Dieting This Week? Golden Rules You Must Know!

Golden Rules Of Dieting

Who does not want to lose weight! We have all tried to go on a diet at some point or the other, to shed those extra kilos that we piled on during the holiday season. It is then we resort to crash dieting and starvation as methods of losing weight.

Though starving yourself may give you instant results, you will either land up in hospital or pile on all the kilos rather soon. That is why it is essential that one follows some basic rules of nutritional and healthy value while dieting. Here are 5 golden rules for you to remember and follow for when you decide to go on a diet.

5 Golden Rules To Follow While Dieting

1. Never Skip Your Breakfast

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It is the first meal of the day, after a long time of going hungry through the night. And your body needs the energy to have a productive day. That is why it is essential to eat a hearty balanced breakfast.

2. Chew Your Food Properly

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Chewing food for a longer time gives your digestive system some time to process what you are eating and whether it is enough. Over feeding yourself in a hungry rage is just harmful to your system.

3. Keep Yourself Active

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Apart from seeing what you eat calorie-wise, it is important that you keep your metabolism also up with regular exercise. It will help your purpose of losing weight faster.

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4. No Late Night Binge Eating

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Say goodbye to late night snacking and binge eating. While we are on the topic, avoid over eating of any sort; excessive junk food intake and foods that may not be of much nutritional value.

5. Drink A Lot of Water

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While you are busy exercising and dieting, it is essential to keep your body super hydrated. Drink around 3-4 liters of water every day and try to drink most of it before sunset as your metabolism slacks down in the night.

There you have it; these are the golden rules to follow if you want to lose weight the healthy way.