques which make diagnosis, treatment and subsequent cure of the disease very simple.
  3. Lastly, drug overdose can leave the brain impaired. It is imperative on the part of the patients or their guardians to seek the expert medical advice of professional doctors to cater to the needs, requirements of individuals suffering from the ailment. Timely treatment can help to keep the patient comfortable.

The Importance of Therapy

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Patients suffering from decorticate posturing, sometimes respond to therapy, if the condition is not that serious. The therapy, to some extent helps to cure the problem. Patients suffering from such conditions require help and assistance from their family members and guardian.